Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Liverpool Waters-English Heritage Object.

This is the news that is being buried by Liverpools local press while they use the front page to declare that Chinese Investors want to come on board the Peel Holdings gravy train.
Stinky Ink Bartlett only arrived in Shanghai yesterday and already the Daily Peel takes up residence.
Development director Lindsay Ashworth said the company was hopeful of finding a solution to the concerns of English Heritage so a planning submission will be filed in June.
 It was told to me at a SAVE exhibition where he was present that the ex historic Buildings Advisor of English Heritage,  Peter de Figeurido, is employed by Peel Holdings. How convenient.

This now paves the way for a full public inquiry and we will be writing to the new Secretary of State requesting one.
Lyndsay Ashworth said "We wanted to put in the planning request before we came here, but we have not agreed with English Heritage where all the buildings should be.

"It was not the right thing to do to submit the planning application when English Heritage are not happy with it.”
He said he was hopeful a solution could be found.
"English Heritage want it to happen, but not at the disturbance and loss of heritage.
"They are concerned that we do not do anything that will steal the glory of the Three Graces."
He said a historical study of the northern dock system had identified 80 separate pieces of heritage that should be preserved in the development.
Mr Ashworth added: "A strong objection would concern me and would mean that the Government Office North West would have to refer it to the Government.”

Meanwhile I recieved a copy of an internal e-mail that is very interesting.

Dear All

I wonder if anyone can help with this query.
A contact of mine is dealing with two immense regeneration schemes in the Liverpool and Birkenhead Docks.
The Regional office of EH is keen that the scheme should deliver conservation benefits but the nearest appropriate area to receive such benefits(a square containing several Grade I buildings)is in reasonably good condition and the problem is more one of under-usage and the prospect of long-tem decline.
Is anyone aware of any major schemes where planning conditions or obligations have required the establishment of a Joint Venture Company or other entity to deliver conservation benefits? It would be done through an agreed Management Plan with the company being led by the local authority and involving the developer, local business organisations and property owners.

I would be grateful for any examples.
Many thanks

Historic Buildings & Areas Adviser
Westminster and West London
English Heritage
1 Waterhouse Square
138-142 Holborn

I telephoned the sender of this e-mail entitled IHBC_LONDON Joint Venture Companies and asked why they are touting this scheme on behalf of the developers, or so it seems.
The person in question was taken aback and asked how I got a copy of it.
Well it is a public body after all and doing business behind closed doors should be above them.

That said it looks like English Heritage will be taking a great interest in this scheme and of course they should have to involve Icomos and UNESCO, for what thats worth.

While a previous Chairman Loyd Grossman was the Chairman of NML

You know some investment is needed but for one tax exile owner of Peel Holdings to make a packet we sjhould not sacrifice our heritage.
The proposals in their current form would destroy the Overall Universal Value of Liverpools World Heritage Site. Meanwhile the conflicts of interest continue the NWDA chairman is a ex Chief Executive of Peel Holdings.
We have found the North Vested Interest Development Agency to be wanting.
Do you care? Are you interested? Write to the Secretary of State at your earliest convenience.

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    Linnetlane wrote:
    Peel blame everyone but themselves for delays!

    Firstly, if they want English Heritage on board then they should be working with them from the outset. And let's face it, Manchester based English heritage has a woeful record of protecting buildings in this city so I'm not clear why anyone takes them seriously in the first place.

    Secondly, it's LCC that decides on planning applications and not English heritage so do we have here yet another excuse from Peel for 'taking their time?'

    Any news about the new cruise terminal Peel promised us a couple of years back - are they blaming someone else for not delivering that?!