Thursday, 30 April 2009

Richard Wilson - Turning The Place Over

Richard Wilson's amazing sculpture/architecture we paid for it can we keep it please. It just seems a waste to knock it down.
We feel that this is a unique opportunity to preserve a wonderful legacy from 2008 Liverpool as European capital of culture which will never be repeated. This has been a sensation.
It cost £450,000 of what is after all our public money and once again we see all the decisions being made by the oligarchs of Liverpool and the cosy society of the NWDA, EH and the city council.
This is not credit-crunched its already built but I do believe pressure was applied from the NWDA who own a lot of land in the vicinity and I believe own this building and the NWDA has played an important role in the EH decision even though this will of course be denied.
So it is a case once again of 2008 European culture of capital and a short-sightedness on the part of the city council.
We have a chance here to be progressive instead we hail a new dawn with a Grosvenor-pool a Trafford Park in the city and its legacy of average architecture while they plan to knock down something as wonderful as this at the end of the year what a waste.

Wilsons new proposals for the London School of Economics.

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