Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Frank McKenna Suckles At The Breast of Joe Anderson.

What a cosy relationship this has started out, to be, as Joe Anderson speaking at a Downtown Liverpool in Business Event apears to give the green light to anyone who wants to build any old glass shoebox.  Stating how easy it would be for its members to obtain access to a planning manager, within a week in fact.
Is Joe Anderson just a chubby version of Warren Bradley. And are the same mistakes about to be made.  In fact Joe Anderson has stood by idly and watched while the world heritage site was destroyed even taking an active part in it as a committee member on Liverpool Vision and numerous other quangos.
I am reliably informed that Nigel Lee is all over him like a rash, phoning him up and getting him on his side.
It looks like this is working. Despite mistakes for rushing development Uncle Joe says at the new Hilton Hotel on Chavasse Lawn. “This council is dogged by processes.”

He said businesses should expect to see a planning officer within one week of a pre-planning application, rather than six or seven weeks, and cited an example of an unnamed company bringing 120 jobs to the city as a result of streamlining. He said a sort of “star chamber” would be set up to oversee council expenditure, which was already £9m over budget in the first three months of the financial year.

Yes Uncle Joe the public should expect proper scrutiny not a corrupted system stacked in favour of any old shady developer.
Joe Anderson it has been said make Warren Bradley look like a scholar and I have to say here he shows how easy it is to manipulate him.
I am aware of massive donations by local businessmen to the labour party before the election. Frank is of course a old hand at manipulation and was to be seen in the background in Skelmersdale when Gordon Brown visited. Because Downtown, are editing the Trinity “Smoking” Mirror group  all this will not be told. I wrote to Uncle Joe requesting he considers the need for a heritage bureau that Warren Bradley insisted was not necessary. He said he would consider it.
But now it seems that it is more than obvious where his loyalties lie.
To those who are able to make him understand the need to ravish what we have left of the historic fabric without compromise while in his friend and Ally, Louise Ellman, the Dame of Derelictions constituency  is still in parts like a war zone 30 years after the riots.
 Joe Anderson after all was the councillor here in the centre and kept his gob shut when world heritage disaster unfolded itself.

NINE Liverpool day centres are to close as part of the biggest shake-up in social services the city has seen in the past 60 years.

Well done Uncle Joe.
New Labour.

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