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Mann Island funds the New Museum, its a fact!!!!

No matter what lies and spin they give us the facts are there. The new museum is funded by the Three Grotesques. There has always been a overall scheme for the Mann Island site. The fact that the NWDA are funding the new museum with funds from the sale of Mann Island seems to have been overlooked by many.
The failure of local editors to take this fact on board and not to believe what they are told by public relations companies astounds me.
The picture is taken from the D aily Post on day of the planning committee meeting, note the transparent blocks of flats behind the museum...are we all supposed to be thought of as stupid? SEVERAL LETTERS IN THE POST regarding Mann Island and the museum.
IN RESPONSE to Charles Korsham’s letter (“It’s just one big mistake” Daily Post, Monday, June 29), I want to set the record straight. The new Museum of Liverpool has been built on land owned by National Museums Liverpool, and has no relationship to the next-door commercial development.
Funding for the Museum has nothing to do with the "sale" of someone else’s land, and it is inaccurate and misleading to suggest anything else.
Joanna Rowlands, Director of Marketing and Communications
At the risk of this post getting a bit big I will lay on and show that the two schemes are inherently linked and are so from their conception of the Alsop glass pie in the sky. Also note all the usual suspects...a handful are there doing the damage. Mike Storey was a trustee of NML as was the Chairman of the NWDA as was the Chairman of English Heritage as was Loyd Grossman.
16 Nov 2004
Museum of Liverpool waterfront development takes a step forward
Proposals for a new Museum of Liverpool on the waterfront have takenástepátowards realisation. á
The Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA)áhas announced £2.5 million towards project development costs for the Mann Island site, Liverpool, subject to match funding from Objective One.
The NWDA Board has endorsed the strategy to develop this key waterfront site as a major new visitor destination. The strategy proposes outline plans for the site which include the development of a new Museum of Liverpool, extension of the Leeds – Liverpool Canal, and public realm/ open space.
The funding will contribute to costs incurred in developing all aspects of the proposal for the site. A full appraisal of the proposal will be undertaken by May 2005 to ensure all key objectives and outputs can be met. Key considerations in the appraisal will be value for money and deliverability, alongside a full risk assessment of the project.
National Museums Liverpool willácontinue to work with all key partners – NWDA, Liverpool Vision, National Museums Liverpool, and Liverpool City Council on the development of the site proposals.
David McDonnell, Chairman of National Museums, Liverpool said:
“We are excited about the real prospects now for the development of the Mann Island site. The NWDA Board decision means that we can now work towards making a spectacular contribution to Liverpool's renaissance and the region's cultural and tourism economy.”
Steven Broomhead, Chief Executive of the NWDA said:
“The decision by the public sector partners in July not to proceed with the Fourth Grace project provided an opportunity to take a fresh look at development options for the Mann Island site. Today’s announcement is an important step forward. The Agency is pleased to provide £2.5 million, subject to Objective One support, to allow proposals for the Mann Island site to be further developed. However, there is still a lot of work to do, the proposals must be able to prove beyond doubt that the project can be delivered on time and to budget, delivering a unique and inspiring visitor attraction with regional economic benefits.”
NWDA approve proposals for Mann Island
08 Jul 2005
£32.7 million pounds provided for Museum of Liverpool
The Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) is pleased to announce approval of plans for the development of the Mann Island site, Liverpool, one of the most important sites on the waterfront and at the core of the World Heritage Site.
Following a full appraisal of the proposals put forward, the NWDA Board has endorsed plans for the site, which include a new Museum of Liverpool, extension of the Leeds – Liverpool Canal, a mixed-use development incorporating enclosed public realm areas and new open space around a canal basin.
Funding of £32.7 million will be provided to National Museums Liverpool for the development of the Museum of Liverpool, and a further £7.57 million for the canal link. The museum will provide a unique, world-class cultural facility within an architecturally striking building, while the canal comprises the construction of a new 2 km section from the central docks, across Pier Head to the Albert Dock and will provide a significant boost to existing visitor numbers.
NWDA funding is subject to government approval and support from other partners.
Steven Broomhead, Chief Executive of the NWDA said:
“Mann Island is a key waterfront site, providing a gateway from the waterfront to the City centre. After a full appraisal of the proposals for the area, I am now confident that the site will become a major new world class visitor destination, contributing to the economic development and regeneration of Liverpool, Merseyside and the Northwest region as a whole.”
David Fleming, Director of National Museums Liverpool said:
“This is an amazing boost for the city and the region and it signals take off for European Capital of Culture in 2008. We are delighted that NWDA have demonstrated such foresight in supporting the Museum of Liverpool and that they are confident that we can deliver a world-class visitor attraction as a legacy to 2008.”
Liverpool Vision Chief Executive, Jim Gill said:
“The creation of a new destination at Mann Island is an integral part of the overall strategy for the City Centre Waterfront.
We welcome the news that NWDA has approved its funding for the Museum of Liverpool and Canal projects.á It means we have the opportunity to bring forward a series of linked complementary attractions from Princes Dock to Kings Waterfront which will attract and inspire local people and visitors alike.”
Cllr Mike Storey, Leader of Liverpool City Council, said
“This is one of the most important sites, not just in Liverpool, but in the region. We are looking for a development in keeping with a World Heritage Site and one of the most well-known waterfronts the world. Today's decision moves that ambition forward significantly.”

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