Friday, 1 May 2009

MV Wincham and the Museum Director in Denial

After the appalling and galling decision to scrap the Wincham which was berthed at The Albert Dock. Top Knob at Liverpool museums David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming has hit the roof with all the negative publicity being created.
In my opinion this pathetic twasser has no idea what the public think about the mess that he has turned Liverpool Museums into and the spin off from his public spat with the "Fiends of NML" has more than helped to contribute to the scrapping of this historic vessel. And it appears he does not care. In my opinion the inward destruction he has caused to Liverpool's historic landscape by setting out to further his career at our expense with the plan to build a new museum bang slap in the middle of the world heritage site is immense. This whole push to build this museum is affecting huge chunks of our, the publics institution, whether directly or indirectly and the full weight will not be felt for years, and it annoys me. What also annoys me is that he will bugger off when he has destroyed the whole spirit of Liverpool Museums. He knows how to complain his wife/partner Alison Hastings is also a member of the press complaints commission.
Peter Elsons latest column which has got him all wound up.

NML has destroyed the Historic Ferry Bell see previous blog
Manchester Dock which predated the Albert by 60 years
He has upset all his staff and now should share responsibility, in my opinion, for the loss of the Wincham whether he likes to admit it or not.
Wayne Colquhoun

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  1. This is truly appalling. Far from looking after the city's maritime history it appears that Liverpool Museum (sorry, "National Museums Liverpool") is hell bent on destroying it. What more civic vandalism will this man Fleming be allowed to perpetrate?