Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Warren Bradley-You Are Not Very Clever

Did Prince Charles really say to Warren Bradley this is worthy of a WHS.

Not many people ever leave a comment on Dave Bartletts blog but this one seems to have kicked up a fuss.
pic Milton Keynes-On-Sea He mischievously posted it after a report by...guess who, Alan Weston.
Warren Bradley says during a conversation with Prince Charles "What do you think of the Waterfront" and Charles say "Hey its great what you are doing there in Liverpool it looks marvelous". I think not.
I think it looks like another load of tosh spin from someone who wouldn't know a decent building if it fell on him. While he is driving round in his appliance putting fires out in historic buildings does he not see the dereliction in Toxteth. The Georgian buildings such as The Wellington Rooms still in a perilous state.

The Daily Post recently ran article on the developments at Mann island which was a fair and balanced one. How can you get a balanced view by going and finding the only three people in the city who support something. Its like making a balanced argument over the Third Reich...well not quite but you know what I mean. Can a argument ever be fair when the answer is already made by the people putting the view forward?

Here is a old debate on the BBC that I took part in with the Barons views.
Bradley is mates and fellow Fire Bobby with Burst Hurst
As planning committee member Hurst passed most of the eyesores that now make us look like Milton Keynes-on-Sea.
Here is Larry Neild take on the Bradley/Hust affair

Larry used to have views on a lot of things relating to Liverpool's Heritage and ran several articles about the loss of views and WHS status and the need to preserve our past.
What are his views now he works for October Communications who have been employed by the City Council, NWDA, Neptune developments and were the company who first sold us down the river with the competition for the Will Alsop "Glass Pie in the Sky" Cloud?

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