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Milton Keynes-On-Sea. We Are Rumbled.

Here is a blog from a site called Bad British Architecture.

The View of Princes Dock that Captain Nick Nash talked about from the bridge of the Crown Princess. Why would you do this in a WHS?
How dare someone from out of the city have a swipe at the modern buildings we are putting up in Milton Keynes-On-Sea......err Liverpool.
Well it seems we have been well and truly rumbled with this carbuncle and it only opened last week. The Beatles museum was an afterthought and there it is right on the Pier Head. Next time Gerry takes a Ferry surely he will be Seasick Steve when he sees what they have done to the Pier Head. Here is the planning history.
Lady Dorian Gray passed the plans, the Doyenne of Disaster pretended that she was forced to do so. She nearly had me crying...with laughter what a joke. Steve Hurst the criminal who is mates and being supported by Warren Bradley, was on the committee. They tried to stop me objecting in a disgraceful manner playing Spivs-R-Us with planning laws. Caroline Innes covered the meeting and Larry Neild the then city editor of the Daily Ghost said "Caroline doesnt know any of them its her first meeting and she come back in to the office and said what a disgraceful and disgusting bunch of people" (the committee). Not my words.
The Captain of the Floating Palace the Crown Princess stood on the deck and was asked what makes the trip to Liverpool special.
What he really said was, "It is wonderful to steam up the Mersey and see the fantastic Liver buildings, the new terminal is great, The Three Graces are what makes Liverpool .....I don't know what they have done here though" pointing to Princes dock "Why would build such rubbish next to a world heritage site that is just an ugly eyesore, how can they get away with that" see yesterdays post aparrently he is contradicting what Warren Bradley said HRH said to him.
We are now well and truly rumbled and the City Council acting as Spivs-R-Us promised us Regeneration and they have give us the slums of the future on Princess Dock and filled it in, yes the jerks filled it in. The only development I had supported in the world heritage site was the proposals to build foating homes on Princes Dock and they refused it. Afterwards I realised why...because its ony 2ft deep. And now apparently the Ferry Terminal isn't very good either, some say. I wonder what those at BBA will make of Three Ugly Sisters at Mann Island and the White Elephant museum.
Here is one we did earlier.

Bad British Architecture blog
Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hmm, I wonder what they've been putting in the tea at Hamilton Architects? The practice has what you might euphemistically describe as a 'mixed' portfolio, ranging from fugly Georgiana to a plasticky hospital. But here they were clearly given a bit of a budget, and decided to give free reign to their frustrated avant-gardism. It riffs on the new (and nearby) Museum of Liverpool by 3XN, with a stone-clad slightly angular form. they've then gone ahead and made some hideously ill-considered glazed cut outs that collide horribly with the already deeply questionable geometry. This building is what happens when a bad architect reads a few too many architecture magazines, and think that doing shapes is a good idea. The result is this anti-context, anti-scale, uncivilised building, exuding a staggering lack of decorum on the benighted World Heritage Site that is Liverpool's waterfront. When shit practices do shapes, it also reveals the absolute stupidity and rampant subjectivity of architecture today. This was the winner of an international competition - the jury probably thought they were getting a B-team Libeskind or something. Liverpool people will be relieved to hear that the programme of this building is an absolutely essential addition to the city's cultural landscape - a second Beatles Museum. The museum promises a "magical journey through the music of the Beatles, complete with motion, sound and water". Sounds like a museological f**king revolution. According to the architect, the building has become popular with 'photographers' because of its 'quirky' 'angles'. Unfortunately, as you can see from the photos above, it has become popular with really sh*t photographers, who barely know how to hold their cameras up straight.

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Will said...
It's like the 2012 Olympics logo had a fling with some of David Chipperfield's less inspired work, and this is the unwanted child.
01 July 2009 17:53
Jordan Lloyd said...
F**k me, that *is* awful.
01 July 2009 19:26
Bingethink said...
I quite like it...
01 July 2009 19:55
Nemesis said...
Wayne will love that!
01 July 2009 21:19
Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...
By Jove, you have highlighted some sh*te! It is reassuring to see that Liverpool is not the only place under seige from the Defocation School of Architecture. Hideous and abominable as some of these developments are, I think you have to go a long way to beat Liverpool 1 Park Gone West Apartments which as I prove were actually based on a toilet product. (if you skip through the rest of my ramblings)
02 July 2009 00:58

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