Monday, 31 October 2011

David Bartlett-Daily Post, Keeping His Eye On Unesco Monitoring Mission Developments.

Christmas D-day for Liverpool’s World Heritage Site verdict

LIVERPOOL will discover whether Unesco inspectors believe the city should be stripped of its World Heritage Site status by Christmas.
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Unesco is sending a monitoring mission to Liverpool because it is concerned about the impact of Peel Holdings’ £5.5bn Liverpool Waters skyscraper scheme to regenerate the city’s northern docklands.
It has warned the city could lose its World Heritage status if the project is given planning permission. It has now been confirmed the three-day mission will arrive on Monday, November 14.
According to the terms of reference, the mission will report its findings by December 23 at the latest.
Last night heritage campaigner Wayne Colquhoun, who was instrumental in persuading Unesco to send its inspectors, said he hoped they would not repeat “past mistakes”.
The inspectors being sent are Ron van Oers and Patricia Alberth from Unesco – the body which runs World Heritage Sites(WHS) – and Mr Giancarlo Barbato, an Italian Conservation Architect from ICOMOS, the International Committee on Monuments and Statues.
Mr van Oers was a member of a similar mission that visited Liverpool in 2006 and decided the WHS was not compromised by new developments at the city’s Pier Head which included the three granite blocks, which are now nearing completion.
Mr Colquhoun said: “I am afraid they put a blindfold on him because of what Unesco then allowed to be done to the central core of the World Heritage Site at the Pier Head – the very symbol of Liverpool – has been an architectural disaster.
“The last time I gave as much respect as I could to the monitoring mission and they let us down badly.
“I would like this monitoring mission to give Liverpool advice on how to protect and enhance the World Heritage Site with sustainable development. “The reason they are here is because we persuaded them it is a matter of urgency.” He said he was concerned the inspectors would be “sweet talked” by the city council and Peel Holdings.
Mr Colquhoun insisted he is not against developing the northern docklands but insists the proposals are not in keeping with Liverpool’s built environment.

He also made it clear he does not want Liverpool to lose its WHS but wants to see it better managed.
“I am in favour of developing the area but with a sustainable development like in Amsterdam that builds development around its waterways in a humane manner.”
The terms of reference state that the mission will assess the overall state of conservation and factors affecting the outstanding universal value of Liverpool’s WHS.
It will have “particular regard” to the proposed development of Liverpool Waters with its dense, high and mid-rise buildings.
The inspectors will also examine progress that has been made since the 2006 Unesco mission and the city’s overall development strategies, “existing planning procedures and management systems and their effectiveness for the property and its setting”.
The findings of the mission will be reported to the World Heritage Centre by December 23 at the latest in the report not exceeding 10 pages.
Liverpool has delayed making a decision on Peel’s planning application until after the visit.
Earlier this week the Daily Post revealed a campaign committee has been set up, by Liverpool council and Peel Holdings, to persuade Unesco officials not to strip Liverpool of its World Heritage Site status.

David Bartlett front pages todays news and it is re-assuring to note that the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo are, now, maybe, interested in creating a fair debate around the Unesco Monitoring Mission. 
Thats all we have ever asked and lets hope it continues, in the interests of an equality of arms, against the might of PR companies with vested interests that the likes of Peel Holdings can employ. 
And lets not forget the City Council are compliant to the extreme with Peel Holdings vision to create Shanghai-On-Mersey, without giving the citizens of the city.......their say.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Frank McKenna, Representing Peel Holdings-Wants Liverpool World Heritage Status Scrapped.

Peel Holdings have joined the organisation that McKenna runs, Downtown Liverpool In Business

LIVERPOOL should relinquish its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site if it becomes a barrier to future regeneration plans, says business lobbying group Downtown Liverpool in Business (DLIB).

Unesco's World Heritage Committee is set to review Liverpool waterfront's status at its annual meeting in Paris next week in the light of recent schemes such as Neptune Developments' Mann Island and property giant Peel's proposals for its Liverpool Waters scheme - both of which have come under criticism from heritage organisations.
However, Frank McKenna of DLIB argues that the city’s future prosperity must take precedence over its illustrious past and that the status should not be used a tool to frustrate developments such as Peel's 14hectare, £5.5bn Liverpool Waters scheme.

He said: “I think it is right that we celebrate the past, but we should not live in it. Liverpool’s waterfront, and the Three Graces in particular, are world famous already without the UNESCO accreditation and we don’t need that badge to attract people to the city.

“It would be a tragedy for Liverpool’s economic future if the area recently designated as an Enterprise Zone were to be stymied because of a status that brings little to Liverpool’s reputation or economy.
“It is not only the site itself that causes problems for developers; the so-called ‘buffer zone’ has hindered schemes as far up as the Ropewalks area. World Heritage Status is becoming a barrier to regeneration and it cannot go on.

“Liverpool needs growth, development and jobs. If UNESCO cannot accept that, then we should have no hesitation in handing back the status.”
Peel Group became a member of Downtown Liverpool In Business last month.

Last week, Peel Group's development director Lindsey Ashworth told that efforts to avoid a formal objection by English Heritage to the Liverpool Waters scheme had set the project back by around 12 months.
McKenna and his developer lobby group whose members include Peel Holdings hosted a business week and their keynote speaker was his friend Joe Anderson.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Liverpool Supplementary Planning Document-Its Law, Adopted by the U.K Government.

They can tell you all the rubbish they like about how they will persuade Unesco's reactive monitoring mission, but this Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is the reason that we escaped the wrath of Unesco's last monitoring making them empty promises of how we as a city will protect the Overall Universal Value of the WHS.
Its no point in Malcolm Kennedy, charged by Joe Anderson, the council leader, with Regeneration and Heritage, who appears to be seconded to Peel Holdings, who are planning to destroy the WHS with their plans for Shanghai-On-Mersey, telling us everything will be fine, it wont. Despite being employed by the citizens of Liverpool, Malcolm is now telling us how he will tell Unesco we will protect the WHS while setting out to destroy the OUV along with Peel Holdings. He is bluffing us with PR rubbish, the same as the Fib-Dems did before starting the job of WHS ruination.
Click the link to expand on the Supplementary Planning Document that we as a city adopted to secure the WH status, after the threats of removal. Unesco have said Peel Holdings Liverpool Waters planning application, if to be passed would destroy the Overall Universal Value of that World Heritage Site.

So lets break it down here is the SPD, its a long read but Unesco will do the work, I am sure.
Anyone commenting on Liverpools WHS needs to read this and that includes the local press.
Here is the sustainability section of the SPD.
Here is the section on public consultation in which the LPT are named as consultees to the preparation of the document as are the arch vandals Neptune Developments who decimated, along with Liverpool Museums, Liverpools WHS and its waterfront views.
This City Council can not be trusted.
This section is called an Assesment Screening Report.
The report was prepared by Atkins who have also drawn up a set of plans to fill in Wellington Dock

Malcolm's mugs at the council and its sub division of Peel Holdings can put their head in the sand all they like but the lawful planning document has been adopted, by the city council.
This is what Unesco actually said that the current plans for Liverpool Waters goes directly in conflict against the SPD.

118. Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City (United Kingdom) (C 1150)

Decision: 35 COM 7B.118
The World Heritage Committee,
1. Having examined Document WHC-11/35.COM/7B.Add,
2. Expresses its extreme concern at the proposed development of Liverpool Waters in terms of the potential impact of its dense, high and mid-rise buildings on the form and design of the historic docks and thus on the Outstanding Universal Value of the property;
3. Notes that the independent Impact Assessment commissioned by English Heritage clearly sets out the significantly damaging negative impact on the Outstanding Universal Value of the property;
Decisions report WHC-11/35.COM/20, p. 150
4. Also notes that the proposed development is not in compliance with the property
Management Plan nor with the Liverpool Urban Development Plan;
5. Urges the State Party to ensure that these proposals are not approved, as failure to do so could lead to consideration of loss of the Outstanding Universal Value of the property;
6. Requests the State Party to invite a joint World Heritage Centre/ICOMOS reactive monitoring mission, as soon as possible, to assess planning procedures and the overall development strategies for the property;
7. Also requests the State Party to submit to the World Heritage Centre, by 1 February 2012, an updated report on the state of conservation of the property and on the implementation of the above, examination by the World Heritage Committee at its 36th session in 2012.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Peel Holdings-Running Liverpool City Council

David Bartlett has been fed this article in todays paper by the city council and PeelHoldings

A CAMPAIGN committee has been set up to persuade Unesco officials not to strip Liverpool of its World Heritage Site status.

The committee is being run by Liverpool University’s Prof Ian Wray, who is former head of planning at the North West Development Agency.
The group, which has representatives from Peel Holdings and Liverpool council, is currently drawing up an itinerary for the visit of the Unesco “monitoring mission” being sent to assess the city’s world heritage site.
The visit has been delayed by a month and is now pencilled in for mid-November.
Unesco is concerned about the impact of Peel Holdings’ £5.5bn Liverpool Waters skyscraper scheme.
It has warned the city could lose its world heritage status if the project is given planning permission.
The monitoring mission will report back to the next annual meeting of Unesco’s committee, due to be held next summer.
Liverpool has delayed making a decision on Peel’s planning application until after the visit from the Unesco inspectors.
Ian Pollitt, senior development surveyor at Peel who is charge of Liverpool Waters, said: “We have set up a steering group with the city council and Ian Wray to plan the visit.

“At the moment we have been told the 14 -16 of November, and we are currently waiting for confirmation of that.”
He said the Unesco inspectors were not just coming to see the site for the planned Liverpool Waters development, but the whole of the World Heritage site.
He added: “They are coming here to see that the council is capable of policing the World Heritage Site. Cllr Malcolm Kennedy, cabinet member for regeneration and the city’s appointed heritage champion, said he was proud of the way Liverpool is working to protect the WHS.
“I think what people have to do is come with an open mind, and examine what Liverpool is doing to enhance and protect the World Heritage Site.
“The World Heritage Site is not just about the Waterfront. It’s about William Brown Street, the Rope Walks and other areas.” He pointed to the recent reinstallation of the gates to the former Sailors’ Home, copies of other elements from it in a special garden in Liverpool One and the launch of a campaign in August to get companies to display WHS branding.
“It shows that we are doing something positive after years of relative inactivity.
“For me it is about the need to get the true picture across when they come.”

How can you have the people doing the damage trying to save the WHS

Thursday, 20 October 2011

ALL SAINTS - CHILDWALL 30 Pieces of Silver.

Jonathon Wild who set up a website has sent me a copy of a letter he has obtained stating that there may be an appeal over the Liverpool City Council planning committee refusal of the right to dig up a load of dead bodies in All Saints Childwall, that the church should be respecting, and build a toilet block on the site. It beggars belief that the Bishop James Jones will now be fronting it.


Statement by the Parochial Church Council (PCC) of All Saints Church, Childwall.
Proposed development projects
Church Extension (The Rotunda)
You may well be aware that at a Liverpool City Council planning committee meeting held on 6th September 2011 All Saints planning application for the proposed extension to the church was turned down. Various reasons for the refusal were stated in the minutes of the meeting.
Since this meeting, All Saints’ has obtained professional advice from its consultants and has also been in communication with the Diocese. An extraordinary meeting of the PCC was held on 3rd October when a number of ways forward were explored and discussed. These included not proceeding further with any sort of proposal; submitting a revised scheme, which would mean starting all over again; or appealing the decision made by the City Council.
The PCC was advised that, in our consultant’s opinion, the decision to refuse planning permission was seriously flawed and an appeal on planning grounds would have a very realistic chance of success. Notwithstanding this, the PCC was also aware that there was still a requirement to go through the faculty process (as we need full church authority approval to proceed in any event) and that there would probably also be a need for a full Consistory
Court hearing held in front of the Chancellor to the Diocese. There would also, at some stage in the process, be a need to undertake some trial hole excavation work (by the Diocesan
Archaeologist) in the area of the churchyard affected between the church and the footpath running parallel to the church. This would solely be in an area of graves of ancient origin (i.e. prior to 1880 where we have no cross referencing of graves to burials).

To enable due process to take place the above series of actions could well take up to the end of 2012 to be concluded.
At the end of the PCC meeting held on 3rd October a UNANIMOUS decision was taken by the PCC to proceed with an appeal, having taken all known factors into consideration. All Saints’ would also submit a faculty application in connection with the proposed works.

The Bishop of Liverpool, James Jones, has agreed to be Patron of our development and is visiting the church on Sunday 29th January to officially launch our appeal for funding. This will obviously only be for the redevelopment of the Church Hall as it is not intended that we would commence fundraising for the extension to the church until after all the necessary approvals are in place. In the interim (i.e. between now and the end of 2012) all of our energies will be engaged on fundraising for the hall alterations and extensions, to enable the much needed additional facilities included within our plans for the hall to become a reality.
As far as the Rotunda is concerned an appeal with regard to the City Council’s refusal of planning permission and the separate submission of a faculty application to the church authorities will take place in due course.
This statement will be placed on All Saints’ official website today
16th October 2011

Judas and his chariot couldnt have done a more out of touch letter than this.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Art and Architecture-Its All Subjective. Liverpool Needs Unesco Help.

Can you spot a Carbuncle? Can Unesco? A Reactive Monitering Mission is currently being planned by Unesco through an invitation from the DCMS. This will review the situation regarding Liverpool and its lack of respect for its World Heritage Site. Remember it is not Liverpool City Council's job to protect the WHS, as they appear to be in bed with Peel Holdings, it is the UK Government as State Party. We are signed up to a WH Charter and to protect the WHS Unesco told the UK State Party that Liverpool needs to draw up provisions for protection of its key asset the WHS.  Click the link to expand on the Supplementary Planning Document that we as a city adopted to secure the WH status, after the threats of removal. Unesco have said Peel Holdings Liverpool Waters planning application, if to be passed would destroy the Overall Universal Value of that World Heritage Site.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wellington Dock To Be Filled In-Is There Any Hope For Liverpools World Heritage Site?

They filled in Trafalger Docks...... and now they want to fill in Wellington Docks for a Water Treatment Plant.
Wellington Docks was the site for the berthing of the 2008 Tall Ships event.
 This is the design review. Done by Atkins was it the same Atkins that prepared the SPD.

Liverpool Waste Water Treatment Extension at Wellington Dock

Designed by Atkins for United Utilities
Planning reference: 11F/1581
Reviewed (date of review): 12 September 2011While we understand the need of this facility for Liverpool, we acknowledge that the proposed plant sits in the buffer zone of the Liverpool World Heritage Site and affects the structure of the historic dock. In this instance, however, we concentrate our comments on the design of the building.
Building design
We find the approach to dealing with the dock wall and preserving the perception of the water interesting, but we suggest using a more robust material for the “water surface” that is more in line with the overall appearance of the building. In principle, the reduced design and the simple form of the building work well. The success of the scheme depends on good detailing and materials that are long-lasting, durable and easy to maintain, particularly bearing in mind the harsh maritime environment. We recommend that the client reassesses the choice of materials and perhaps replaces the Kingspan cladding with concrete. We feel that a single material would reinforce the strong, simple industrial appearance of the proposal. The artwork on the western elevation needs to be selected carefully to ensure that it is of high quality to last and look good. We would also like to point out that the recess between the dock wall and the building could easily turn into an unsightly rubbish trap if not constantly cleaned and maintained.

Liverpool was asked to put together a Supplementary Development Plan for Unesco.
pg 63, 64 and 65 deals with Dock Water Spaces. The last paragraph says It is considered inappropriate for existing water spaces within the docks that survive, within the buffer zone to be infilled.

History of the Site.  2008 Tall Ships event at the BBC.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

BBC Radio Merseyside Job Cuts-But who is Doing The Cutting. Is It Alison Hastings, David Flemings Wife?

National Museums Liverpool have written a collective letter to express support against the BBC cuts that are being made at Radio Merseyside and at local TV and Radio in general.
When you think that Dr David "Fuzzy Felt" Flemings, NML Directors, (known for a cut or three himself,)  wife, Alison Hastings is doing the cuts, isn't that a bit of a oxymoron.
She is also a member of the Press Complaints Commission etc, etc,etc
She is also Vice President of the British Board of Film Censors so she will be alright for films to be sent to her. Here is a full list of the BBC trustees

Alison Hastings must be the networker of the year.

Alison Hastings

National Trustee for England
Alison edited a large multi-edition metropolitan evening newspaper which, under her, won awards for campaigning and investigative journalism. She now works as a media consultant for organisations like the Press Complaints Commission and Camelot. Alison’s career as a regional journalist and her life in

Liverpool give her a valuable perspective on the interests of licence fee payers outside London and the South East, making her the ideal person to hold the role of National Trustee for
England. Her understanding of the pressures faced by the commercial media gives the BBC valuable insights into the wider industry that will help shape its role in supporting a vibrant creative sector in the UK.

BBC Trust responsibilities
• Chairman, Editorial Standards Committee
• Chairman, Audience Councils Committee
• Member, Audiences and Performance Committee
• Chairman, Audience Council (England) Current external positions
• Vice President, British Board of Film Classification
• Media Consultant
• Member, Society of Editors
• Local Governing Board member, Birkenhead High School Academy Previous external positions
• Member, Press Complaints Commission (1999 – 2002)
• Editor, Newcastle Evening Chronicle (1996 – 2002)

So we have old fuzzy face Fleming cutting jobs at Liverpool Museums and his wife doing the same at the BBC, can you imagine the conversation at the breakfast table.
"How many thousands of innocent hard working people are you going to sack today dear"

Friday, 7 October 2011

BBC Cuts-After They Spend A Billion Pounds On A Carbuncle.

I really don't want anyone to lose their jobs, but lets hope they start the cuts at the BBC, with the atrocious Bargain Hunt, then the Antique Road Trip, where a bunch of boring auctioneers travel round the country for two weeks to make a hundred quid profit each, but don't count the expenses in, which would be about a hundred quid a night for a hotel. They don't even count the petrol or any other expenses.  And then Flog it should go.........ahh Paul Martin he is so nice. Its cheap trash and we would all be better off without this jolly boys outing for a cheap diatribe. Its lazy work by the BBC.
But to spend 877 million quid and a further 100 million pounds in relocation costs to Salford Media City really is absurd.
The Guardian says today: Futuristic-looking or a giant carbuncle – depending on your point of view – the building on the banks of the canal will ultimately accommodate 3,300 staff including BBC Sport, BBC Children's and the BBC1 Breakfast programme.

It has come with a hefty price tag. Leased by the BBC from property and transport conglomerate the Peel Group, it will cost £877m over the next 20 years, with a further £90m spent on relocating staff and departments from London.
So what hope for Liverpools World Heritage Site when Peel Holdings have their Carbuncle Cup winning Media City in Salford endorsed by the BBC so effectively we paid for it.

Closer to home the local radio station will get cuts with programme sharing on a national scale.
Mick Ord told me recently during a meeting I had with him to complain about Liver Building Lies that were propagated by the BBC, that Roger Philips programme gets 80,000 listeners, not sure how they calculate it but it really does need a shake up, there in crusty-ville.
Rog is now well and truly part of the establishment. He would go to the opening of an envelope I told Mick. He knows everyone and never upsets his friends such as Phil Redmond.

The Liver Building Lies were meant as a cover for the new Museum of Liverpool, that came second in BD's Carbuncle Cup What a day out was had by all at the local media. Selling it to Joe, the public, and his mates dog, good job all round BBC, local Radio Merseyside, but did you tell the truth?
Some people may need the radio to sit there, listening, in their slippers, by the fire with a pipe, in a rocking chair, listening to Perry Como, "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket", but that's not fair. Where is the real debate, the proper stuff.
The local BBC is far too compliant and reliant on the local press for their news, that's Lazy work.
The Billy 'bloody' Butler it was on when I was kid and they are still playing the same records. "Errr you know wha' I mean, like"
Mick said he would organise a serious debate in the debating chamber.....that we paid for......on the issue of Peel Holdings and the threat to World Heritage, that Unesco said would lose us the WHS status if it went ahead, that Peel Holdings the BBC's landlords want to of yet I have heard nothing, not a Dicky Bird. Maybe they have worries about the future of the station, but they still have a duty.

"Magic.....moments. Heres another crusty old record on the turntable folks, from Perry, get your slippers and your smoking jacket on, Good old BBC keeping the masses happy.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Should the Daniel Adamson Tugboat go to the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum?

With the news that lottery funding has been refused is it now time in this economic climate to re-assess the situation and make some drastic and sweeping changes that may change the fate of a once forlorn hope, The Daniel Adamson, or Danny as it now likes to be called.

Although the funding may still come through or be revised, the whole project is at a pivotal point for all the hardworking people who will have been bitterly disappointed at the news that funding has not been granted.
Did the Heritage Lottery Fund think, We don’t want another Waverly situation where money continues to be evaporated like steam off its condenser. Or was it because there was not enough education facilities available and a worry that funding it may turn out to be a hobby horse for a few people.
It is berthed in a dock on land owned by Peel Holdings and has restricted access, this leaves the Tender in a compromised situation for its redevelopment. Though Peel have helped out in allowing it to be berthed there, this is not advisable for its future.
There is no public access to see the tender except for special occasions, and with Peels record on the historic environment, where the Pump Station at Langton Dock just lays rotting, and they are planning Shanghai-On-Mersey there is no future in leaving it there.

Its historic value is that it is named after the man who built the Manchester Ship Canal, that bypassed Liverpool, and considering the Canal goes right past the Boat Museum it makes sense to ally it there with its fellow lost causes.
Yes, it was once there and the washed up trustees of the Boat Museum let it go for the token sum of a pound. But that was then and this is now. The public need access to it to see it, and an education facility is required. The Boat Museum has classroom and education facilities. It is up and running and not some godforsaken forgotten dock that's on Private Peel land has none.
So where better than the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum, as long as a few washed up trustees are ex ponged and replaced with people like Peter Elson to help steer his passion for things that sink.
The publicity that has been created from the campaign to save her needs to keep going, but would that new found momentum be a help to another worthy cause? The Boat Museum?
Will the trustees of the Boat Museum understand that their past ineffectual attitude and infighting has made them look a basket case.
The recent BBC series on Museums, in general, that was filmed there, on the Wirral, showed that old blokes fighting for their last bastion of jobsworth power, before they are declared irrelevant, and sinking ships, go down well together. But these old things are our history. Sink the trustees I say.
Running out of steam is constant problem for trustees and need constant revitalisation.
Putting it in perspective £2.8 million is a huge sum and when there is no tangible asset at the end such as with a property based bid. Where does this leave the heritage lottery bid and all the hard work the current team have done to get the bid this far.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Achilleas Kallakis, Ex Owner of Liverpools India Buildings On Trial For Fraud.

Achileas Heel, my opinion is, this man should be locked up.
He left India Buildings in Dire Straights with his corporate antics. Gambling with normal peoples lives, their businesses he played a silly game for his own enjoyment, Achileas Heel.
He did normal people out of redundancy payments. That is something the trial wont his dealings affected ordinary folk.  
A poker playing gambler. He played the same tactics in his every day life, I am aware of him employing horrid people to carry out his whims.
What a horrid little man my ex landlord at India Buildings was.
I lost track of the bullying tactics that he employed in India Buildings to secure his authority while all the time the shyster was allegedly robbing banks from his yacht in Monaco. pic thanks to Property Week
On trial along with Alexander Williams

Both have previously pleaded guilty to an offence of conspiracy to defraud. Under their previous names of Stefano Kollakis and Martin Lewis, the pair admitted in 1995 to selling fake titles and coats of arms to “unsuspecting Americans”, The trial is estimated to last three months and Robin Barclay and George Carter-Stephenson QC, barristers for the defendants, will begin arguments for their clients in the coming days.

I wrote a while ago about the SS Manxman owner, when the dodgy geyser left us all high and dry without services at India Buildings
The SS Manxman lies rusting and is about to be cut up.

 He ran his operations from Mayfair and Monaco.
 Anyway, Send him down. Its the best place for him, before he scams someone else.