Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Liverpool Footbal Club-Dodgy Property Developers-R-us

It has taken a national paper to bring to the attention of the masses the plight of the once proud Anfield residents, whose area has  been torn apart by unscrupulous and dodgy property developers, Liverpool FC, and its bunch of hangers on.
Here is one we did in 2012
But it goes deeper than that.
The shyster manner that Anfield has been stealthed into decline goes back a long time, in fact back to the 80's.
The club began buying up property and boarding it up driving proud residents to despair a long time ago.
The Liverpool Echo did highlight it, occasionally 
 In Issue 989 of Private Eye 12th Nov 1999 it tells of two blokes with Scottish accents knocking on doors offering money to residents. click on article to expand
It is good to highlight the way that big business is now trampling ordinary folk.
A wall was daubed with paint last year
 JOE ANDERSON-TRAITOR. It said it was quickly removed.
Joe Anderson needs to take a long hard look at his business links its not for him to become property developer, but to keep them in check, (by strange coincidence there is an article on the same page about Frank McSpiv of Downtown Liverpool in Joe Andersons pocket) because some owner of Liverpool Football club who thinks its a franchise, does not care one jot about peoples lives, or pensioners living in fear of being set on fire in their bed because next door is tinned up and has become a wasteland. 

Are Liverpool Football club out of control, if the players such as Suarez Scum are not taught lessons.
You know there was a time when Tommy Smith would have taken the likes of a dodgy little upstart foreigner to one side and battered him for making a show of the city.
Bill Shankly would have sacked him, well he would never have employed someone who bites a fellow player.

Is Ian Ayres the right man for the CE roll of a club with such a proud tradition , that is being eroded.
Yes he says he is proud and all the right words, just like Brendan Rodgers but its actions that count, not words.

The piece that the Oldham Echo and the Daily Ghost did not write in the Guardian 7th May 2013.

Liverpool Football Club, we the public made you great
And what do you give us back?

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