Monday, 29 June 2009

David Fleming Srikes Again, will someone put him out of our misery.

This is no storm in a teacup. It is another piece of our culture at stake.

3000 members of The Northern Ceramics Society are up in arms at the proposals to put the collection of Liverpool Pottery, currently, in the Maritime Museum at the Albert Dock in permanent storage. Yes ....permanent storage we all know what that means. Worse still it is to make way for…. a café, yes a café, this is another misguided attempt to rob us Liverpudlian's of our heritage and blame us for the slave trade by the Fuzzy Felt knob at NML Dr David Fleming.
A few people have said that I have been a bit hard on David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming to which I am of the opinion that I have not been hard enough, he is a walking disaster a nightmare a public relations car crash. I forgot more about Liverpool's Culture last week than he will ever know.
This man is single-handedly destroying my culture and turning Liverpool museums into something that resembles the "Wacky Warehouses" where kids run around all over the place with ice cream, screaming and shouting. The sort of place you don’t want to go to anymore. Sudley Art Gallery used to be great, he ruined that. It is now called Sadly Art Gallery locally.
I attended an excellent study day a decade ago about Liverpool pottery and this was linked in to the permanent exhibition in the Walker, which was the history of Liverpool Pottery.
This was then moved out of the Walker and watered down to all those pots with ships on, and was sent to the Maritime Museum, that was bad enough but now to ditch this, is a absolute outrageous act of uneducated nonsense by someone who it has been said should not be running my museums because he is a dimwit. Yes a dimwit without education in the finer things in life, this little "tin pot" dictator understands is bums on seats.
Can't someone put him out of our misery he is a carpet-bagging net-worker, a disaster wanting to make us all pay for the slave trade when it was nothing to do with me. I don't have to pay for it all my ancestors are from Scotland anyhow.
The NCS were instrumental in bringing to the fore, our ceramic heritage. Volunteers who have a passion for what they do, educated collectors, whose advice has been sought in building up the collections.
Painstaking attention to detail, out on digs in all weathers, in their own time finding the original sites where kilns were, showing us our own heritage, our Georgian heritage, working with the museums under the previous director. And now the tin-pot Fleming does them in with a stroke of his pen, just like he did with the Friends of Liverpool Museums. How can you do this how can a stupid act of getting rid of something as important as our local pottery be replaced by chairs for a café. He hasn’t got a clue.
The public bequeathed this whole collection and the public servants need to understand that they work for us not for themselves.
“We can’t trust this guy” one elderly gentleman said talking about Fleming.
A client of mine, a avid Liverpool collector said to me “He is a b*st*rd” such is the depth of ill feeling towards him.
Someone need to carry the coffee can for this, there is already five times the amount of Liverpool Pottery in storage as is on display at present. Huge collections are on display in some of the top American museums and we wont have any.
Along with Herculaneum whose factory was at Herculaneum Dock there was Gilbody, Pennington, Richard Chaffers and Co, Philip Christian and more. I want to know about this stuff it’s my history…. this nutter running my museums has to go he is a disaster.


  1. Mr Fleming has opened more coffee shops than Starbuck's. Shouldn't he be their director rather than NML's ? He could use the Herculaneum cups which he has taken from the museum....

  2. That pic says it all, but Bad British Architecture blog is good today!