Thursday, 30 July 2009

Is the Daily Post and Echo a Mouthpiece for Peel Holdings

I posted a article two weeks ago about the impending disaster for Liverpool's Industry as Peel Holdings had a planning application rubber stamped for a 400 million pound new port at the end of the Manchester Ship Canal.
I also expressed great concern about the relationship with the developer and the Daily Peel who did not think it news enough to explore. So why couldn't the local papers put a inquisitive slant on this and not explore further, and why?
pic of new port courtesy Manchester Evening News you can see how the expansion of industry can be the cost of Liverpool. I cant find anything other than a disaster for Liverpool about this new enterprise zone being created in Salford.

So it is with great suprise that the Ghost reports it in spin that overrides the full situation and the gravitas of the facts and believes what it is told by Peel and makes a balanced argument out of something that cannot be reported as such.
I would be interested to know who exactly paid for Mark Thomas the Ghost Editor to travel to Shanghai.

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