Monday, 17 May 2010

Liverpool's World Heritage Blight.

Liverpool’s World Heritage Blight has never gone unnoticed with the national press who it now seems, after the PR onslaught of 2008 is waking up. However Private Eye's Piloti (just who is the Liverpool Piloti) has always kept a keen eye on Liverpool and its heritage misdemeanours. This current issue, talking freely about the blight that is to install itself on the Lyceum and the Dale Street disaster. Bernie Turnip and Baron Wadley (soon to be sacked as leader after losing the council) even gets a mention. If more people took an interest, and stood up to be counted against Heritage blight, instead of doing it as a hobby well we wouldn’t be in such a mess. We would all be better off.

I recently wrote about more World Heritage Blight.  And the threat to the Lyceum  It is with thanks that we welcome extra input from those purveyors of truths at Private Eye. What a shame that those white sticked, plonkers at UNESCO dont take the same level of interest, deciding instead to turn a blind eye.

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