Wednesday, 8 April 2009


COUNCILLOR HURST FULLY SUPPORTED BY ALL HIS MATES AT THE COUNCIL TOO..........What does this say about the city when another Councillor is disgraced.
The future Mayor Mike Storey had also supported him !!!!!!!!!!!!
Along with numerous other senior FIB DEM councillors.
Leading Liverpool councillor loses appeal over ‘dirty tactics’
Apr 8 2009 Liverpool Daily Post

Warren Bradley says anyone who knows him can vouch for his integrity......wrong this man is a disgrace to the city and as part of the planning committee and Executive Board has done more damage of recent years than the Luftwaffe did in the blitz. I personally watched him at work with deals that appeared to be already worked out before they even came to the planning committee. Helping to stitch up citizens, playing dirty politics with planning laws. Trying to belittle people of the city who where there because they care passionately about their environment. He should be put in stocks at the Pier Head so we can all throw rotten vegetables at him. A disgrace. Just look at some of the plans he supported. Who is next I wonder. AND WHY IS HE STILL THERE?

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