Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Louise Ellman MP, Why Wont You Answer Expenses Queries?.

I thought the days of arrogant politicians pulling the wool over our eyes in the current wake of the allegations to what the Thieving Bar-Stewards MPs have been up to it would bring about a new transparency.
The need for the public right to know whether their MP or a Peer has been bunged or not has never been questioned before, they appeared above that.
In my opinion, It is not just about expense claims it is about the side plate that goes with the Sunday feast.

I wrote to Louise Ellman on the 15th May and requested detailing of where her expenses could be found.
She then published a sample which included a claim of 64p for a Biro (you wouldn't would you) and details that, we the public, have paid for her toaster and a load of other stuff as part of the Westminster gravy train. It was later revealed that she claimed for a set of leatherette chairs.
She has refused to answer all my requests for further information she even had the arrogant cheek to ask me where I lived to see if I was entitled to ask her questions. Madam this is why we are in this mess you MPs think we are plebeians, and we pay your wages.
I have lived in her constituency but on the matter of principle I advised her that operating a business for 13 years in her kingdom is enough for me and not to be so impertinent.
I knew she would be pedantic so I then decided to write to Gordon Brown and as yet I have not had a reply from him but yesterday I received a e-mail from the "Dame of Dereliction" Ms Ellman saying basically, stuff you, if you want to know about my details, its a FOI request.
This is tactics in my opinion, as that would take months. I replied.

I consider you are being rather pedantic and may I say arrogant to consider you do not have to explain questions raised in relation to your expenses to those who live and work in your constituency.
I consider I have made a reasonable request.
While most of my requested information may or may not be available elsewhere it is, in my opinion not for you to choose what you declare, as that was not part of my request for information which was clear and concise.
With this sort of attitude I consider that my course of action to contact the Prime Minister direct was the correct one.
I am sure his office will be contacting you shortly.
I would also advise you that it looks as if you are being deliberately difficult especially with the refusal to answer questions to those who you think may not live within your Riverside constituency.
I will give you a further opportunity to supply me with the requested information within the allocated time.

Wayne Colquhoun


It seems to me that whenever there is a problem with Liverpool's Heritage it is generally in her kingdom which includes the WHS.
If I recall she was on the Board of Liverpool Vision who muted the ideas that destroyed the WHS and if I am not mistaken I recall she was on the committee of the NWDA who funded the museum and the black granite monsters the "Three Grotesques" along with all the other ill thought out plans that was to be Liverpool's Renaissance, y'know we had architecture to rival Paladio and they give us Puff Daddio.
When I recently attended a meeting in St James Church where she was present I noted it was organised by Livserve Ltd. Bryan Gray is the Chairman of the NWDA he was also a trustee of NML as was Mike "Jackanory" Storey. Both Gray and Ellman were directors of LivServe and as such they want to dig up 3,000 bodies and develop the land.
It seems we have been fighting for years, so much of her inability to identify problems....or is it.

These are my questions raised and it is now with the Prime Minister, I am not even saying she has done anything wrong I just want to know as I pay my taxes and rates and she represents my area.
My original request to which she has refused to answer is;

1. Details of where I can find, or a copy of your expenses for the past 5 years with details of any directorships you have whether paid or unpaid.
2.I also would ask you for any details of any payments in kind made to you or by you in the same period.
3.Any payments made to any members of your family.
4. A total of your income for that period.
5. Your Register of Interests for the same period.

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