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I was recently banned from the Daily Post by the editor Mark Thomas. He had hit the roof for, amongst other things calling the paper Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group. I have been unhappy with the way the editorials had been going for some time. A disregard for our culture and I had said the Post had become a Council mouthpiece. I cant even read the Echo it is that bad. I must have filled editions for them over the years and have given them countless front pages, with or without my name on it. I then, reluctantly at the request of one of the more respected journalists on the paper took down the critical posts on the basis that there were things that had to be said that need the press. I felt unhappy about this as the whole reason for editing the LPT pages was because of the frustration at what is going on within my city.
I subsequently spoke to Helen Hunt after I phoned the news editor asking for someone a bit more experienced than the youngsters I had been speaking to. (Andy Kelly was on holiday) I was reporting the 33rd Unesco World Heritage committee meeting in Seville, a most important and pertinent piece of information that the public did not need hidden away from them by the city council. Unesco had stated that not enough was done to educate the public as to World Heritage Site principles. She asked me "Where exactly is the World Heritage Site" There is no hope really. The article and subsequent editorial was a mess. It seemed to be aimed at me in a personal manner.
There was then a sham debate done about Mann Island that was treated as a balanced argument. It was like putting a balanced argument for the Third Reich you get Bernie Eccleston and two other peoples opinions and you make it look like there is another side for something that is fundamentally wrong. Its like the editor has been got to and is under pressure.
It is alleged he is well and truly wrapped up by the legal threats of NML and is trying to unwind himself out of the situation by placating them with more and more publicity. It could be said that Fleming is working him like a puppet now, or at least it appears that way. Flemings wife or partner is Alison Hastings who is on the press complaints commission and is a trustee of the BBC.
THIS IS NOT BALANCED ARGUMENT. This is the same old, same old that got us here in the first place.
IT IS POLITICS......AND HAS NO PLACE IN THE FUTURE LIVERPOOL. THIS HAS TO STOP. The local papers are far too "in" with big business in Liverpool. Seeming to sponsor it rather than keep an eye on it.
I have no respect for anyone who has allowed themselves to be manipulated or worse still not mitigated the problems. It would be simple, by having a architectural correspondent on the paper who knows what they are talking about. Reading the editors recent blog it is too painful to stand anymore and I would rather be banned from a piece of chip-paper than mix in the circles of uneducated and misinformed people....The Daily Post is on its way out anyhow.
This is the editors blog as he walked around the world heritage site with a blindfold on and a white stick.
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Penguins, Superlambananas - and a stunning setting

Posted by Mark Thomas on July 6, 2009 7:14 PM
Just back in the office after attending the launch of the Go Penguins event, Liverpool's next big public art project to follow on from the Go Superlambananas extravaganza last summer.It looks like it is going to be something special, and will be a big attraction to keep children entertained in the Christmas holidays.
To hear more from the artistic team behind it, check it out for yourself
It was a very enjoyable event, complete with live music, ice sculpture penguins, and a first glimpse of the penguins themselves, which schools and artists will be designing and painting in the next few months.The real treat though, was to have the excuse to walk down to the waterfront alongside the Three Graces for the first time in far too long, on a beautiful July evening.The event was staged in the new Mersey Ferry Terminal at the Pier Head, providing a sneak preview of a fantastic building with great views over the river. We also got the chance for an exclusive visit to the Beatles Story's new "4D" cinema, which opens later this month. I'm not going to give away too much, apart from saying It is a brilliant experience, and great fun. I suspect there will be long queues come the summer holidays.The new canal looked magnificent, and the new Museum of Liverpool building is simply breathtaking. I've lived and worked on Merseyside all my life, but this city still has the capacity to delight and surprise me, and take my breath away.I'm going home in a very good mood, tonight.
A STUNNING SETTING....IS HE SERIOUS ...THE PIER HEAD IS DESTROYED..... AND THIS IS WHAT WE GET FROM THE EDITOR OF A PAPER THAT A FEW PEOPLE STILL READ. This is the most commented article on the Architects journal website. It is a debate about the new Ferry Terminal, that he thinks is a fantastic building. And he describes the new breathtaking museum...placation.
PAST EDITORS WOULD HAVE CAMPAIGNED TO SAVE THE WORLD HERITAGE SITE. You have to be able to understand what you are looking at first.
There seems no point anymore in messing around with people who cant see what is happening because they are too interested in allowing themselves to get to the sad stage where they consider that bad architecture is fantastic and the desecration of the world heritage site is a good thing. I BAN MYSELF..... STUFF YOUR PAPER, Mr Thomas.
It seems that I am not alone in my thoughts and it is well worth reading Correspondents take which is as ever well thought out.

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