Friday, 25 June 2010

Dale Street Blues-Stinky Ink Finally Leaves The Office.

You could say better late than never. Shock Horror, a bit of truth. David finally cleans his gigs and starts telling it like it is.  Has someone let him out of the office? Has he been told he can tell the story the way it is for once? Is he rebelling against his employers the Daily Council at Oldham Hall Street. Well he told half the story on his blog, he didnt go round the corner to 6 Sir Thomas Street.
Bartlett admitted once that when he first came to Liverpool, despite skitting Luciana Berger for it, he didnt know who Bill Shankly was. The ever forgetful "Stinky Ink" Bartlett forgets last week he was telling all his fodder that Liverpool was to inspire Paris, Ha! This week its how crap the city is.

He seems to have taken our advice and gone to Specsavers

Maybe he is finally catching up Maybe he should have taken Bernie Turnip with him or paid attention to the Royal Insurance. All in all he has to take a long hard look, he has and stop bouncing around ignoring all the facts and he may get a bit more respect. In the words of a well known local commentator that Bartlett said was too critical of him after he had a go at him on his own blog. Ronnie replied.
Ronnie de Ramper said:

Sure, I can jump up and down like Zebedee. I can skip along with Pollyanna. I can even bleat in chorus with sheep if given good reason. But why would I want to suspend my critical faculties just because I was fed something by the Press? Travel that road and you'll believe the Shanghai Expo was a colossal triumph; that Liverpool is the creative centre of the universe; and every journalist simply tells it like it is. No need for razor blades. Use your wits instead. Or check out Correspondents blog. Mr Bartlett took his blog off his recomended section like a spoilt little child because he dared to critisize him.

We want more truth not propoganda for Peel Holdings the Council and the North Vested Interest Development Agency oh and his editor Frank McKenna

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