Monday, 11 July 2016

Liverpool Back Before UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Liverpool is on the World Heritage In Danger List.
This is the 40th UNESCO Agenda regarding Liverpool World Heritage In Danger.

Liverpool council do not tell you there is a meeting. They hide it from you so you cant find out.
No wonder there is not an outrage that Uncle Joe Stalin Anderson has got us on the In Danger list.......because the council don't tell you.

And our thick journalists don't want to tell you either...............despite them being informed of the World heritage committee meeting this week.

The section on sites on the In Danger list is here:-

Liverpool appears on Page 45 of 83 pages

Section 6 is interesting !!!!

"Further notes the confirmation from the State Party that a moratorium remains in place for the Liverpool Central Docks, butrequests the State Party to ensure that only repair and reuse of historic buildings, maintenance work and small scale projects should receive permission within the rest of the property until the DSOCR is finalised and adopted"