Thursday, 7 May 2009

Dr Simon Thurley and the Restoration of Faulty Towers

I have just watched last Fridays BBC 2 programme about English Heretics and the god-damn awful block of flats that no-one in Sheffield wanted to keep, there were major campaigns to have it demolished, only the out of touch ministry of funny walks at English Heretics listed it against all the wishes of the people who live there.
It was hilarious, well good entertainment but in the realms of a load of "out of touch twassers" at the ministry of funny walks, wasting millions of pounds of public money. It was like watching a disaster movie. image coutosy of BBC see link below for a gallery of images
PARK HILL is a Le Corbusier inspired monolithic block of misery that never functioned and never will because people hate it.,_Sheffield

The Heretics said it should be preserved as the largest listed building in Europe ( I think the honour used to lay with the Albert Dock, in England, at least as Grade I). It looks like a huge decaying beached Whale.The nutters from the ministry go Thurdling into one disaster after another.

Now I can see the theories behind the motives but what people doing up Faulty Towers don't seem to understand is that concrete is the biggest disaster to hit England, it just rots and never really looks good and once the structural metal reinforceing bars cast inside the concrete rust, it goes balloon and its bladdered.
In Marsailles they don't have the rain and driving winds like we do so its a mistake to compare.
They knocked Bell Vale flats in Liverpool down and they had a party to celebrate the event.

Tom Floxham from Urban Splash was rolled in, as the darling boy, who lives off the public purse saving buildings for the nation, what a good egg...and making a fortune out of the Heretics grant system.

50,000 signatures against its renovation were collected now there's democracy for you.
Did Basil Thurley listen no he saw a TV camera beckoning and went for it. Only this has backfired big time. My opinion is that he is a posing little twit with no talent. Could he put a shelf up? So why is he in charge of a fortune of our money, with no practical experience.
I would not let this character loose on renovating my shed as it would have an estimate of £120,000 or some telephone number. The builders see him coming and throw a couple of noughts on. You have heard the saying Lions led by Donkeys well this looks like a case of Donkey's led by Donkey's.

The architects go off on a "jollie" to Marseilles and ponce about the bit of hockey stick used for a door handle on one of the rooms that they cant get into because the bloke renovating Park Hill cant work out how the lock works. God help us, its evident that an architect in a tangerine orange shirt matched with red trousers has no design skill. But he had the requisite trendy gigs on so he fitted the bill and got the job.
Why do most architects look like something from the Village of the Damned?

They were bemused how the Corbusier block cost 7 million to renovate when their budget was three.
Well can you guess what happened next the budget goes to 51 million they rip the innards out of it, and the credit crunch hits. Basil sweats a bit and says lots of stuff like "as it were". The builders down tools because they are almost bust and the beached Whale is now open to the elements in places that should not be, and there is now a estimate of £150,000,000 to put it right.
The Councillor who led the campaign to demolish it is now Sheffield City Council leader.
Basil Thurley what a disaster , he should be renovated. A petition to demolish him me thinks would easily get 50,000 signatures. This bungling idiot thinks he is on Grand Designs with my money this nonsense should stop now the DCMS should take action.
Wayne Colquhoun

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