Monday, 28 June 2010

Liverpool's Press and the Culcha Of Capital.

After the infantile flurry of 2008. Liverpool celebrating being nominated European Capital of Culcha. Some said the only the culture in Liverpool was in a yoghurt in a fridge in the Iceland in Old Swan. I disagree we have loads of Culcha.....for spin and deceit. 2008 was the year that the Manchester Docks, which had remained intact, that predated the Albert Dock by 60 years was bulldozed and buried beneath a new museum which is destined to be the new Wacky Warehouse on sea.

This was the year that the world heritage site was decimated by the white coffin museum and work started on the three black slugs on Mann Island. We won the Carbuncle Cup for a new Terminal Ferry Building. Some huge contracts were awarded without scrutiny by a local press, who were jumping up and down like Zebbedi on the Magic Gravy Train Roundabout, shouting how wonderful everything was………without scrutinizing. This was the year that the carbunclisation of some of our cherished landmarks took place while those at Trinity “Smoking” Mirrors idly stood by and watched.

How can you have a cultured city that is run by Spivs Cheats and Liars?  Today the informative and entertaining Seven Streets make the point we have been banging on about for years.  It backs it up with this.

And now we have Uncle Joe Anderson running the show.
And today a Council Chief is suspended  for what everyone in Liverpool knew about.

Except the lazy bastards who are in hock to Liverpool’s PR companies at Trinity “Smoking” Mirrors who did nothing about it while their employees and friends and relations, moonlighted for glossy magazines, and wrote pathetic articles, such as where to get the best cocktail drink, in which new boutique hotel, and rubbish like that.
If Private Eye can keep an eye on the Culture free zone why cant the local press. See pic above. Now they write about a threat to the Lyceum Which is a real threat. Built between 1800 and 1802 and designed by Thomas Harrison, the Lyceum housed the UK’s first subscription library. It had a newsroom and a coffee room and is reportedly where Liverpool gentlemen first heard news of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon at Waterloo.

The building narrowly escaped the wrecking ball in the 1970s, when Liverpool City Council gave the go-ahead for it to be demolished.
Developers claimed they needed the site for an extension to Central Station.
But in 1979, a few short months after Margaret Thatcher had swept to power, the then secretary of state for the environment, Michael Heseltine, announced the Government was going to buy it and fund its restoration.
Heritage campaigner Florence Gersten, who was instrumental in the campaign to save the Lyceum in 1979, is pessimistic about what could now happened to the building.

She said: “If it stays in commercial hands, I’m afraid for its future. I don’t think that’s the right use for it.
“It’s not a huge building. What are they going to do with it that’s going to compensate that sort of money?
“It’s a building that the council should have taken responsibility for. But they didn’t – they supported people’s wish to demolish it.”
She was quoted by Piloti in Private Eye see pic

Did they, the local press write about it being carbunclised? no, just how wonderful it was from some their developer mates perspective.  No they, the local press, are all on the same old magic roundabout swilling in the same bucket. To think while editor Mark Thomas has been in his last post what we have lost. Lets start with the world heritage site.

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