Friday, 7 May 2010

Bye, Bye, Bradley. Liverpools Liberal Democrats Ousted

Its all too late though. The world Heritage Site has been destroyed. Whole swathes of the city have been left as Warrens, War-Zones and maybe people had just about had enough of the way the Liverpool FIB-DEMS had turned into property developers spivs. They were allowed to behave like Cards by the local press. 47 listed buildings downed while a thousand more buildings await the wreckers ball. Liverpool can only be better off. £950,000,000 of European Objective One funding and where has it all gone. And what of Labour most of those War Zones that I am familiar with lie in the Dame of Derelictions constituancy, who is back in with a 51% turnout.
It was last local elections with a hung vote that a labour councillor defected to the Fib-Dems that held them in for a further term.
Here he is talking from One Park Worst, telling "Presser" his proudest achievement was Grosvenor-Pool.
And you know in the picture you cant even see the strings.
He should not have carried on his job as a fireman it was a ridiculous situation every time you saw him it looked like he had just come off the nightshift. Lets hope we dont see him in local politics again. Mike & Trevors puppet.
Bye, Bye.

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