Monday, 1 June 2009

Harlech Castle at risk from Developers.

I was in Harlech this weekend we had a place right in the shadow of the Castle, A beautiful summer day, the beach is amazing it will not get much better than this historical site on a sunny day.
I keep on thinking of buying a place but always remember the saying put forward by the Sons of Glyndwr "Come home to a real fire, Buy a cottage in Wales" ........and think maybe not.

I sat having my full English in the Castle shadows on the Sunday and I said to the lady running the place.
“Wow you must feel so lucky living and working here it’s amazing it’s unspoilt”.
“What! she said they are about to destroy it”
“Yes the ex council leader has got in with a few dodgy people and they have decided to wack the land out and it started with an idea for Castle museum and visitors centre as big as the Castle built out of Italian marble, they passed the plans Xmas week, no-one knew about them, then to pay for it they said we will have to build offices and flats and they came up with this scheme to build three 25 storey black blocks of flats clad in black Welsh slate and covering the height of the medieval structure that has been standing untouched since 1283taking out the best views from the road below".
“No, they can’t do that I said as my sausage dropped off my fork into my egg yolk splashing my clean t-shirt”.
“Wait it gets worse then they are putting a choir terminal the other side, a modern structure, with the finish of limestone tiles the same as you have in the bathroom that I got from the Tile Depot. This is all because of the famous song featured in the Zulu film with Michael Caine “Men of Harlech” and they are going to do a display with Zulu shields and old spears and those white helmets”.
“Thats tacky” I said
“Tell me about, it I am selling up. I made the decision when they then decided to build a Tesco on the golf course at the foot of the hill and then I found out there are rumours for a half a billion pounds concrete shopping centre funded by the Duchy of Cholemendy who knows the ex-council leader because he lives on his estate”.
“No, it cant be done they will then open the whole of the beach open to developers and they will crawl all over it building flats it will look like Marbella in 10 years”
“They said it was going to be the Welsh New York, they are calling it the Welsh Loin coining in on our biggest industry, I have contacted my MPs and the Prime Minister no-one wants to know”
“It’s a disaster I declared, you can’t be serious, and it will be a architectural crime it will make you a laughing stock”
She looked at me with a mischievous smile “Only kidding ya, they wouldn’t do something as stupid as that, we even have to match our windows to keep the town together historically, The Castle its our best asset for our future, its our pride, it puts us on the map, it means everything to us the people, we wouldn’t let them do it……….Besides it’s a World Heritage Site, they cant.”

“Where do you live” she added

"Liverpool"................. I didn’t finish my breakfast.

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