Thursday, 16 April 2009

How do Liverpool City Council make their own rules up.

If there is any further proof that Liverpool is the worst run council in the country it is the way they have handled the Councillor "Burst" Hurst affair. Mike Storey another disgraced councillor and ex Council leader recently said " I would trust Steve Hurst with my life". It beggers belief that they all stick together red faced as if nothing has happened.
Above is a letter from the city solicitor as a reply to a letter I sent to Colin "Cover up" Hilton the Council Chief Executive, it apears to be saying its alright for Hurst to carry on doing his duties as long as he didnt go to jail for three months.
Considering that Colin "Cover up" was picked to be Chief Exec by Mike Storey and Warren Bradley, who were both on the Executive Board with Hurst it is hard to gain respect for the whole system that is Liverpool City Council, it makes it look like SPIVS-R-US. WHEN WILL THIS BAD ATTITUDE FROM THE WORST RUN COUNCIL IN THE COUNTRY STOP?

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