Wednesday, 3 June 2009

What Hope!

Hahnermann House.
A colleague of ours Simon Taylor who is an active member of the Georgian Group and is restoring some property in the Georgian Quarter has a keen eye on the area. The Georgians who have a active patron H.R.H Prince Charles and recently did a major survey of the state of Liverpool’s Architectural Georgiana (see The Georgian, Issue 1 2008, see our link section). Simon recently complained to the Riechmarshal Nigel Lee about the 2 weeks consultation period for plans no (RE: Hahnemann Building / 58 Hope Street, L1 - Planning and Listed Building Applications (09F/0932 & 09L/0933) . They the council admitted that they had put an advert in the Merseymart too late, Hmm, and not given adequate time to the public, Hmm, whats new there. They have subsequently extended the deadline for objections to the 19th of June. They, the council with Chris Ridland as case officer have been working with the developers for 3 years and the public get 14 days, something wrong there.
The offensive part of the original plans where a massive monolithic extension on the back, not in keeping with...well anything really.

So it gives all the Councillor Steve Mumby's of this world the chance to get some publicity for objecting to plans for the trendy Hope Street. We will also have to put up with another load of waffle from Hilary Burridge of the pathetic Merseyside Civic Society. She, in my opinion, never leaves the street and only complains about anything in Hope Street while she is in her own words Honorary Campaign manager for her shyness the “Dame of Dereliction” Louise Ellman whose constituancy this is in.
If you have anything to say folks get down to the planners and look at the plans first, no point in moaning after the event.

We at the LPT made an application to have this building listed and as such we feel we have saved it from what would have been a disaster. We had to bypass the local English Heretics because we consider them not fit for purpose and Henry Owen-John their regional development Director is more interested in sucking up to developers than protecting the historic fabric of the city like he should. It was the case that it was of architectural merit that the national office listed it, right under the noses of the Local office and Mr Mannering and Co at the local conservation(sic)office. I felt that there were too many links from the City Council to local developers and this is a case where I believe rules were being bent to accommodate the Developer Maghull. Mike Hanlon recently thanked me, shaking my hand, he said, “You have done us a favour we are glad it’s listed”, Oh yeah that’s not what Mr Maghull was saying last year. Mr Maghoul now lives in Hope street, no its not in a coffin in St James cemetery and he doesn’t only come out at night, as has been suggested, its in a neat Georgian house. He has recently joined the Georgian group. It seems he is a reformed character. Josephine Butler house still stands as a reminder to his wicked ways.
He recently got broken into, I thought it was Phil Coppel the tour guide he said publicly he would bury in the foundations of JB House but prominent lawyer Reximillions Makinitup told me that he alleged that some-one allegedly told him that it was alleged that some-one was allegedly seen running away and it looked like Hilary Porridge wielding an alleged sharp instrument and that she may have been trying, allegedly to get her own back…...well they said it looked like Nosferatu the Vampire but you cant kid me. Anyway he was not at home. A note was left saying welcome to Hope Street Mr Magool. Sinister!

I don’t think this scheme will happen myself there are far too many hotels in Liverpool now and the market is taking a dive and in the meantime Maghoul are going to rent it out as offices.
Will these plans now finally be passed now that Baron Wadley's mate fellow fireman the burst Hurst is not on the planning committee. Will David "am I bovvered" Irving finally get his way. The original application, I advised him at the "switched" planning committee meeting at the Cockerel Rooms at St Georges Hall did not have listed building consent application with it. He had to refuse it, or was it defer. And why was there an unprecedented case of lumping four planning applications in as one whole planning application thus confusing most of the many objectors, ten of who turned up late as they had been waiting outside the town hall, the usual planning committee meeting place. Its not Cricket. Its like the planners make their own game up.

pic courtesy the Proffessor

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