Friday, 24 May 2013

The Liverpool Echo Sinks To An All Time Low-A Free Burger To Honour The Battle Of The Atlantic Burgers and Ships

This is todays headline from the paper that claims so much.
It's sunk to an all time low today with a headline of BURGER & SHIPS at the start of The Battle of The Atlantic commemorations this week. Burgers &; Ships?
 It is outrageous that those in charge of how we present ourselves as a city, and a city, that did so much during the war to eradicate the U-Boat threat. (thye city that also allowed Neil Scales to cut up U534 rescued from a Norwegian Fford) now finds itseld represented at an all time low.
This is the responsibility of the editor, the uncultured Alaistair Machray who has shown himself repeatedly to be making the paper, that he claims to speak up for people of Merseyside, to be no more than The Sun.
Here it is, giving burgers away with what must be one of the worst tasting headlines we can remember.
To allow the front page to turn into an advertorial  this week should be a boycottable offence.
You should hang your head in shame Mr Machray, if you know what the word shame means.
Is this the best you can do, to honour those heroes who were on the Arctic convoys in blizzards fighting for you can dishonour them by giving away a free burger in an advertorial.
How did you get confused with anIcelandic Convoys and a free burger from Iceland?
You have shown us up.
Those men, yes real men, not soppy little ponces who complain if the central heating isn't working, but men who had to endure hardships unfathomable in today's age, risking their lives for freedom.
So clowns like you could discredit their endeavours seventy years or so later.
You should be ashamed of yourself, you have also let down all those hardworking journalists who had compiled a moving and dignified way of displaying our gratitude to the dead and the families of the dead and the Naval service as whole.
At first glance the thoughts were that it may be an outrage that there are takeout vans down at the Pier Head and these have no place there.
The sort of thing that The Oldham Echo's hard working shipping correspondent Peter Elson campaigns against.
To make a good impression, to the flocks of people who now get off at the Landing stage when Cruise Liners arrive, but the first thing they see are burger vans.
But no.
This paper should be boycotted for this outrageous level of disrespect fot the fallen navy personal and the Merchant Seamen who perished, some of who froze as soon as they hit the icy waters of the Atlantic. Who spent months at sea fighting cat and mouse games with a formidable foe.

 But no, get your free quarter pounder courtesy of Alaistar Machray and Co down at the disgusting little paper that shows no respect for people who did real work, risking thier lives.
And those journalists down at Oldham Hall Street that never stop whining about being overworked while they are deleting things from articles that may give the right impression to the public, take a hard look at yourselves.
You don't know what work is, sitting there in your air conditioned office. Remember the people that you today dishonoured with a disgraceful headline, fought, some of them fought and lost, with their lives for your freedom, so you can say what you like.
God help us there must be thousands of mariners today turning in thier icy graves in the dark depths of the Atlantic who thought they were fighting for your freedom.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Stella Shiu-Exposed In Private Eye. Serious Questions Need To Be Answered About Sam Wa.

Stella Shiu gets the Private Eye treatment. You have to ask why are the local pres is not looking into the finances of Peel Holdings and why are they believing what Peel say.
China has a level of corruption that has been shown to be unparallelled.
 We are not saying there is anything a miss here between Lindsay and Stell but the public are always let down by Liverpool's lazy local press who just take any old hack from whatever PR company feeds them, or gives them a freebie. So we cant believe them.
This has to stop.
  Those that call themselves journalists should understand that in an age where citizen journalism creates news they are pulling off a confidence trick to the dwindling readership.

It is stated in the Private Eye article that Stella Shui has kalashnikov wielding bodyguards, and this came from an article in the Daily Ghost written by Liam Murphy in 2011 that needs to be questioned. The article says that Stella Shiu is a high ranking government official.

David Bartlett recently followed it up.
We have asked David where this information has come from and how he may substantiate these claims.
We are still waiting for a reply.........but we will get one.
The Private Eye article questions the credentials of Sam Wa, saying that all the articles in the press have been written recently (mostly by David Bartlett and co) and their checks using the Nexis database available to them has shown nothing else other than those articles from Peels Poodles down at the Daily Ghost, who seem insistent on doing advertorials for them week after week.
When in reality all the promises have resulted not a single brick being laid on Liverpool Waters or Wirral Waters (where the plans were passed years ago).
The Sam Wa website that the Daily Ghost has used looks like it has been built be a 5 year old kid and the first rule of journalism is to check your source.................especially if the source comes from China.
The issue before Private Eye 1339 saw another poke at Peel. The article entitled CHINESE TAKEAWAY stated the David Cameron and John Whittaker travelled together to the Expo. David Bartlett was aware of this, after the event, despite going to Shanghai, but this telling piece of information was conveniently withheld from articles written. The Eye article states that Peel paid for Liverpool's stand at the Shanghai expo and this is factually incorrect. As it was, we the taxpayer that paid for Peels stand. Its not only local press that need to get the facts straight. This was an expo that Joe Anderson when in opposition declared was a waste of taxpayers money, and it was recorded, probably by Bartlett. Then when he becomes Liverpool's dictator he sanctioned it.  Peel duly took the stand at the Shanghai expo promoting Wirral Waters which includes the International Trade Centre which will be a full on competition to Liverpool Waters. The company Peel and Sam War Investments Ltd,  whose directors, it states in Eye 1339 are Stella Shiu and Lindsay Ashworth. But it also states there is little on record about Stella Shui. But in 1340 it claims that The Hong Kong authorities seem to have quite a bit of info on her and she may have in fact, it is alleged changed her name. click on article to read          


Thursday, 16 May 2013

David Wade-Smith Costs Taxpayer £6.5million Quid


You cant make this up.
He is also the colleague of Frank McKenna's Downtown Liverpool in Joe Anderson's pocket, no wonder Private Eye keeps calling us Murkeyside.
In 2012 it was announced that Wade-Smith would join Herr Dictator Uncle Joe Anderson.
The set-up is completed by Julia Unwin, chief executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and city business leader David Wade-Smith.
It was also anounced that Robert Hough a Director of Peel Holdings would join the board. and its not just Liverpool that suffers from Peel Holdings. Wade-Smith was a darling of the Daily Ghost who kept on building him up........Bill Gleeson. you really do have a lot to answer for.
David Wade-Smith was a Chairman of the nest of spivs that is the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce as was Neil Scales "the moron who cut up U534 and its him that should be sectioned" He didnt like that.
Anyway sue us if you want you incompetent devious bastard hiding in plain view, right under the noses of the press and those that turn a blind eye we will not be gagged.
He also wasted £67,000,000 of our moeny on his hobby even Peter Elson was duped when he cut up the submarine rescued from the seabed intact and barged to Liverpool. Now he has buggered off to Austrailia

Today it is reported by the very paper that was promoting the Livesmart as the new oyster card the newly promoted
David Bartlett wrote
More than £6.5m of taxpayers money was wasted by transport authority Merseytravel on the purchase of a smart card company that never made any money.

An internal audit found that Merseytravel’s acquisition of Livesmart delivered “little tangible benefit” to the organisation or the taxpayer.
The ECHO has seen parts of the audit, which is being kept under wraps by Merseytravel.
The review, which was overseen by St Helens council, said “significant failings in corporate governance” by Merseytravel led to the huge loss.
The organisation is now in the process of winding up Livesmart and its chairman Liam Robinson, who took over last summer, admitted mistakes were made.
He said: “It is fair to say that Livesmart was not a successful commercial venture, giving little return for a significant investment by Merseytravel.
“We recognise that mistakes have been made in the past, but we are determined to examine them, learn from them, and make sure they are not repeated. That is the process we are following with Livesmart.”
Livesmart was founded in 2004 by businessman David Wade-Smith.
It ran the popular 08 Capital of Culture card scheme offering discounts to shops, retailers, restaurants and bars across Liverpool. Merseytravel first became involved in the company in 2006.
In 2008 the transport authority paid £750,000 to increase its stake in the company from 24.9% to 87%.
At the time Neil Scales, then chief executive and director general for Merseytravel, said: “This is a sound investment for us. It is a company of real potential.
“We are literally just touching the surface in terms of the potential for smart card technology.”
But the company spent the past few years racking up the huge losses with Merseytravel pouring money into the firm.
Mr Wade-Smith resigned from the company in October 2010, as did fellow director Carl Speight.
On the same day £441,000 was paid out to shareholders.
This was revealed in the company’s accounts for the year ending March 31, 2011. David Bartlett once wrote how wonderful it would be for the city

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Why Wont Louise Ellman Answer Questions About Peel Holdings-

Louise Ellman MP


Liverpool is to lose its World Heritage Site status unless serious changes are made to the current proposals for Liverpool Waters.
I have long campaigned to save Liverpool’s WHS status and this is an unprecedented threat that will send a message to the world that we lack the culture to protect its assets.
There is an opportunity to make an effort that combines heritage and modernism.
This has been explained by English Heritage to the City Council ad Unesco and ICOMOS.
I welcome the right investment that will leave Liverpool with plans that will see it, fit for the 21st century but scorn any plans that to build Trafford Park-On-Mersey.


1. Would you please advise me what you are doing, if anything to protect Liverpool historic waterways and its WHS status?

2. What level of meetings you have had with senior executives within the Peel Holdings organisation.

3. Do you support a public inquiry?

4. Do you think Liverpool should lose its WHS or will you mediate in a realistic manner by persuading Peel Holdings to redraw its plans to protect heritage assets?

5. Liverpool has lost the WHS officer what is being done to ensure that the city council are protecting the WHS and are not blatantly paving way for a developer.

6. Peel Holdings have stated, that their finance is to come from China and I have met some of their Chinese delegation. There are doubts about Stella Shui and San Wa Minerals credibility. They don’t appear to a company that have not any credentials whatsoever. What checks have been made about these financiers of such a huge scheme that could destroy the WHS and their credentials?

7. Why is the Supplementary Development plan, ratified by the city council in 2009, being ignored by the Labour administration?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Wayne Colquhoun

      This is a copy of a letter Louise Ellman has point blank refused to answer. This letter was sent to the Madam in October 2012.
We wonder why she wont answer these questions?

First of all she said to Wayne who wrote the letter that she would not meet him because he is not a constituent.......that is convenient when it suits her.

Wayne reminded her that he runs a business and is a rate payer in her constituency and it was a matter he had been taking an interest in for some time and it was an important subject of  World Heritage and of  International importance in her Riverside constituency.

 He also reminder her that when it suits her, when she scents a bit of publicity she is very keen to meet, pointing out his role in helping to save the Chambre Hardman Archive of Rodney Street that he drew her attention to and she was happy to assist with and duly lined up for publicity shots.

He went to see Luciana Berger his MP who said it was not a matter that she could deal with as it is not in her constituency.
"But you are my MP" he told her
"Yes but I cant do anything because its not in my constituency"
"So who can" he asked
"Louise Ellman"
"But she has refused saying she is nt my MP"
"Well I can do nothing about it its not my concern"
"The pair of  you doing a double act giving me the runaround don't the pair of you care about losing the World Heritage Site" he frustratingly  proclaimed

Wayne got confirmation from Berger that she had no objections to him raising the matter in a meeting with Louise Ellman and reluctantly Ellman had to oblige.
Where she sat in the credit agency that she uses as an office on Lodge Lane, and  in Wayne's words "looking like a scalded cat wincing through her teeth saying nothing of any interest appearing not the slightest bit interested".

The above letter was sent prior to that meeting and the meeting did not satisfy questions raised and she still is slipping around dodging important issues like a real "slim customer" apparently ducking below the radar but Wayne wont take no for an answer.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Cains Brewery Con Job-The Dusanj Brothers Are Selling Out Our History For More Empty Apartments.

And it looks like they have got the backing of Joe Anderson and Co.
The planners must have been working on this scheme to develop the site with the owners of the company as they have already issued the press releases to the gullable Daily Ghost and Oldham Echo who promoted it for them on April 11th.

They told how wonderful it was to be in the local rag.

Cains announce £50m ‘Brewery Village’ plan to breathe new life into historic Liverpool site

Now a month later Alaistair Houghton writes

 Union officials will visit Cains today to meet staff who lost their jobs after the company suspended its brewing operations.
Cains announced on Friday it was closing its loss-making supermarket own-label brewing and canning operation and axing 38 jobs.
The company, run by brothers Sudarghara and Ajmail Dusanj, has also started negotiations to sub-contract the brewing of Cains beers to a third party.
Franny Joyce, regional officer for Unite, is to meet affected workers to discuss what action they can take. Just 18 jobs remain at the site.
Production of beer at Cains’ landmark Stanhope Street site, off Parliament Street, stopped the week before last.
Cains said production will only resume if it wins permission to develop the site into a £50m “brewery village”.
The plans, revealed in the ECHO last month, would see the Grade II-listed redbrick original brewery building refurbished to house a craft brewery, a hotel, shops and a “delicatessen-type” food hall. A sky bar would also be installed on the roof.
The production sheds that face Parliament Street would be replaced by a supermarket with apartments on top.
Cains will submit its plans to Liverpool City Council this summer. If approved, work could start next year – but would take up to two years to complete.
On Friday a Cains spokesman told the ECHO: “Brewing at the site has been suspended while we progress our Brewery Village scheme and we are in negotiations to sub-contract the brewing of Cains products to a third- party brewery during this interim period.
“The nature of our brewery is such that its operation cannot be scaled down in a simple fashion and it would be financial madness to continue with such huge overheads for a relatively small brewing operation.”
He added: “We have said all along that the brewery is at the heart of our plans for the Brewery Village scheme and this remains the case.
“The existing brewery will be redesigned during the anticipated redevelopment so that it is more efficient and better suited for future use.
“We are continuing to discuss matters with our advisors about how we best manage winding up the current canning and brewery side of the business.
“Cains is alive and kicking and we are extremely positive about our future plans, which will secure brewing in the city for decades to come.” 

13/5/2013  Gordant wrote in the comments section
Another disgraceful move by the owners. They put alot of people out of work when they went bust then were allowed to buy back the company. It is a disgrace. City council should not allow any planning permission for these people as they are only looking to line their own pockets by ripping others off.


10:00 AM on 11/5/2013
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The brothers have a history of playing fast and loose with the brewery and its workforce that doesn't bode well for their ambitious plans for the redevelopment of the site.
Here's an account of some pretty suspect practices reported in the Echo in 2008:
It would be reassuring to see the Echo take a more critical stance towards the local business community.



CAINS has launched an ambitious bid to create a £50m ‘Brewery Village’ on its historic Liverpool site.
The plan involves restoring its original Grade II listed building to house a craft brewery, a hotel, digital studios, a delicatessen-type food hall, independent shops and a sky bar on the roof.
The sheds at the front of the site on Parliament Street would be demolished to make way for a supermarket with apartments built on top.
Stanhope Street, which runs through the middle of the seven-acre site but is closed to traffic, would be opened up to help create a market street type environment.
The company hopes the new “village” would become an extension of the nearby budding Baltic Triangle creative area.

TO HOUSE A CRAFT BREWERY...............Why did he not question them?
Why did he turn this into a good news story?
Probably because its been spoon fed to him by some dodgy PR company.
He dismisses the buildings as sheds, when this is where people work.

Shame on you David a month later the real news comes out.
You have been conned.

You published a glass half full story when the glass was half empty.

This area has grants available.

Will the Cains con-job that putspeople on he dole recieve a development grantto put people out of work?
Will the site be a Tesco?
We all know "Every little hurts".

Louise Ellmans constituancy again.....while she is stating how important jobs are for the city when she is promoting her friends at Peel Holdings, she keeps her head down again.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Liverpool Footbal Club-Dodgy Property Developers-R-us

It has taken a national paper to bring to the attention of the masses the plight of the once proud Anfield residents, whose area has  been torn apart by unscrupulous and dodgy property developers, Liverpool FC, and its bunch of hangers on.
Here is one we did in 2012
But it goes deeper than that.
The shyster manner that Anfield has been stealthed into decline goes back a long time, in fact back to the 80's.
The club began buying up property and boarding it up driving proud residents to despair a long time ago.
The Liverpool Echo did highlight it, occasionally 
 In Issue 989 of Private Eye 12th Nov 1999 it tells of two blokes with Scottish accents knocking on doors offering money to residents. click on article to expand
It is good to highlight the way that big business is now trampling ordinary folk.
A wall was daubed with paint last year
 JOE ANDERSON-TRAITOR. It said it was quickly removed.
Joe Anderson needs to take a long hard look at his business links its not for him to become property developer, but to keep them in check, (by strange coincidence there is an article on the same page about Frank McSpiv of Downtown Liverpool in Joe Andersons pocket) because some owner of Liverpool Football club who thinks its a franchise, does not care one jot about peoples lives, or pensioners living in fear of being set on fire in their bed because next door is tinned up and has become a wasteland. 

Are Liverpool Football club out of control, if the players such as Suarez Scum are not taught lessons.
You know there was a time when Tommy Smith would have taken the likes of a dodgy little upstart foreigner to one side and battered him for making a show of the city.
Bill Shankly would have sacked him, well he would never have employed someone who bites a fellow player.

Is Ian Ayres the right man for the CE roll of a club with such a proud tradition , that is being eroded.
Yes he says he is proud and all the right words, just like Brendan Rodgers but its actions that count, not words.

The piece that the Oldham Echo and the Daily Ghost did not write in the Guardian 7th May 2013.

Liverpool Football Club, we the public made you great
And what do you give us back?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Liverpool Central Library-Turns Into A Costa Cafe!!!!

The Grand re-opening is the 17th May.
It will coincide with Lite Nite It is going to be another big event.
It will be massive, just like the opening of (Grosvenor-pool) Liverpool One and the mess that is the new museum at the Pier Head that destroyed the World Heritage Site. The PR stunts are being dreamt up now for the big launch the mis-truths are being written as we speak, press releases being compiled. Jon Egan the property developers moll is probably even doing them.
The BBC will be there, the washed up Roger Philips will be telling all his thousands of listeners how wonderful it is.
The Ghost and Echo will be doing quadruple page spreads about how great it is....without really thinking the thing through as usual.

The Council will be proclaiming how wonderful it is for Liverpool how amazing it is for the world.

 What they wont be telling you is that we have sold 30000 books to make way for an internet Costa cafe.
Now thats Culcha for yer!
They wont be telling you how Warren Bradley and Co sold the Library to a private company in a lease back deal.
Remember those dark days in the 80's when Derek Hatton & co tried to sell off the Town Hall to the Gnomes of Zurich . We wrote as long ago as 2009 on the topic of selling off some of your prize assetts to the highest bidder in a lease back deal that was agreed by Executive Council....which was Warren Bradley and his three mates and Colin (Cover up) Hilton the then Chief Executive. Was the convicted councillor Steve Hurst on the committee once

We had a billion pounds of European Objective One money that we doled out to PR companies and Miserytravel to not build the trams and then we have to sell off our libraries. Well we say sell off most of the low profile ones are being closed so Joe Anderson can pay for his PR Guru's £90,000 a year wage bill.
The Library refurbishment was first reported by Vicky Anderson for the Daily Ghost without a whimper of the impending doom for all the books.
So now the Great Dictator Joe Anderson and the Labour Council are going to milk this tragic event for all its worth.

Come back Derek Hatton all is forgiven.