Friday, 26 June 2009

Liverpool City Council-Criminals-R-Us

Liverpool City Council leader Warren Bradley facing Liberal Democrat rebellion.
Jun 26 2009 by Marc Waddington, Liverpool Daily Post

LIVERPOOL Council leader Warren Bradley was last night facing a rebellion from within his own benches over his continued support for convicted councillor Steve Hurst.
Members privately say they are deeply troubled that the local party rules – which appear to forbid anyone convicted under the Representation of the People Act to seek nomination – could be disregarded in order to let Cllr Hurst stand again.
Wavertree Cllr Hurst was last year convicted of breaking election law under the Act after being caught distributing leaflets smearing a Labour rival and her husband.
The judge said at the end of an appeal that Cllr Hurst had been responsible for “dirty tactics of the worst kind”, but city leader Cllr Bradley has stuck by him throughout, to the dismay of some members.
Now, ahead of a Labour motion on July 8 calling on Cllr Hurst to resign from his seat, several senior Lib-Dem sources say there is a strong chance some will abstain from voting to avoid being whipped into supporting Cllr Hurst.
The issue is gaining importance as the Lib-Dems currently have a wafer-thin majority of one, and just a couple of defections could see the party lose power in Liver-pool for the first time in 11 years.
Cllr Hurst’s term of office comes to an end next year in the safe Wavertree seat.
Some party colleagues fear the ongoing scandal could affect their chances of re-election.
The Daily Post has obtained a copy of a candidate application form sent out ahead of the selection of candidates for the 2010 elections.
The form states that “people who have been guilty of corrupt or illegal practices under the Representation of the People Act are disqualified from being a candidate”.
A spokesman from the party’s national office said: “Cllr Hurst declared his conviction to his local party in line with their standard approval procedures and has been re-approved for selection by his local party.”
This statement appears to contradict the candidate form, but the national office said it could not get further involved unless it received a complaint from a member of the public or a Lib-Dem party member.
Last night Cllr Bradley declined to comment and said it was an internal party matter.
Senior Lib-Dems told the Daily Post Cllr Bradley’s support for Cllr Hurst had “split the party from top to bottom” and it could cost the party control of the council at next year’s local elections.
One member said: “I was going to say in a way I feel sorry for Steve but actually, I don’t. He is no friend of mine. But he was Warren’s best mate and that’s the ticket to power and influence.”
Another said: “He has got a criminal record. It shows a total lack of judgement on the leader’s part.”
The Daily Post understands that prior to an earlier Labour no confidence vote, efforts were made to locate Cllr Stuart Monkcom – on holiday in Guernsey at the time –with a view to even flying him back for the vote.
When asked about his position on the matter, Cllr Monkcom said that it would have been “incongruous” for him to take part in such a vote as he was a member of the city council’s standards committee.
Lib-Dem Cllr Roger Johnston was picked up and returned by taxi to the Royal Hospital to be able to take part in the recent vote.
Cllr Johnson dismissed sugges-tions he had been forced to attend, but said he felt “the rules were quite clear” about whether Cllr Hurst is allowed to stand again.
Last night Cllr Joe Anderson, Labour leader, said: “If a convicted criminal is allowed to get away with it, it will be a slap in the face to the legal system.
“I know there are decent Lib-Dem councillors and I hope they will back our motion.”
In May the Daily Post revea-led how campaigning grand-mother Elizabeth Pascoe is planning to stand in 2010’s elections against Cllr Hurst.
Ms Pascoe, who has battled against Edge Lane regeneration, said she wanted to take a stand against the Lib-Dems’ decision to allow him to remain part of the group and appoint him to a £5,675 position on Merseytravel’s board.
At the time Cllr Bradley said: “I am sure Steve will be re-elected for Wavertree next year.”

WHAT A DICK YOU ARE MR BRADLEY. Check out his website. He has gone mad.

Once after my interview on BBC Northwest talking about my disgust for the proposals at the Pier Head, he, next on said "Liverpool has always had controversy, there was a lot of controversy when they built the Liver Buildings 800 years ago".
I should YouTube it.

Wayne Colquhoun

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