Thursday, 30 April 2009

Richard Wilson - Turning The Place Over

Richard Wilson's amazing sculpture/architecture we paid for it can we keep it please. It just seems a waste to knock it down.
We feel that this is a unique opportunity to preserve a wonderful legacy from 2008 Liverpool as European capital of culture which will never be repeated. This has been a sensation.
It cost £450,000 of what is after all our public money and once again we see all the decisions being made by the oligarchs of Liverpool and the cosy society of the NWDA, EH and the city council.
This is not credit-crunched its already built but I do believe pressure was applied from the NWDA who own a lot of land in the vicinity and I believe own this building and the NWDA has played an important role in the EH decision even though this will of course be denied.
So it is a case once again of 2008 European culture of capital and a short-sightedness on the part of the city council.
We have a chance here to be progressive instead we hail a new dawn with a Grosvenor-pool a Trafford Park in the city and its legacy of average architecture while they plan to knock down something as wonderful as this at the end of the year what a waste.

Wilsons new proposals for the London School of Economics.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

This Property was in sound condition

LIVERPOOL. The European Capital of Destruction of decent property.
That seems to mysteriously get wrecked and then a block of flats spring up in its place.
This property may not be the most gorgeous but is the next piece of destructive vandalism taking place right in front of our, and the councils, very eyes. In Louise Ellmans MP constituency.
Not so long ago this was up for sale as a newly restored building that was functioning as a going concern. It was restored and new windows installed, that was about about 12 years ago.
The trick is, always the same. What happened on the other side of the road on the opposite corner of Sefton Street and Hall Street. They...allegedly.. smashed the roof in and poked out the windows and then claim its an eyesore and have to demolish it then put an application in for a block of flats. This is not kids doing this.
The same thing happened with the King Edward pub, now the site of a planning application for a 52 storey tower that the then Council Leader Mike Storey said wanted demolishing because it did not look good. This is far too frequent. 6 Sir Thomas Street, Josephine Butler House etc, etc, etc. Why does the planning system in Liverpool seem to reward developers who behave in a despicable manner with the historic environment.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

National Museums Liverpool Destroy the Historic Liverpool Ferry Bell

How do they get away with this, another act of vandalism from the very people who are empowered to look after it.
This is a letter from one of the "Soft Alecs" at the museum who let it rot and then sent a Crane to snap it in two.

Bell tower safe
IN RESPONSE to the comments of Mr Brocklebank (Pier Head peering, Daily Post, April 7), the fog bell tower was removed from the Merseyside Maritime Museum car park in 2006. After many years of exposure to the elements and various repairs, there were concerns for the stability of the tower and it was carefully and deliberately removed in two pieces.
The bell tower is currently safely housed in National Museums Liverpool’s secure store, and is not at risk. It does require extensive repair to restore its stability and it remains a priority for treatment when the current programme of work associated with the Museum of Liverpool is complete. However, we would be reluctant to return it to an exposed outdoor location where it would only deteriorate again, and we will be looking at other options.
Tony Tibbles, Director of Merseyside Maritime Museum, National Museums Liverpool.

Our Response.
I read today a letter from the Director of the Merseyside Maritime museum reagarding Liverpools historic bell tower.
Tony Tibbles was proclaiming that after many years of exposure to the elements it was carefully and deliberately removed in two pieces.
This is un-factual and incorrect.
I wrote to David Fleming Director of NML on the 20th January 2006 advising him of the awful state a article was done in the Merseymart highlighting the danger to the structure that had been scaffolded for over 2 years and despite the staff and curators of NML walking past it almost Daily parking their cars in the car park owned by NML, it had been subsequently ignored and left to rot.
I in my capacity as a time served carpenter I wrote to NML advising them of the dangers after I surveyed the structure with a ladder taking a great number of pictures.
I warned of the risks in great detail.
A Crane was subsequently sent out to lift it and it snapped in two. I was there when it happened and advised the crane driver to that effect. He was under instructions to do his job on that day to my horror.
I have pictures of the full extent of the damage, as it lay snapped in two, hidden behind the hoardings behind what was the Voss motors.
The rot had set in on the uprights and had gathered within the mortise and tenons and had harboured there due to lack of maintenance.

The four upright sections were snapped and the wet rot had run through to the horizontal braces to the arched sections, which were designed, to take the weight of the bell were shot.

I have to disagree with Mr Tibbles this historic bell tower can never be repaired, as 85% of it would have to be cut out. Only the lead roof could be kept and it is an insult to mine and the public at larges intelligence to suggest otherwise.
Are Liverpool Museums supposed to be looking after our heritage or assisting to destroy it, because that is what they have effectively done here?

Wayne Colquhoun

Monday, 27 April 2009

English Heritage neglect of Liverpool

Dr Simon Thurley, head of English Heritage....showed Friday last during the new BBC series why we are in such a mess with England's Heritage.
The programme showed him on one of his "jollies" using my public money with a ill thought out scheme to restore a redundant property a grand country mansion, that is now well and truly credit crunched. They should not done themselves any favours letting the cameras in for the new series. It showed him as a right little hooray Henry Twasser, pollacking around from one disaster to another. Sucking up to Royalty while ignoring the peasantry. He said to one of the dirty handed archaeologists. "Who is in charge here, Oh I wont shake your hand I have a limp wrist" I don't think the editing team liked him, they did him no favours.
I quote "we are the social security service for major buildings. When you're down and out and sleeping under a bridge in a cardboard box, as it were, as a house or a landscape. That's what we were set up for in the 1980s".
Well Mr Thurley, as it were, get over to Liverpool its got a load of properties and landscapes on the dole.
Here is the 10 on the English Heretics "at risk" register. I have no room for a list of all the others in a perilous state of disrepair.

The City Council has some 2,500 listed buildings (1,545 list entries). English Heritage maintains a national register of grade I (one) and II* (two star) listed buildings 'at risk' based on their definition. There are currently 10 entries for grade II* listed buildings included on the register for Liverpool, viz:-
St Luke’s Church, Berry StreetCroxteth Hall,
Croxteth ParkLaundry & Laundry Cottage,
Croxteth Park98-102a High Street, Wavertree – now repaired
Wellington Rooms, Mount Pleasant
Royal Insurance Building, North John Street
Sugar Silo, Regent Road
Church of St Andrew, Rodney Street
Church of St James, St James Place
North warehouse, Stanley Dock.
Caitlin Moran in the Times says,
Do you know what a documentary likes? It likes a bumptious, posh arse who thinks he’s “all that and a bag of chips”, BBC Two found just such an item in Dr Simon Thurley, chief executive of English Heritage.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Mann Island Bail Out BBC Radio Merseyside 2006

MANN ISLAND scheme bailed out... unfortunatly.
Why would you do this to the best views in Liverpool, well actually its us the taxpayer who are paying for it.

This is the same view before and after.

Todays Daily Post front Page says,

This was the opportunity to not build the third and most ugly block of the three grotesques, those stick a brick granite blocks that will ruin the world heritage views from the strand and totally swipe out our best views.
Lets put it into full context as the funding from this site is paying for the new museum we are all paying for the WHS destruction.
We have bailed out the bankers and now the......

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Wincham no more .
What a disastrous state of affairs when a historic ship on the "historic ships register" is sent off for scrap for five grand, by a bunch of washed up old farts masquerading as trustees.
They have a lot to answer for.
What is the function of the Merseyside Maritime Museum if it could not step in to save one of our landmarks...or should that be sea-marks at the Albert Dock?
Is this a pathetic power struggle between David "Fuzzy felt" Fleming the director of Liverpool Museums and Pam Brown and co of the now defunct Friends of NML?
If so you should all be ashamed of yourselves there was no need to scrap the ship at all and for 5 grand. It must have been worth fifty. Last week it sailed under its own steam to the ship repairers. This is like knocking your house down because it needs the roof re-slating.
Oh and where is all the brass ware and the ships wheel etc that the old fart trustees unbolted and distributed amongst themselves.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Peter de Figueiredo-English Heretic

Peter de Figueiredo…. English Heretic.
Who polices the Heritage Police
As Historic buildings advisor for English Heritage in Liverpool it is my opinion that you have to consider that his advice must have helped to create the mess that is Liverpool’s Pier Head as we see it today.
He carried out at public expense a full survey of the Pier Head and Albert Dock. John Hinchliffe Liverpool's World Heritage Site Officer thanked him for his assistance and advice in compiling his reports, mainly because he is not from Liverpool originally and in my opinion he obviously hadn’t had a clue what he was doing.
If I had have been historic building advisor what would my advice have been now let me see.
1. Don’t build a Oscar Niemeyer rip off museum on the site of Manchester Docks which pre-dated the Albert by 60 years and don’t pull the original dock gates off with a bulldozer arm in a act of civic vandalism that destroyed them.
2. Do not under any circumstances ruin your best world heritage views with three grotesque black monsters on Mann Island that block out the majesty of the Pier Head trio and its companion of Herbert Rowse's Ventilating Shaft at Georges Dock.
3. Under no circumstances allow the Cesar Pelli building on Chavasse Park, as it will dominate the skyline to the edge of the Pier Head?
4. Under no circumstances allow on a tiny site the awful Unity building, the one with the carport on its roof that now dominates the skyline and waters down the trio of our wonderful Pier Head trio.
5. Don’t make Princes dock look like Milton Keynes-on-Sea there is no future in this.
6. Advise all the way that Liverpool’s best asset is its historic waterfront and celebrate the fact that it is now a World Heritage Site and protect it at all costs.

Mr De Figeurido's partner is Julian Treuhertz the ex curator of National Museums Liverpool who have decimated the WHS site with the museum currntly being built at the Pier Head.
For bad architecture to triumph it does' require people who should know what they are looking at, to do nothing.

Look at his website showing as if with pride Mann Island decimated by the Three Grotesques. He claims "I am a member of the North West Design Review Panel" As is the architect of the Mann Island Monsters Matt Brooks of Broadway Malyan and Jim Gill the top honch of Liverpool (lack of)Vision. . All in my opinion are also members of the whole backscratchers anonymous club that have done so much damage.
I am now advised on good authority that he is allegedly acting as “consultant” for a major property developer with big assets in the WHS.
I hope he is ashamed of his record and he can sleep at night, as I have to live with it.

Wayne Colquhoun

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Nominate the Carbuncle of your choice.

They told us we were back on centre stage we are building the new tommorrow with a billion pounds of European Objective One cash.


We are now inviting nominations for THE LIVERPOOL CARBUNCLE CUP. We think this could be a popular competition as there is much to choose from. We will endevour to run a yearly one but in this, the first of many we are to go back three years. Nominations on a e-mail no more than 150 words unless by prior arrangement.

Are Liverpool City Council in denial the above picture is in the entrance to the planning department in Millennium House in Victoria Street it shows how monumentally brilliant the views from The Strand Once Were.
You know the same views that have been destroyed by the very same Council Planning Luftwaffe.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Civic Trust Folds


This will have extreme ramifications in the city as a lot of help is afforded to the MERSEYSIDE CIVIC, changed my mind, it will make no difference whatsoever.. what do they do anyway.
Reported in the AJ today:

Shock as Civic Trust folds20 April, 2009 By Richard Waite
The Civic Trust has become the latest victim of the credit crunch after plunging into administration
The 52-year-old charity, which acted as the umbrella group for more than 750 Civic Societies across England, was best known for its annual Civic Trust Awards, its campaigning to ‘create better, people-friendly places’ and supporting the preservation of local heritage sites.
It is understood the ‘squeeze on local authority spending’ finally spelled the end for the Trust which, sources claim, had been in difficulties ‘for some time’.
Heritage Link, which represents 78 voluntary heritage organisations across the country, said the Trust’s demise had sent shockwaves through the sector.
A spokeswoman said: ‘The Trust captured the mood of the nation when quality of life [when it was founded in 1957], improving and caring for places where people live and work [and] won political and popular support.
‘[It] made a significant contribution to policy work and in sharing best practice on planning and heritage matters including heritage protection reform.
‘That special perspective will be sorely missed.’Will Palin from SAVE Britain’s Heritage agreed that the ‘news was a real shock’.
The collapse of the Trust, which boasts Griff Rhys Jones as its president, emerged on Friday (17 April).
Talking to the BBC, Civic Trust chairman Philip Kolvin blamed the lack of local authority funding and added: ‘I still passionately believe in the civic movement, but it now needs grassroots members of vision and energy to start afresh with a new organisation, working within its means and building gradually from the bottom.’
This year’s Civic Trust Awards - which could now be the last – heaped accolades on more than a 100 buildings which it regarded as making an ‘outstanding contribution’ to the built environment.
These included Rogers Stirk Harbour’s Maggie’s Centre at Charing Cross Hospital, Hammersmith and Gareth HoskinsCulloden battlefield visitor centre in Inverness.
Griff Rees Jones will be presenting a programme on Wednesday evening TV Restoration Revisited:

Friday, 17 April 2009



Historic vessel MV Wincham for scrap
Apr 17 2009 by Alan Weston, Liverpool Daily Post

A MUCH-LOVED historic vessel is due to be scrapped next week after falling victim to a bitter feud between National Museums Liverpool (NML) and its members.
The preserved coastal cargo ship, Wincham, was moved from the Albert Dock a few weeks ago and is now on a slipway at a ship repair yard in Bromborough, where she will be broken up after being sold to a scrap dealer for around £5,000.
This is despite extensive restoration work being carried out following a £47,500 Lottery grant in 2001.
The Wincham has already been stripped of movable fittings and is now only a bare hulk.
The decision to scrap her was condemned by conservationists as “an unbelievable state of affairs”.
The estuarial coaster was owned by the Wincham Preservation Society, which was affiliated to and received most of its funding from the Friends of National Museums Liverpool.
But, when the 1,700-strong Friends group was disbanded in January, after relations between it and NML director Dr David Fleming broke down, the preservation society also lost its main source of income.
The society sold the Wincham for scrap after an annual survey found she would need £40,000 spent on her for essential repairs and maintenance, and to meet the cost of dry-docking facilities.
Discussions between the group and NML about converting the ship’s large hold into an educational “floating classroom” came to nothing.
A spokeswoman for the Friends said the ship’s fate showed that the consequences of the fall-out between the group and NML’s management were much bigger than originally thought.Bruce Porter, secretary of the Wincham Preservation Society, said: “Some of our volunteers have been involved with the preservation society for 20 years and they’re heartbroken. It’s like losing a valuable personal possession.
“After a proposed sale to another charity fell through, the shipyard negotiated a sale with a scrap dealer. We have no money and we have had to say goodbye to the vessel. It’s a decision that was not taken lightly and has saddened us all.”
The MV Wincham plied the Mersey waterways carrying chemicals between the ICI’s former Runcorn plant and Liverpool docks.
When the Weaver packet reached the end of her commercial life, she was bought by the preservation society in 1982 and used to give demonstrations of cargo handling to schoolchildren.
Martyn Heighton, chairman of the UK's Historic Ship Register committee, said: "The scrapping of the historic Mersey estuarial coaster Wincham is an unbelievable state of affairs.
“Wincham is in the top 300 of the 1,200 ships in the UK National Historic Fleet Register. We have not been informed or consulted about Wincham's deconstruction.
“Owners are obliged to seek alternative ownership before considering scrapping.”
Tony Tibbles, director of Merseyside Maritime Museum, said; “National Museums Liverpool (NML) is disappointed to learn that the Wincham Preservation Society has decided to scrap MV Wincham.
“NML was willing to co-operate with others, and explore options for her future preservation.
“However, we understand the vessel has been sold for scrap and the dismantling process has already begun. NML was not consulted or informed about the results of the survey or the repair costs until after this decision was made.”

Grosvenor-pool credit crunched big time

GROSVENOR-POOL THEY TOLD US IT WAS TO BE SO COOL..........but now..... THE TRUTH COMES OUT it was never going to be in budget but it doesnt matter to the Duke they have done the land grab deal o the century and now own half of the city centre.
picture took last week.
Duke of Westnminster loses £165m as downturn hits Liverpool One
Apr 17 2009 by Bill Gleeson, Liverpool Daily Post

THE Duke of Westminster has seen the value of his investment in city centre shopping development Liverpool One slip by £165.3m during 2008 according to figures published yesterday.
The Duke’s company, Grosvenor, blamed the international credit crunch and the economic downturn for the write off.
Yesterday’s bad news follows similar write downs of £49m last year and £140m the year before.
It means what was a £1bn project has now seen a total of £354m wiped off its value.
Grosvenor says 90% of the 1.6m sq ft Liverpool One scheme, opened in two phases last year, is let.
The company remains confident about its long-term future.
Mark Preston, group chief executive, said: “This is a challenging time for the property industry and inevitably Grosvenor has been affected.
“But the impact has been cushioned by our well-diversified portfolio, low (debts) and steps taken since 2007 to curb acquisitions and reduce our development exposure. Hence, the impact on net asset value is relatively limited.”
Anticipating poorer economic conditions, Grosvenor has reduced its exposure to the credit crunch by delaying the start of new projects while concentrating on completing existing ones, including Liverpool One.
Grosvenor had cash and undrawn committed facilities with its bankers amounting to £523m, compared to £607m in 2007.
Mr Preston continued: “2009 is likely to be another difficult year of continued credit restrictions and poor confidence in the occupier markets. Looking beyond the downturn, our significant financial capacity puts us in a good position to take advantage of the excellent buying opportunities which will arise as the property market recovers.”
Grosvenor reported a total return on property assets in 2008 of -4.1%, or -8.6% at constant exchange rates. This compared with a positive return of 14.4% (12.8% at constant exchange rates) in 2007. The net asset value of the group’s international operation was down 7.4%, from £3.1bn to £2.8bn.
Grosvenor said it benefited from its geographical and sector diversification, currency gains and a conservative approach to borrowing.
A group-wide pre-tax loss of £593.9m, in 2008, compared with a profit of £524m the previous year. The pre-tax loss does not take into account currency gains of £304m, shown in reserves.
The write-downs in recent years bring the carrying value of Liverpool One down to £650m and result from an annual independent valuation report.
Peter Vernon, chief executive of Grosvenor’s UK and Ireland portfolio, said the reduction in the value of Liverpool One reflects a rise in rental yields in the retail property market.
He said: “The capital values have fallen but not the rental values.
“I feel strongly that Liverpool One has the potential for very good long-term performance.
“It’s a destination which offers a great trading environment and that means we have faith in it as a long-term investment.”


Liverpool's St John’s £100m revamp on ice until 2012
Apr 17 2009 by Alistair Houghton, Liverpool Daily Post

WORK to rebuild the tired St John’s Shopping Centre, in Liverpool, has been delayed for three years by the credit crunch.
Owner Land Securities won planning permission for the £100m overhaul of the city centre complex in June last year.
But the recession will now delay the start of the work, which includes the building of a new market hall.
Land Securities insists it is still committed to the project and expects demand will return by 2012 – the original year it was planned to finish.
Nick Davis, retail development director, said: “St John’s has always been a popular centre, but we recognised it was in need of modernisation.
“We consulted with stakeholders as to what improvements they wanted to see before submitting our plans to the city council last year.
“We received detailed planning consent in June and we will now be undertaking important preparation for a possible start on site in 2012.
“We would have been targeting a slightly earlier start, but the economic downturn has been more severe than we expected.
“We believe Liverpool is a strong city and we are confident we will have returned to normal levels of demand for retail floorspace in the city by the time of starting on site
“Our plans will deliver a major investment in the centre."
St John’s was built in 1969 and refurbished 20 years ago, but is showing its age.
Land Securities will deliver a completely new look to St John’s with glass walls and a food terrace with stunning views across the city on the first floor.
The current market will move to the extended first floor of the Williamson Square building that currently houses JJB.
Plans have been hit by the recession that has forced some of Britain’s best-known stores into administration.


MORE IRISH OPTIMISM. God bless 'em, they do cheer you up with their blarney.
It is also apparent they also want the planning permission granted so they can make a packet. There seems little chance of this glass box being built as it has no chance of being pre-let.
Giant new office scheme for Liverpool city centre
Apr 17 2009 by David Bartlett, Liverpool Daily Post

PLANS for one of Liverpool city centre’s biggest-ever commercial office developments have been submitted, the Daily Post can reveal.
Northern Irish firm West Bay Capital is behind the £50m 18-storey scheme, providing 225,000 sq ft of office space, which it hopes to build at 30, Pall Mall.

More lobbying from the Irish Investor community based here on Merseyside.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

How do Liverpool City Council make their own rules up.

If there is any further proof that Liverpool is the worst run council in the country it is the way they have handled the Councillor "Burst" Hurst affair. Mike Storey another disgraced councillor and ex Council leader recently said " I would trust Steve Hurst with my life". It beggers belief that they all stick together red faced as if nothing has happened.
Above is a letter from the city solicitor as a reply to a letter I sent to Colin "Cover up" Hilton the Council Chief Executive, it apears to be saying its alright for Hurst to carry on doing his duties as long as he didnt go to jail for three months.
Considering that Colin "Cover up" was picked to be Chief Exec by Mike Storey and Warren Bradley, who were both on the Executive Board with Hurst it is hard to gain respect for the whole system that is Liverpool City Council, it makes it look like SPIVS-R-US. WHEN WILL THIS BAD ATTITUDE FROM THE WORST RUN COUNCIL IN THE COUNTRY STOP?

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Mad Hatters Tea Party at St James Church.

Is Vic There....or is he in another world?

One would wish to give respect to the Clergy but what a group of Mad Hatters we have in Liverpool.

Here we have the Rev Small with some Idiot dressed as a white rabbit jumping up and down on the graves that they intend to dig up in St James Cemetery. You couldn't make this up.

They then enticed people in with the bribery of an Easter Egg for their kids to enable them to have a loaded questionnaire thrown to them.

Questions not included on said questionnaire.

1. Are we all mad.

2. Is Ricky Panter the Arch Deacon or the Arch Enemy.

3. We have put a giant neon bunny rabbit on the side of a church on English Heretics at risk register and are planning to dig up three thousand bodies to build a block of this Sacrilegious.

4. Is this proposed development an action that renders the Bishop in his post as Chairman of the Stop the Rot ( that doesn't stop anything) campaign untenable.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


COUNCILLOR HURST FULLY SUPPORTED BY ALL HIS MATES AT THE COUNCIL TOO..........What does this say about the city when another Councillor is disgraced.
The future Mayor Mike Storey had also supported him !!!!!!!!!!!!
Along with numerous other senior FIB DEM councillors.
Leading Liverpool councillor loses appeal over ‘dirty tactics’
Apr 8 2009 Liverpool Daily Post

Warren Bradley says anyone who knows him can vouch for his integrity......wrong this man is a disgrace to the city and as part of the planning committee and Executive Board has done more damage of recent years than the Luftwaffe did in the blitz. I personally watched him at work with deals that appeared to be already worked out before they even came to the planning committee. Helping to stitch up citizens, playing dirty politics with planning laws. Trying to belittle people of the city who where there because they care passionately about their environment. He should be put in stocks at the Pier Head so we can all throw rotten vegetables at him. A disgrace. Just look at some of the plans he supported. Who is next I wonder. AND WHY IS HE STILL THERE?

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Last night was a consultation evening at St James Church.
I went with an open mind even being very dismayed about the plan to exhume 3000 bodies and build a block of flats on the cemetery.
All the usual suspects were there Louise Obrien from EH, Andrew Pearce from the MCS, Graham Ives from English Heretics. I could swear that during his speech he and the panel sprouted little red horns and barbed tails, it may have just been the light. Here we have a clear example of English Heretics being so out of touch that it is doing more damage than good.
So too are the Churches Conservation Trust whose representative Peter Aires was left in no uncertain terms as to the ill feeling regarding the plans to turn the Church into a piece of property development.
Louise Ellman MP who has watched the church deteriate and living closeby, for the last 10 years did make an appearance but said nothing.
The vicar Revd Neil Short is one of those fluffy characters just the type to organise a wine and cheese evening and a tambourine jamboree. He said he was from Burnley and had been the vicar in Burscough and responsible for the churches restoration there.
Philip Stott the business advisor spoke, he wouldn’t be my choice of accountant. He said it is going to cost 2 million to restore the church and a million to exhume the 3000 bodies and then they are going to lease back the land and church from a developer….its absurd.
There are 7000 bodies buried there in total.
You know when serving my apprenticeship there was an old saying don’t build on sand, it is clear you don’t want to build foundations on decaying skulls and ribcages of dead people either.
This is like an Amityville Horror in the making.
Who wants a flat on an old graveyard?
A well spoken lady from Toxteth town hall asked the same question why not go back to the drawing board it is a bad idea.
A man at the back suggested why not take the road over at the end, the council own it…that is a good idea. If Trevor Jones can do it with public roads why can't the church.
A bloke called Ricky Panter who introduced himself as the Arch Deacon tried to argue the case but I had none of it.
English Heretics leave the dead alone and we the LPT will support the job to get it back into service….but if the Church carry on with the idea for grant aided exhumation and the ruination of the setting of a Grade II* listed building and we will fight them all the way.
I walked out through the graveyard and I swear I could feel the dead turning in their graves below my feet.
Wayne Colquhoun

Monday, 6 April 2009


At the time of writing and for some time The Boss of Tesco, Terry Leahy ORIGINALLY FROM BELLE VALE Liverpool, is on the board of Liverpool Vision....The super Quango... along with other friends who are,or have been on the City's Executive Council, past and present, disgraced and not. So that's how it works.
3 Oct 2008 ... TESCO boss Sir Terry Leahy told a Liverpool business audience yesterday that staying close to customers is key to surviving the current ...
Tesco plan approved for Liverpool’s largest supermarket
Feb 25 2009 By David Bartlett, Liverpool Daily Post

LIVERPOOL’S biggest supermarket is to be built in Toxteth, in the largest private sector investment in the area since the riots.
Tesco has promised to offer at least half of the 500 jobs that will be created to local long-term unemployed people.
The supermarket hopes to start construction of the £30m store on the former Mecca bingo hall, in Park Road, by September.
The plans, which were approved by Liverpool’s planning committee yesterday, will also see £600,000 spent improving the local environment.
Riverside ward councillor Steve Munby said the store would provide much-needed regeneration for the area.
He said: “This is fantastic news.
“At present, the site is desolate, but now we will have 500 jobs moving into Liverpool 8 at the start of a recession.”
The store is being built using the Tesco’s “Regeneration Partnership” model, working with local agencies like the Plus Dane Group.
Deborah Hayeems, regional corporate affairs manager for Tesco, said: “We are excited to get going with the regeneration partnership.
“We are already working with Job Centre Plus to get people ready for jobs.
“It is a dynamic community but an area with high unemployment, so we are ring-fencing half the jobs for long-term unemployed.” The proposed store will occupy 9,571 square metres, with 537 parking spaces and a petrol station.
The site will be able to house several small retail units, including a community cafe, while the current buildings will be demolished.
Planning chairman Cllr Dave Irving said: “It’s a massive store, far bigger than I am happy with.
“But you have to take into account the regeneration of the area.”

search results for Tesco in the local press

Friday, 3 April 2009

World Heritage Rubbish

Liverpool Local News
Fast-food ban to be lifted at Liverpool's Pier Head
Apr 2 2009 by David Bartlett, Liverpool Echo
FAST food vans could soon greet cruise liner passengers arriving at Liverpool’s historic Three Graces.
City council bosses want to lift a ban that stops street sellers trading at Liverpool’s Pier Head in the heart of the World Heritage Site.
Today councillors will vote on whether to allow the change in principle.
Officials want the ban lifted to cater for people visiting the Pier Head to see ships arriving at the £20m Cruise Liner Terminal.
Since its opening in 2007, thousands of people have descended on the Pier Head to see ships including the Queen Elizabeth II and the Ark Royal.
But officials said there are no food outlets – especially for families with young children.
World Heritage officer John Hinchliffe said: “In the past there has been a resistance to the siting of mobile food concession vehicles on the Pier Head as they detract from its special character and appearance, and this resistance is likely to be maintained in respect of the Pier Head public open space.
“However we appreciate that there is a considerable demand for refreshments at peak times and would be prepared to support the siting of such vehicles.”
But Mr Hinchcliffe said a number of restrictions should be imposed which means vans are only allowed when ships and liners are moored at the Cruise Liner Terminal.
He said the location should be “carefully selected and restricted” to a certain area – possibly the car park next to the Liver Building.Fast food vans for Pier Head plan

YOU COULDNT MAKE THIS UP. Who benefits from this?



The two pictures are from the same spot and you may just be able to see the top of the Symbol of the city, the Liver bird atop the Liver Buildings.
Why would you want to do this with your world heritage site?
These are not the worst views.
They, the city council and its incompetent planners have managed to undo the Overall Universal Values of the World Heritage site within 5 years of its inscription it is incredible to think that they are able to get away with this


The first thing you would see from one of the new to Liverpool Cruise liners that don't seem to be arriving yet is.....Milton Keynes-on-Sea...Yes it is that bad.

They promised us Shanghai only it is us the population of the city who have been Shanghai-ed.

Where are you Unesco? Are you watching?

Thursday, 2 April 2009


"Knock Off Nigel"
YES YOU HAVE SEEN THE ADVERT. Well what about our very own Knock Off Nigel...The Riechmarshal Nigel Lee. Planning manager who has given away our World Heritage Site.

Its bad enough nicking DVDs and music online....
But I wonder about the bigger picture of a stolen skyline.

Knock Off Nigel he's Stolen Our Skyline.
Anyone who wants to put words to the tune feel free.
Lets start you off.

Hes a knock off Nigel,
Passes flats on the cheap,
Hes a knock off Nigel
He should get a fine
Hes a Knock Off Nigel
Stolen Our Skyline.........................

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hahneman House Hope Street

Liverpool Preservation Trust
11-13 Holts arcade
India Buildings
Water St
Liverpool L2 0RR
I was approached in my office by Micheal Hanlon of Maghull Developments the perpetrators of hacking off everyone in Liverpool as well as the stone fa├žade of Josephine Butler house.
The LPT along with others made a application to have Hahnermann House in Hope street listed and this was in fact done at the 11th Hour, on the 25th Feb 08 just days before a planning committee meeting.
This was done despite the developers and the city council claiming that English Heritage were consulted in the planning process….this was untrue.
They, EH, were written to by the planning manager, with a bog standard letter worded in such a way to not give any concern to the quality of the building. We had to bypass the local EH office. I advised the committee that a application for listed building consent was not included in the plans and David “am I bovvered” Irving the chair of the committee, perplexed had to take our advice.
Outside I overheard delegates for Maghull saying….”He just wasn’t strong enough with them” referring to the deferment of the plans that were later withdrawn.
Micheal Hanlon now wants to talk to all those people he called Heritage Wankers and has asked if I can have a look at a scaled down version of the plans for Hahnemann, minus the massive glass box at the back. Is this a new dawn or is it tactics? Am I interested in seeing the plans so I can advise other interested parties.
I am considering this request noting that this is a way to quell the natives, but on the understanding that this is not part in any way of a consultation exersise with them and cannot be construed as such as I consider a company who behave like Maghull did, are not up to behaving in a gentlemanly manner and are incapable of having any consideration for Liverpools heritage and just want to make as much as they can. We will see.
Despite being very nice to me, he also said to me (27th Mar 09) that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He also said that Nigel (Lee) is to pass the demolition of a wooden structure on the JB House site under delegated powers.
This is a new tactic that Riechmarshal Nigel Lee is using more often to bypass people with a genuine concern and should not be used on this occasion in my opinion.

LETTER FROM ENGLISH HERITAGE regarding Hahnemann House Hope Street

04 March 2008

Dear Wayne Colquhoun,

Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990
Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest


I am writing further to our previous correspondence regarding the application to list the above

The Secretary of State, after consulting English Heritage, the Government's statutory adviser,
has decided to list the building at grade II. The reasons are:

· The building's design and use of good quality materials and workmanship mark it out as an architecturally accomplished C19 hospital building.
· Internally the building remains relatively unaltered with a surviving original plan form and numerous original features still in situ.
· The building is still clearly readable as a former hospital
· It remains a very good example of a relatively rare specialist hospital type that was constructed at a time when homeopathic medical practice was at its peak of popularity.

This letter gives notice of listing prior to the relevant local authority preparing the statutory
notices required under the Act. Meanwhile, it is important to be aware that the listing of the
building has already taken effect.

If you consider that the decision has been wrongly made you may write to the Department for
Culture, Media and Sport within 28 days of the date of this letter to request that the Secretary
of State review the decision. An example of a decision made wrongly would be where there
was a factual error or an irregularity in the process which affected the outcome. You may also
ask the Secretary of State to review the decision if you have any significant evidence relating
to the special architectural or historic interest of the building which was not previously
considered. Further details of the review criteria and process are contained in the annex to this

I have enclosed a copy of the list entry and our Adviser's Report for your information.
Yours sincerely

Ms Annika Nickson
Territory Co-ordinator, North