Monday, 14 June 2010

David "Stinky Ink" Bartlett-Pitches for a Job With Aurora PR.

We know how it works but do the public. Aurora who use to be the dreadful October Communications who sold us out on behalf of Neptune Developments promoting the right to build on the World Heritage Site. They had worked for NML and Liverpool Vision and the North Vested Interest Development Agency.

You would think they would be outlawed as dispicable characters but no Larry Neild decided his future was with them and jumped the sinking Trinity "Smoking" Miirror ship.
I had thought I was working with the papers, breaking news stories dispelling PR pap.
Larry reported that there was a covenant on the land at the Pier Head stating the fact that nothing could be built higher than 80ft, the approximate height of the new museum. This was a red herring and it was 40ft. This is called not doing your job properly and checking facts.  I had spoken to Rex Makin regarding the fight against Mann Island developments. "You wont stop it Wayne, he said, Doreen Jones is retiring she doesnt care". I solke to Larry the Lamb, chomping away on his molars, and he said "Very Interesting" and went and did a three part story about the Dame of Disasters life.
No wonder he got a job in PR and now slices all he likes into the paper he used to work for in Oldham Hall Street..
This despite him telling me, being against all the principles laid down by the PR wand of October. I used to think Larry was a big man, in a little mans body. But now I just think he is a little man. He was being spoon fed PR snippets from Jon Egan and Co and printing it. He even won an award for his reporting in the Baltic Triangle. October Communications were PR for Windsor Developments whom, it was reported in Business Week, had a Director who had been struck off the accountants register for alleged fraud. Clever Trevor was in all the meetings thay held, I am relaibly informed. I dont know how these people can live with themselves.
But now Larry the Lambs predesesor David "Stinky Ink" Bartlett is getting himself in there with Jon Egan for when the Daily Ghost evaporates into thin air.
Or will he get a job with Peel Holdings.

Beware the reportage of Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors and their PR pap on behalf of their mates. They dont represent you and never have done. They represent vested interests and some of those pretending to be reporters of balanced stories deserve no respect.

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