Friday, 30 July 2010

Joe Anderson, Backs Peel Holdings, Wirral Waters.

Not sure what to make of Uncle Joe yet. Not sure if, as the Fib-Dems were devious he is a bit more, simple, should I say. It has been said to me that he makes Warren Bradley look clever. But I dont think even Warren Bradley would support the competition.
If Uncle Joe is to support Liverpool Waters and supposing he is on board and has been hooked in by Lyndsey Ashworth of Peel, why would you support a scheme that is going to be in direct competition and will start ahead of one on your own side of the river.

It is possibly a good idea and considering there are no heritage issues, We too support the scheme. But what is the payback when our council leader goes hand in hand with a massive developer, wasn't that what the Fib-Dem spivs did and look at the world heritage mess they left behind.
Correspondent in his musings calls for less of Joes gimmicks.

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  1. Hi there LPT,

    Who is the bloke to the left of Joe Anderson in the picture above?