Thursday, 23 April 2009


Wincham no more .
What a disastrous state of affairs when a historic ship on the "historic ships register" is sent off for scrap for five grand, by a bunch of washed up old farts masquerading as trustees.
They have a lot to answer for.
What is the function of the Merseyside Maritime Museum if it could not step in to save one of our landmarks...or should that be sea-marks at the Albert Dock?
Is this a pathetic power struggle between David "Fuzzy felt" Fleming the director of Liverpool Museums and Pam Brown and co of the now defunct Friends of NML?
If so you should all be ashamed of yourselves there was no need to scrap the ship at all and for 5 grand. It must have been worth fifty. Last week it sailed under its own steam to the ship repairers. This is like knocking your house down because it needs the roof re-slating.
Oh and where is all the brass ware and the ships wheel etc that the old fart trustees unbolted and distributed amongst themselves.


  1. This is an absolute insult to our maritime history. What was the point of this 60 year old ship being saved, then only for it to be scrapped ? It has been a much loved part of our waterfront for so many years. What a disgrace.

  2. I hope that somone somewhere makes them pay back the lottery cash. It is indeed a disgrace.

    See also:

    Time for a full investigation, surely?

  3. Typical the way of thinking nowadays it would seem to me that a minority of people do not want any ships on the waterfront at Liverpool.