Thursday, 18 June 2009

Chavasse Park a Monument to Greed

Rod Holmes came in my shop today.
I left him very wound up last time I spoke with him. The usual calm and collective Rodney who pulled the whole scheme together for the Duke of Grosvenor-pool and Westminster was annoyed with me. I had dared to state that the project was like a Trafford Park in the city without a roof on. He went for it “Well that’s just your opinion” he said he got very agitated at one time.
Florence Gersten and I were objectors to the absolutely horrendous Cesar Pelli tower on Chavasse Park in the buffer zone. He had been very worried, we having brought Unesco into Liverpool for a reactive monitoring mission had complained to the Chief Planning officer that they had started work without planning consent. Subsequently a planning committee approval was sought in no time at all. Lady Dorian Jones vacated the chair because she knew the applicant. She had recently publicly stated how she had such a wonderful time at the Duke of Westminster’s daughters wedding…. er hang on the chair of the planning committee who Warren Bradley the council leader stated publicly had mentored him, whose address came up as CH4 9DG, which is on the Dukes Estate curious.
David” I don’t live in Liverpool” Irving the deputy chair passed it while the convicted Councillor Hurst tried to agitate me to put me off. They already had it passed in my opinion and now we have something resembling Widnes Tech on the Liverpool skyline. Rodney was back to his usual calm self today and I did not wind him. His wife had told him about my shop, not sure if he knew it was me who runs it, as he may not have come in.
I had listened to a Radio 4 programme today about the recession and the subsequent empty shops. The presenter was in Chester while the interviewees were claiming a lot of people had gone shopping to Liverpool 1 hitting the town hard. So the Duke of Westminster who has a vast estate, just outside Chester, has helped kill the town because he built Liverpool 1. How strange is that, is that like shooting yourself in the foot or what?
Image 1 The building completed. Image 2 under construction showing its placement in the WHS. Image 3 from the Albert Dock the biggest conglomeration of Grade I listed buildings in the country.
Rod is now chair of Mersey Partnerships. He was mopping beads of sweat last time I was speaking to him calling us the Heritage People “Well we tried to engage everybody”. He said and I stopped him and said “Mr Holmes why do you look at those who love their city as enemies".

He stopped and paused “ Sometimes Mr Holmes your enemies are your best friends in disguise, they are the ones that tell you the truth” I proclaimed.
I wish him well in his new job but we need to keep an eye on Peel Holdings who have far too much power.
The flats at Chavasse Park that we and others objected to, have been reduced again to 90k because they have not sold. They will also give you 5k of furniture free that’s a minimum of 20% down in the year since they went on the market. The potential buyers reneged, so they have not sold. The reality is that if Grosvener and the council Spivs who pushed it through increasing its height from 12 Storeys on the master plan to 17 storeys had of listened they would not have had an empty block and an eyesore in the World Heritage Site, that we will have to live with forever, or until it falls down in 30 years. Sometimes people don’t listen.
Captain Chavasse will be turning in his grave with this as monument to his sacrifice.

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