Thursday, 27 May 2010

Liverpool Daily Post Business Magazine Delayed by a Week.

Shock!! Horror!! What happened, we are all in dismay, has its editor Frank McKenna not made the deadline? Do they not have enough unreserached rubbish to force feed the masses? Are they waiting to try and fill the whole paper with Peel Holdings propaganda. Has Sly "arse" Bailey pulled the plug and said no more crap lets report some factual stories and look into Liverpools corruption and how a Cruise Liner Terminal costing 20 million has been enabled redundant? Or how the Carbuncle Cup winning Ferry Terminal cost 12 million and we still only have a temporary pontoon on which to embark. Or World Heritage Disaster and how Mann Isalnd was destroyed with Thre Black Coffins? How Peel Holdings are asset stripping Liverpool and barging jobs out of the city?

No the truth is, Oldham Echo Delivery Barge broke down with its delivery from the printing presses north of Manchester, winding down Peel Holding's Manchester Ship Canal, and they had to hitch a horse to it.
So its now going to be June 1st before you read the rubbish contained inside it.
They blame a technical hitch.
If the Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group had not already barged their own Liverpudlians jobs out of the city by making its staff redundant, and if they had kept the printing presses in Liverpool this would not have happened.
Boycott it, dont buy it,  its not worth reading.
 Liverpool Daily Post Todays Chip paper ,Today. 
Well next week.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mike Storey. He Is Guilty Of Liverpools World Heritage Disaster.

I thought that Joe Anderson is good he has only been a leader of the council for a couple of weeks and he’s brought in the army to blow up the new museum and the black coffins that have destroyed the world heritage site.
I then bumped into Ed from the BBC who said the tank was part of the pageant of power he was reporting on and the closure of the Strand to show off all those super fast cars including a Lemans competitor. I spoke to him right in the shadow of One Park Worst, which he had reported for the BBC on the Carbuncle Cup nomination.
That was great he said we had a competition 'Name your Local Carbuncle' and we were swamped.
"Yes well there is next years Carbuncle Cup"  I said looking over to Mann Island. “We have lost it all” I said “Yes but the fight that you put up will go down in history” he said. Kind words. I looked at the tank a Challenger I think, thought about  it, No I thought they wouldnt leave any live rounds in....would they, one shot no more museum. Well lets get in to work I am already late.

I went for a walk around Grosvenor-pool in the sun later on and talk about pageant of power, or ex power, I bumped into the current Lord Mayor, Mike Storey who wouldnt even look me in the eye. He turned away. Does he read the blog. Maybe he has a conscience and he feels guilty to the world heritage destruction that he started while being, in my opinion Liverpool’s Council leader property developer’s spiv, well before he had to resign in disgrace. He stood on Chavasse Park, the Park that he wrestled from Bill Davies to give to Grosvenor while acting as agent for the development. One Park Gone West. Or was he second in command to Clever Trevor Jones? Well the carbuncling has been done now. What is going to be his legacy. How will the Daily Ghost and the Oldham Echo put him down in history, they knew all about where Trevor Jones lived. It was a Daily Ghost journalist who told me Clevor Trevors address on the Duke of Westminsters Estate.  They let him off with it alright. Turning a blind eye...and Why?

Monday, 24 May 2010

Littlewoods Building Edge Lane-The Decay Continues. Why?

Cllr Joe Anderson is making a trip to the Isle of Man to see reclusive businessman Albert Gubay, who owns Edge Lane Retail Park. Earlier this year, relations between the Fib-Dem council and the company started to thaw and Cllr Anderson said he was keen to meet Mr Gubay to make sure the scheme stayed on track. He said: “I have asked for a meeting with Mr Gubay and I am going to see him with the council’s executive director for regeneration, John Kelly.

“We are meeting him and his representatives to discuss the future of Edge Lane Retail Park because it is a vital part in the jigsaw in terms of the regeneration of Liverpool.
“I have called for a halt to the legal action between the council and his company, and they have agreed to reciprocate and withdraw their legal action against the council. This is a man and a company which wants to invest in Liverpool to create jobs and help us regenerate our city. We have to find a solution to areas of disagreement and that is what I intend to do. I am optimistic we can reach an agreement.”
Derwent wants to build a retail park with around 600,000 sq ft shopping space, half the size it originally hoped for.He said it was “ludicrous” for both sides to attempt to sue each other.

Mr Taylor added: “We never wanted to end up in court with the city council and cancelling the legal action is a pragmatic, common-sense approach. We have a saying in the office, ‘let’s crack on and get it done’, and we get that feeling from the city council now. We look forward to working with the council and Cllr Anderson to make this scheme happen.”
The current retail park is around 430,000 sq ft, meaning the new shops will total 170,000 sq ft more than the current site.Derwent is also offering a number of “sweeteners” for their part of the deal.
The concessions include an extension to Mersey Care’s Rathbone Hospital; a larger “Victorian” style park to replace Wavertree’s Rathbone Park; and a “grotspot-free” zone.
Meanwhile the Littlewoods Building lies empty crumbling.
Joe Anderson has appointed a cabinet member for regeneration and development. But what about the historic side of Liverpools fabric. I sincerely hope Joe is not going to be another property developers spiv like the last few council leaders.
The trouble here goes back some time and for some reason the council were hostile to Gubay.
Too late for Elizebeth Pasco though forcably ejected from her house by Labour Pathfider policies.
Bernie Turner, Liverpools Mastermind, who in my opinion is a heritage fraud watching as buildings fall down, while masquerading as a English Heretic Environment champion She said the Judge needed a good slapping who ruled against the council in a Council-v-Gubay spat.
So the Littlewooods Building decays while they plan to throw another load of B&Q sheds up, and no-one seems to care. English Heritage Inspecter Hawkins said this should be made a Conservation area, but Mike Storey as the then Council leader and NWDA committee member, and Liverpool Land Company executive member had other ideas.
Instead the North Vested Interest Development Agency bought it and proposed to kock it out to Urban Splash after a secret competition where they just announced the winner won the deal to develop it.  A bit like the secret competition for new museum on the Pier Head. This building on Edge Lane should have been the new museum, right next to the historic Edge Lane Railway Station. That would have given the area a chance instead of destroying the World Heritage Site.
And Urban Splash have done nothing.

Come on Joe get some action going on the Littlewoods Building before the decay goes too far.

Friday, 21 May 2010

St James Church Handed Back to the City-God ‘elp Us

Here we go again. It was handed back by the Chairman (how many chairmans, can one man be) of the Churches Conservation Trust, Loyd Grossperson the Heritage marauder of Liverpool’s World Heritage Site.

The CCT have owned it for decades.
It is reported that this marks a milestone. Well Isay reported.
It is said this marked the first milestone on the road to a £16m regeneration project at St James In The City church, in Upper Parliament Street.
The Toxteth chapel is thought to be one of the world’s earliest surviving examples of a church supported by cast-iron columns.
Built between 1774 and 1775 by Cuthbert Bisbrowne, it served Liverpool’s West African, Caribbean and American communities, including many slaves.
But it has been owned by the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT) for the past 29 years.
The congregation had to move out in the 1960s because of plans to extend the M62 into the heart of the city.
Yesterday, trust chairman Loyd Grossman officially handed the building back to the Bishop of Liverpool, the Right Reverend James Jones.

Mr Grossman said: “I have been chairman for almost three years now and one of the first things I did was hold a meeting in St James to listen to the various plans people proposed.
“I think a huge amount of progress has been made in three years. We are very lucky we have got to this wonderful stage, where St James is going to be returned to use as a place of worship and to be a focal point for the community.“St James In The City is an historic church of global and national significance. We believe historic churches should be protected for future generations by bringing them back into the heart of community use.
“The bold and exciting plans from the Dioceses of Liverpool do just this.”
The parish’s vicar, Rev Neil Short, said the first major piece of renovation will be to replace the church’s ailing roof.
His vision for the church also includes building a new block next to the centuries-old church containing offices, apartments and community facilities and should help pay for the restoration.
It was feared thousands of bodies would have to be exhumed from the cemetery to make way for the block, but other options are now being looked into.
Mr Short said yesterday: “It feels absolutely brilliant to take ownership of the church because we will be able to maintain the structure of this building.
“We will see this building in its original glory but we will also be able to refurbish it and make it suitable for the 21st century.”
He added surveys on the roof will be done shortly, and the parish is applying to a host of bodies for grants to fund the work.
picture and quotes courtesy Liverpool Daily Post
Who fail to mention where the money is to come from.

So the Church as property developers are still pushing ahead to knock a block of flats next to this church.

And to think Bishop Jones is the Chairman of Liverpools Stop the Rot campaign.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors. Helping Peel Barge Jobs Out of the City.

Yesterday I put a link up to a BBC programme about the Liverpool Manchester Rivalry which started with the building of the Manchester Ship Canal to bypass Liverpool. Peel Ports are now the main distribution centre for Tescos imports it seems. All the signs are there but Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors at the Daily Ghost continue to be touts for Peel Holdings. Innocently, maybe,  Peter Elson today asks what is happening at Peel Ports he is told everything is alright and then prints the reply without questioning the threats to Liverpool jobs and the need to keep an eye on the stategy of Peel who it now seems are running the Oldham Echo. (see picture of the Echo Delivery Barge being towed down from the Oldham printing presses). Its called confirmation bias.
What chance have you got of your local press protecting jobs when they themselves send the printworks to Oldham. We asked is it us who are being Barged by Peel Holdings.
Today "Psycho" Gleeson, as he is known at Trinity Smoking says.
 EDDIE STOBART started its £25m-a- year distribution contract for Tesco yesterday with the arrival of the first goods at the brand new chilled distribution centre at Widnes.

The symbolic first shipment of goods passed out through the gates of a new 528,000 sq ft Tesco chilled distribution facility for the supermarket giant.
The new centre is part of the Mersey Multimodal Gateway, a brown-field site development undertaken by Stobart Group.The project will support the creation of up to 5,000 jobs when completed.
Steve O'Connor, managing director of Stobart Ports, said: “Today marks the completion of phase one of this project. Tomorrow sees us host potential new customers and occupiers for the rest of the site.”
Peter Elson ties this up with this headline.
 Twice as much barging for Peel Ports in new era of Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal harmony .
He fails to understand that it is us who are being barged and jobs will be lost in Liverpool as a result.
He says; PEEL Ports has doubled its barge service along the Manchester Ship Canal (MSC) as container traffic grows from the Port of Liverpool.

This is the equivalent of removing 150 lorries from the road for each of the barge’s journeys.
Dubbed the “Tesco wine barge” when introduced 18 months ago, its loads include stone from India for MediaCity, at Salford Quays.
He continues; “Our aim is to grow the Port of Liverpool by linking inland through the Manchester Ship Canal,” said Stephen Carr, Peel Mersey Ports head of business development.

“What’s been done in setting this up over the last three months proves you can move cargo by barges.
“In three months’ time, we expect another raft of users to be on board.
“The service can be developed by creating hubs where the barge can stop to off-load containers.
“The Media City construction site’s use of the barge is a good case study,” said Mr Carr.

“The stone arrives deep-sea at Antwerp, is transferred by container ship to Liverpool, and then onto the barge.
“At Irlam Container Terminal, the stone is put into pallets and back onto the barge to be craned out on site.
“It’s not just a water-land interface, it’s adding value to the supply chain.”
More imports from Ireland are being barged to Quality Freight, at Ellesmere Port.
Tesco barges thousands of bottles of wine to Kingsland Wine & Spirits, in Salford, for packing and distribution.
Mr Carr refuted criticisms Peel is by-passing Liverpool in favour of the Ship Canal and Salford Quays.
“Every piece of cargo which goes along the Ship Canal comes through the Port of Liverpool,” he said.
I think we need to start up a new campaign.
SAVE PETER ELSON. From his own employers who are now no more than Peel Touts.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A History of the World-Two Rival Cities

Broadcaster and writer Stuart Maconie takes a wry look at the rivalry between the two great northern cities of Liverpool and Manchester through historical objects .They've both been at the heart of developments which have shaped the world, and their economies have been interdependent. Yet everyone knows Mancs and Scousers hate each other - but why?

Stuart discovers that the roots of the rivalry are buried centuries back. The cities didn't lock horns when they were puny youngsters. They waited till they'd built themselves up into giants, then had a showdown which literally tore a divide across the North West, and left festering resentment which persists to this day. Broadcast on:BBC One, 7:30pm Monday 17th May 2010 Duration: 30 minutes Available until: 7:59pm Monday 24th May 2010 Categories:Factual, History

More mischief making by the BBC spreading rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester. Correspondent had made a mention to it when it was reported in the Times.

The programme talks about Liverpools, well the first Dock in the world, now Chavasse Park. The Dock is buried under Grosvenor-pool........realy clever that turning the worlds first wet dock into a car-park.
They paved Paradise......and put up a parking lot.
It continues with the building of the Manchester Ship Canal to bypass Liverpools port. Exactly what Peel Holdings are doing again.

I cant help thinking that if Manchester had of owned a world heritage site they would not have carbuncled it.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Liverpool's World Heritage Blight.

Liverpool’s World Heritage Blight has never gone unnoticed with the national press who it now seems, after the PR onslaught of 2008 is waking up. However Private Eye's Piloti (just who is the Liverpool Piloti) has always kept a keen eye on Liverpool and its heritage misdemeanours. This current issue, talking freely about the blight that is to install itself on the Lyceum and the Dale Street disaster. Bernie Turnip and Baron Wadley (soon to be sacked as leader after losing the council) even gets a mention. If more people took an interest, and stood up to be counted against Heritage blight, instead of doing it as a hobby well we wouldn’t be in such a mess. We would all be better off.

I recently wrote about more World Heritage Blight.  And the threat to the Lyceum  It is with thanks that we welcome extra input from those purveyors of truths at Private Eye. What a shame that those white sticked, plonkers at UNESCO dont take the same level of interest, deciding instead to turn a blind eye.

Further Reading.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Welsh Presbyterian Chapel, Heathfield Road-Another One Bite The Dust.

Bethel Chapel will not be listed by English Heretics. It sits facing Penny Lane. Remember this is the city that incredibly knocked down the Cavern Club in Mathew Street, and then renamed itself Beatles City. English Heretics used the previous application to list as an assessment without visiting. The listing was supported by the c20 Society, The old Twentieth Century Society, thanks to the local North West Group, and Florence Gerstens SAVE OUR CITY campaign. 

A FOURTH attempt is being made to demolish one of the few remaining Welsh churches in Liverpool.

The Bethel Chapel, in Allerton, has been too big for its congregation for years – with space for 750, it is the largest remaining free church in the city.
But previous plans to create a smaller purpose-built place of worship on the same site have stalled on three occasions.
The last set of plans, including building 48 one and two-bedroom apartments, won planning permission but did not go ahead after a dispute with developers.
The Rev Dr David Ben Rees said the hard decision to demolish the main church, which dates back to 1926, had been taken because it could seat 750 people, but the congregation now only numbered 150. Demolishing the building would also avoid the need to spend between £60,000 and £70,000 repairing the church.
He said the church was still pondering what to do with the site once the church was demolished.
He said: “There will be a big gap for some time once the church is demolished. A lot of people have suggested flats for the elderly, but there is nothing certain at this moment in time. I will be very sorry to see it go. I have been preaching for 40 years in that church.”
He said attempts to get another institution to take over the church as a performance venue had proved fruitless.
If permission is granted to bulldoze the church, it will be pulled down in the summer.
The new chapel will cost around £500,000 and will see the congregation move away from the site temporarily for 18 months.


Church sued for £600k

3 November, 2006
Property developers take a church in Wales to court after it pulls out of scheme
A church in Wales is involved in an unholy row with two property developers after being accused of reneging on a building scheme.
Property developers Samuel Beilin and William Kearns say they have lost more than £600,000 after the Welsh church encouraged them to spend money on a scheme to develop the Bethel Chapel.
It is alleged that after spending four years funding planning permissions and development schemes, encouraged by the Properties Board of the Calvanistic Methodist Church of Wales, they received a letter pulling out of the scheme.
The church, also known as the Presbyterian Church of Wales, plans to sell the site to another developer and is likely to win planning permission after the work put in by the developers.
Mr Beilin, Mr Kearns, and TRB Estates (Liverpool) say they have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on the scheme, and that the church pulled out of the project knowing it was likely the planning application would be granted.
Now the three are suing for “proprietary estoppel”, and are claiming damages for the loss of opportunity to develop the chapel, loss of profit, and for the expenses they have incurred.
They value their claim at more than £600,000, and are also suing Dr Benjamin Rees, of Bethel Chapel in Heathfield Road, Liverpool.
They had originally entered into arrangements with the church in April 2002, when the church asked them to develop the site. As a result they say they expected to be the developers of the scheme, and that the church encouraged them in this expectation.
Read more:

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Liverpool Waters-English Heritage Object.

This is the news that is being buried by Liverpools local press while they use the front page to declare that Chinese Investors want to come on board the Peel Holdings gravy train.
Stinky Ink Bartlett only arrived in Shanghai yesterday and already the Daily Peel takes up residence.
Development director Lindsay Ashworth said the company was hopeful of finding a solution to the concerns of English Heritage so a planning submission will be filed in June.
 It was told to me at a SAVE exhibition where he was present that the ex historic Buildings Advisor of English Heritage,  Peter de Figeurido, is employed by Peel Holdings. How convenient.

This now paves the way for a full public inquiry and we will be writing to the new Secretary of State requesting one.
Lyndsay Ashworth said "We wanted to put in the planning request before we came here, but we have not agreed with English Heritage where all the buildings should be.

"It was not the right thing to do to submit the planning application when English Heritage are not happy with it.”
He said he was hopeful a solution could be found.
"English Heritage want it to happen, but not at the disturbance and loss of heritage.
"They are concerned that we do not do anything that will steal the glory of the Three Graces."
He said a historical study of the northern dock system had identified 80 separate pieces of heritage that should be preserved in the development.
Mr Ashworth added: "A strong objection would concern me and would mean that the Government Office North West would have to refer it to the Government.”

Meanwhile I recieved a copy of an internal e-mail that is very interesting.

Dear All

I wonder if anyone can help with this query.
A contact of mine is dealing with two immense regeneration schemes in the Liverpool and Birkenhead Docks.
The Regional office of EH is keen that the scheme should deliver conservation benefits but the nearest appropriate area to receive such benefits(a square containing several Grade I buildings)is in reasonably good condition and the problem is more one of under-usage and the prospect of long-tem decline.
Is anyone aware of any major schemes where planning conditions or obligations have required the establishment of a Joint Venture Company or other entity to deliver conservation benefits? It would be done through an agreed Management Plan with the company being led by the local authority and involving the developer, local business organisations and property owners.

I would be grateful for any examples.
Many thanks

Historic Buildings & Areas Adviser
Westminster and West London
English Heritage
1 Waterhouse Square
138-142 Holborn

I telephoned the sender of this e-mail entitled IHBC_LONDON Joint Venture Companies and asked why they are touting this scheme on behalf of the developers, or so it seems.
The person in question was taken aback and asked how I got a copy of it.
Well it is a public body after all and doing business behind closed doors should be above them.

That said it looks like English Heritage will be taking a great interest in this scheme and of course they should have to involve Icomos and UNESCO, for what thats worth.

While a previous Chairman Loyd Grossman was the Chairman of NML

You know some investment is needed but for one tax exile owner of Peel Holdings to make a packet we sjhould not sacrifice our heritage.
The proposals in their current form would destroy the Overall Universal Value of Liverpools World Heritage Site. Meanwhile the conflicts of interest continue the NWDA chairman is a ex Chief Executive of Peel Holdings.
We have found the North Vested Interest Development Agency to be wanting.
Do you care? Are you interested? Write to the Secretary of State at your earliest convenience.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Liverpool World Heritage Site-Before It Was Butchered

Forgot what it looked like before Liverpools Fib-Dems sanctioned its destruction. Liverpools World Heritage Site. Why couldnt they just leave it alone.

This is a letter in todays Daily Ghost
Black behemoths have no merit

SO GLIMPSE is the new view? Well, it is according to a spokesman for Liverpool City Council defending the flouting of development guidelines for the Mann Island site. It’s now OK, apparently, to block out all serious views of the “Three Graces” from the Liverpool side of the river with three black behemoths that have absolutely no architectural worth whatsoever.
If my memory serves me correctly, and it does, wasn’t it the question of views that scuppered The Cloud?
This had two slender, and architecturally distinguished towers that would have been constructed on The Strand, but, according to English Heritage and CABE would damage views of the Three Graces from The Strand, so that scheme was spectacularly abandoned. Now, instead of two slender towers and a Cloud, we have this development that blocks out everything – sorry, provides brief glimpses.
Oh, and yes, I nearly forgot, we also have a museum, built on top of some of Liverpool’s oldest history, almost on the river’s edge, which has attracted a substantial financial penalty because it flouts a “covenant” associated with views from one of the graces.
Could it possibly have been the same spokesman who, when there was an application to build an iconic 52-storey building at Brunswick, justified the rejection of the application by stating that the building would partially obscure the view – yes, view – of the Anglican Cathedral from a tiny conservation area in Birkenhead?
What I can’t understand is where are all these “experts” from the likes of English Heritage and CABE when this sort of thing happens; aren’t they supposed to be protecting our heritage or are they only concerned with preventing the construction of tall building as seems the case?
LDC, Sefton Park

Liverpools Joe Anderson-"We Will Scrap Home Demolitions"

Joe Anderson Liverpools new council leader will make an urgent review of Liverpools HMRI schemes. Warrens War Zones. This is his first pledge in his first interview since wrestling power from the Fib Dem spivs that have been doing more damage than good to Liverpool since siezing power over a decade ago. Cllr Anderson said: “I am hugely proud that we have been given the opportunity to lead this city. But we think the culture of the way this council operates needs to change.”  He said the Labour party would break down bureaucracy and transform the council into an “entrepreneurial organisation”.

“I am hugely proud that we have been given the opportunity to lead this city. I would not change it for any other city in the country.
“It is a massive opportunity to move forward to the next level and build on what has been achieved in the past 12 to 14 years due to the regeneration and investment.
“But we have got to recognise there are huge financial challenges and some difficult decisions to be made.
“I will not shirk from making those decisions.”
Of course we heard all this sort of bluster when Warren Bradley was puppeted into the leaders role after Mike Storey was forced to resign in disgrace.
regeneration of the city’s Boot estate.

“We will run this city for the whole of the city. There are too many parts of this city, too many areas that have been totally let down.
“We have to connect the opportunities that will come to this city for everyone – making sure there are apprenticeships created.
“That is going to be something the city council can lead on and encourage businesses to take on young people.”
Ahead of the local elections Lib-Dem leader Warren Bradley admitted failings in HMRI, saying some areas had been left like war zones.
“We don’t disagree on that,” said Cllr Anderson.
“There has been an inertia that has gripped this city in terms of dealing with many, many things.
“In housing in particular it is as if someone has pressed the pause button. We have the desperate plight of 23,000 on the housing waiting list, and 9,000 of those are classed as being in need.
“So Cllr Bradley was admitting to an astounding failure. It is absolutely obscene that there are 13,000 houses boarded up and 600 people leaving the city each year.
“In order to sustain the city, to protect its infrastructure we have to stop the migration.
“And to do that one of the things we have to do is build social housing and affordable housing.
“I will be urgently reviewing HMRI.
“If necessary we will scrap parts of the proposed demolitions.”
Housing associations have been approached about kick starting the building of affordable homes.

Its all a bit late for Elizebeth Pascoe though.

Meanwhile Warren who created the war-zones is now under pressure to resign.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Bye, Bye, Bradley. Liverpools Liberal Democrats Ousted

Its all too late though. The world Heritage Site has been destroyed. Whole swathes of the city have been left as Warrens, War-Zones and maybe people had just about had enough of the way the Liverpool FIB-DEMS had turned into property developers spivs. They were allowed to behave like Cards by the local press. 47 listed buildings downed while a thousand more buildings await the wreckers ball. Liverpool can only be better off. £950,000,000 of European Objective One funding and where has it all gone. And what of Labour most of those War Zones that I am familiar with lie in the Dame of Derelictions constituancy, who is back in with a 51% turnout.
It was last local elections with a hung vote that a labour councillor defected to the Fib-Dems that held them in for a further term.
Here he is talking from One Park Worst, telling "Presser" his proudest achievement was Grosvenor-Pool.
And you know in the picture you cant even see the strings.
He should not have carried on his job as a fireman it was a ridiculous situation every time you saw him it looked like he had just come off the nightshift. Lets hope we dont see him in local politics again. Mike & Trevors puppet.
Bye, Bye.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Liverpools Liberal Democrats-Destroyed the World Heritage Site

Get them out. 47 listed buildings destroyed while the FIB-DEMS have been in power, with so many others awaiting a similar fate. Hundreds more properties are in a perilous situation while the carpet-baggers pick over the carcasses of those that succumb to the neglect. The whole of Liverpool including its WHS will turn into a giant high tensile flat. Whole areas are now blighted with inapropriate developments that make the old look out of place.
Parts of the town centre still look as bad as they did while we have rebranded vthe city as Grosvenor-pool in the eyes of the world.
Parts of Toxteth still look as bad 30 years after the riots as they did during them. And all we hear is spin about how the city has been transformed how wonderful the FIB-DEMS are.
A Busted flush is really what they are and we will have to live with World Heritage disaster while all those "Cosy" developers are in some tax haven with the loot aquired during the binge build years that was Liverpool during the Fib-Dems. And I am not saying Labour would have been better.

Warren Bradley was put there by his mentors Mike Storey and Sir Trevor Jones as a puppet to facilitate the ongoing property developers free for all started by, in my opinion, the Property Developing Spiv, Clever Trevor in the 80s, who was bypassed by Hesseltine who set up the Merseyside Development Authority, that gave us the International Garden Festival,  to bypass the corrupted planning system of the time. I was advised by the regional editor, at the time, of the New Statesman, that his solicitor in the 80s was Rex Makin, who, in my opinion,  seems to have a power in this city that is unwaranted. It was alleged the other day by a learned legal friend of mine that Rex has shares in the Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group. How very convenient.
Warren even said publicly that the Dame of Dereliction, Doreen Jones who was the chair of the planning committee. She who, by casting votes sent us into world heritage disaster by passing the Mann Island Monsters, amongst many other disasters. Doreen, was little Warrens mentor, he declared it publicly.  He brought back in, Mike Storey who had to resign in disgrace. Where is the culpibility. Warren has far too much power for such little brains. Or am I mistaken, is it the Oligarchs of Liverpool, the ones we dont hear too much about who are the clever ones because they have manipulated this city for decades. Cleaned up. Moved to Chester.
While Louise Ellman and her friends and aqaintances do what they like without effective forces to stop them, or do they want to. Warren Bradley was bezzies with Steve Hurst.

All this while Trintity "Smoking" Mirrors stand by, oh hang on editor Alistair Macrazy says vote labour better the devil you know. Thats the Devil saying vote for the Devil. You just cant win.

Further Reading

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dale Street-Another One Bites The Dust.

 In the World Heritage Site. This piece of, Liverpool Georgiana has laid empty for decades falling down slowly. It is right in front of Municipal Buildings where all the councillors go in and out of. Where Colin "Cover Up" Hilton works. Ignored by many .  It has recently been listed, by the city council with the full weight of Mastermind, Bernie Turner the joke of a Historic Buildings Champion for English Heretics who replaced Doreen Jones, yes you heard it right, the Dame of Disaster. For what reason you may ask was it listed?  Maybe this was to divert attention in 2008 from the impending doom that was awaiting its fate, to pull the wool over the eyes of Unesco and the huge publicity that was attacking Liverpools lack of respect for its culture during
In 2008 they promised Unesco that 60 were to be listed yes 60.  So why was this awaiting its fate, and how come the engineers now go in over a Bank Holiday Weekend, very convenient you may think, away from prying eyes with this part of the town deserted. ENGINEERS were last night working on a listed building in Dale Street found to be in danger of collapse.
The property, directly across from the council’s municipal buildings, is Grade II-listed.After several plans to bring the building back into use failed, the building was left empty and concealed in part with colourful hoardings.
But engineers have now found the building to have rapidly deteriorated.
They will now remove the roof of the building in the hope of relieving the strain and preventing collapse.
Other parts of the structure will also be removed, and safety barriers are in place to stop the public gaining access.
A recent survey of the building found the interior was in a “perilous condition and a risk to public safety as well as a major health and safety hazard”
A city council spokesman said: “A number of options are being considered about the future of the building, including discussing with prospective partners to find a long term solution.”
The Georgian building, from 1819, was included in the Castle Street Conservation Area in 1976. It was listed in February 2008.
Since it became vacant the council and a developer planned to renovate it as part of a scheme which would include the magistrates’ court and the bridewell jail behind it.
But delays in relocating the courts, coupled with the impact of the recession, put paid to the plans.
So it is going the same way that Jamaica House went and to become a hole in the facade of a WHS. , another Georgian Terrace destroyed by stealth.
This is what Big Gob Bernie said at the time in early 2008.
 Liverpool Georgian terraces given listed status

Feb 5 2008 by Laura Sharpe, Liverpool Daily Post
TWO rare Georgian terraces have been given listed status in Liverpool’s World Heritage Site.
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has given Grade II listed status to the sites on Dale Street and York Street following a review of historic buildings.
Numbers 86-95 Dale Street/ 2 Cheapside, opposite the city’s Municipal Buildings, were listed as “an unusual survival of the shop house, a building type that is nationally rare, especially outside London and shows the development of new forms of retail premises in late Georgian England.”
The terrace dates from around 1819 and has ground floor shops with living accommodation above.

It still has its original floor plans with some features still intact and along with other listed buildings in the area “epitomises the changes in the physical fabric of the city during the 18th and 19th centuries.”
The York Street buildings are a pair of 18th century townhouses, converted into tenements in the 19th century.
In the listing designation it says: “The buildings highlight the development and changing face of the internationally important port of Liverpool through the 18th century to 20th century from a wealthy residential area to an industrial and commercial area with poorer inhabitants as the port expanded and the wealthy moved out for the city centre.” It adds that the building provides special historic interest by its continual use by those connected with the port “from the wealthy merchant in the 18th century to the sea captains, seafarers and Irish immigrants who lived in the tenements during the 19th and 20th centuries.”

Cllr Berni Turner, Liverpool’s executive member for environment and historic environment champion, said: “We have identified some 60 buildings for potential listing and these are the first of those.

“It shows the efforts we are making to safeguard our Georgian heritage and buildings within the World Heritage site and that we are starting to get results in providing additional protection for these historic buildings.”

This make 47 Listed Buildings to be destroyed under the Liverpool FIB-DEMS.