Monday, 20 July 2009

Roscoe House 27 Rodney Street-Urban Cheek

pic Urban Chic
This is a new Hotel operating in the Historic Rodney Street without planning permission.
IS THIS URBAN CHEEK? I HOPE NOTHING HAPPENS HERE THAT WOULD PUT THE PEOPLE BOOKING ROOMS AT RISK. But what if it did and the insurers say no there is no planning permission.Where would that leave them?
This is our recent correspondence with the planners. members of DLIB.
Sent today
Mr Ridland the current application is for "to continue to use additional hotel rooms".
I wish to make you aware that the recent use of this building as a hotel could be termed illegal as you are more than aware. Anyone.....cannot just set up a hotel when they like or convert a premises into apartments as they so wish when they wish. And that this matter should not be treated in such a flippant manner as you are doing.
The hotel is a recent addition and it may have been used as serviced apartments. These rooms are booked on the internet. It was previously converted to apartments allegedly without a planning permission.
The building requires a full application if it is to be a hotel not a application that rewards the applicant for treating the planning system with contempt.
I look forward to hearing from you with a full report on how and why you are treating this application in such a strange manner which may be open to considered a disregard for planning legislation by the planning department and how you will be able to correct this application to the same status that any other applicant would have to make.
Wayne Colquhoun
Copy to Nigel Lee, Louise Ellman MP and Councillor Steve Mumby
In a message dated 20/07/2009 10:57:38 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Dear Mr Colquhoun,

You are correct in your understanding that planning permission has never been granted for a hotel at these premises. Indeed, there is absolutely no planning history relating to this application site. The existing hotel and consulting rooms must benefit from a long-established historic use, i.e. they have been in this use for a continuous 10-year period. Irrespective of this fact, the current application applies for all floor levels to be used for a total of 15 no. hotel bedrooms.I trust this is of assistance.Regards,

Chris Ridland

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Sent: 17 July 2009 13:14
To: Ridland, Chris
Subject: 27 Roscoe Street

Mr Ridland

no 27 Rodney street Roscoe house

09F/1307 Applicant Urban Chic. To continue to use additional rooms within the premises as hotel in association with the existing hotel.My understanding is that there may not be an existing planning permission for a hotelDo you know anything about a previous planning permission for a hotel and if so can you give me the application number and when it was passed

Wayne Colquhoun LPT

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