Friday, 7 October 2011

BBC Cuts-After They Spend A Billion Pounds On A Carbuncle.

I really don't want anyone to lose their jobs, but lets hope they start the cuts at the BBC, with the atrocious Bargain Hunt, then the Antique Road Trip, where a bunch of boring auctioneers travel round the country for two weeks to make a hundred quid profit each, but don't count the expenses in, which would be about a hundred quid a night for a hotel. They don't even count the petrol or any other expenses.  And then Flog it should go.........ahh Paul Martin he is so nice. Its cheap trash and we would all be better off without this jolly boys outing for a cheap diatribe. Its lazy work by the BBC.
But to spend 877 million quid and a further 100 million pounds in relocation costs to Salford Media City really is absurd.
The Guardian says today: Futuristic-looking or a giant carbuncle – depending on your point of view – the building on the banks of the canal will ultimately accommodate 3,300 staff including BBC Sport, BBC Children's and the BBC1 Breakfast programme.

It has come with a hefty price tag. Leased by the BBC from property and transport conglomerate the Peel Group, it will cost £877m over the next 20 years, with a further £90m spent on relocating staff and departments from London.
So what hope for Liverpools World Heritage Site when Peel Holdings have their Carbuncle Cup winning Media City in Salford endorsed by the BBC so effectively we paid for it.

Closer to home the local radio station will get cuts with programme sharing on a national scale.
Mick Ord told me recently during a meeting I had with him to complain about Liver Building Lies that were propagated by the BBC, that Roger Philips programme gets 80,000 listeners, not sure how they calculate it but it really does need a shake up, there in crusty-ville.
Rog is now well and truly part of the establishment. He would go to the opening of an envelope I told Mick. He knows everyone and never upsets his friends such as Phil Redmond.

The Liver Building Lies were meant as a cover for the new Museum of Liverpool, that came second in BD's Carbuncle Cup What a day out was had by all at the local media. Selling it to Joe, the public, and his mates dog, good job all round BBC, local Radio Merseyside, but did you tell the truth?
Some people may need the radio to sit there, listening, in their slippers, by the fire with a pipe, in a rocking chair, listening to Perry Como, "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket", but that's not fair. Where is the real debate, the proper stuff.
The local BBC is far too compliant and reliant on the local press for their news, that's Lazy work.
The Billy 'bloody' Butler it was on when I was kid and they are still playing the same records. "Errr you know wha' I mean, like"
Mick said he would organise a serious debate in the debating chamber.....that we paid for......on the issue of Peel Holdings and the threat to World Heritage, that Unesco said would lose us the WHS status if it went ahead, that Peel Holdings the BBC's landlords want to of yet I have heard nothing, not a Dicky Bird. Maybe they have worries about the future of the station, but they still have a duty.

"Magic.....moments. Heres another crusty old record on the turntable folks, from Perry, get your slippers and your smoking jacket on, Good old BBC keeping the masses happy.

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