Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Henry Owen-John, English Heretic

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In the realms of the destruction of Liverpool’s Architectural History one name stands out above all others,that of Herman Goering.
He and the Luftwafe saw to it that during the blitz we lost so many architectural masterpieces that they could never be replaced.
We were once The Athens of the North .
The Customs house by John Foster Jr seems to spring to mind when thinking in a solemn mood. Bombed and then knocked down to give work to people after the war. They didnt think to rebuild it to dole out work!!!
Second on the list of heritage villians in my opinion is the Riechmarshal Nigel Lee Liverpool’s current planning manager.
Someone should just give him a B52 bomber with a full payload and he would be in his element.
Third on my list is Henry Owen John of English Heritage. He would be steering the plane.
Henry is an archeologist by profession.
What the recent English Heretics series has shown the nation is that the ministry is run by buffoons who act out their whims and fancies and are misguided, while the people with common sense get ignored.
Why is the most important person in the regions heritage entitled North West Planning and Development Director for English Heritage.
The whole set up leads one to believe that EH are more interested in assisting property developers such as Grosvenor and the arch vandals at Liverpool Museums and Neptune Developments than the people who pay their wages, the public.
They, EH, are now sitting at the top table with Peel Holdings assisting them, in my opinion, on how to crawl all over what is left of the WHS that does not already look like Milton Keynes-on-Sea.
I did a walkabout with Peter Elson for the centre pages of the Liverpool Daily Post
They went mad and he went on the defensive with a public relations exercise and along with his mate The Riechmarshal Lee begged to be interviewed to put thier side of the story over.
Just as recently with M.Ps expenses when you look at the set up you find there is a culture of distrust. But we stand off respectfully and say nothing. NOT ANY MORE.
I decided several years ago that the very people who were supposed to be protecting it English Heretics were making the biggest mistakes to Liverpool’s heritage.
They are corrupted with a culture that does not befit its remit and its principles and when you watch Chief Heretic Simon Thurley ,who I recently interviewed, it beggar’s belief that the whim of one man can wield so much power. Especially if the very people who are making the decisions do not have the requisite skills to protect us.

The World Heritage Site, before the ink was dry, on the Unesco Inscription was carved up by the NWDA and its “cosy” developers. Ruined While Henry Owen John never said a word, in fact the opposite he activly encouraged it.
He gave a talk at the recent Merseyside Civic Society AGM and was SHAKEN by the aggression from elderly gentlemen towards EHs government sponsored destruction in Liverpool.
The term A Educated Idiot springs to mind but I consider him to be more than that.
I cannot understand how and it is my opinion this man has rubber stamped more damage to my history by helping to shape its future with poor architecture that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. And he lives elsewhere.
Imagine the world outrage if they were to build three monstrous blocks of flats and a Museum that looks like a giant egg box in front of the Taj Mahal or the Pyramids.
46 Listed Buildings Destroyed while he stands by.
A plague on your house Mr Owen-John it is my opinion you are a disgrace to your profession and the whole Culture of Capital that is English Heritage.

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