Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors. Helping Peel Barge Jobs Out of the City.

Yesterday I put a link up to a BBC programme about the Liverpool Manchester Rivalry which started with the building of the Manchester Ship Canal to bypass Liverpool. Peel Ports are now the main distribution centre for Tescos imports it seems. All the signs are there but Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors at the Daily Ghost continue to be touts for Peel Holdings. Innocently, maybe,  Peter Elson today asks what is happening at Peel Ports he is told everything is alright and then prints the reply without questioning the threats to Liverpool jobs and the need to keep an eye on the stategy of Peel who it now seems are running the Oldham Echo. (see picture of the Echo Delivery Barge being towed down from the Oldham printing presses). Its called confirmation bias.
What chance have you got of your local press protecting jobs when they themselves send the printworks to Oldham. We asked is it us who are being Barged by Peel Holdings.
Today "Psycho" Gleeson, as he is known at Trinity Smoking says.
 EDDIE STOBART started its £25m-a- year distribution contract for Tesco yesterday with the arrival of the first goods at the brand new chilled distribution centre at Widnes.

The symbolic first shipment of goods passed out through the gates of a new 528,000 sq ft Tesco chilled distribution facility for the supermarket giant.
The new centre is part of the Mersey Multimodal Gateway, a brown-field site development undertaken by Stobart Group.The project will support the creation of up to 5,000 jobs when completed.
Steve O'Connor, managing director of Stobart Ports, said: “Today marks the completion of phase one of this project. Tomorrow sees us host potential new customers and occupiers for the rest of the site.”
Peter Elson ties this up with this headline.
 Twice as much barging for Peel Ports in new era of Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal harmony .
He fails to understand that it is us who are being barged and jobs will be lost in Liverpool as a result.
He says; PEEL Ports has doubled its barge service along the Manchester Ship Canal (MSC) as container traffic grows from the Port of Liverpool.

This is the equivalent of removing 150 lorries from the road for each of the barge’s journeys.
Dubbed the “Tesco wine barge” when introduced 18 months ago, its loads include stone from India for MediaCity, at Salford Quays.
He continues; “Our aim is to grow the Port of Liverpool by linking inland through the Manchester Ship Canal,” said Stephen Carr, Peel Mersey Ports head of business development.

“What’s been done in setting this up over the last three months proves you can move cargo by barges.
“In three months’ time, we expect another raft of users to be on board.
“The service can be developed by creating hubs where the barge can stop to off-load containers.
“The Media City construction site’s use of the barge is a good case study,” said Mr Carr.

“The stone arrives deep-sea at Antwerp, is transferred by container ship to Liverpool, and then onto the barge.
“At Irlam Container Terminal, the stone is put into pallets and back onto the barge to be craned out on site.
“It’s not just a water-land interface, it’s adding value to the supply chain.”
More imports from Ireland are being barged to Quality Freight, at Ellesmere Port.
Tesco barges thousands of bottles of wine to Kingsland Wine & Spirits, in Salford, for packing and distribution.
Mr Carr refuted criticisms Peel is by-passing Liverpool in favour of the Ship Canal and Salford Quays.
“Every piece of cargo which goes along the Ship Canal comes through the Port of Liverpool,” he said.
I think we need to start up a new campaign.
SAVE PETER ELSON. From his own employers who are now no more than Peel Touts.

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