Monday, 1 August 2011


 Why are we paying Liverpool city council officials to bring down the Liver Buildings as a symbol of the city?
To Denigrate them.

Why are they intent on continually scraping together as much negativity about the Liver buildings as they possibly can.

To Denigrate them.

Why does every council official, that you pay, at the earliest opportunity slag off the Icon of the city?

 To Denigrate them.

Why are these people being allowed to get away with propagating untruths?

Is it opinion for hire Peter de Figueiredo who was the Historic Buildings advisor for English Heritage when Liverpool Vision put the idea for the ier Head forward? 
Who is now employed by Peel Holdings.

Well its easy the World Heritage Site has been destroyed and they want you the public to believe there was some almighty controversy surrounding Liverpool's waterfront. See pic above of the Port Of Liverpool Buildings now,with a giant Lean-To. 

There was no controversy whatsoever, there may have been debate and sour grapes on the part of the owners of the Port of Liverpool Building who wanted their building to be the symbol of the city............and that's it.
 There is no credible reason for anyone to state there was controversy at the time of the building of the Port of Liverpool Buildings and the Liver.

Unless you had no pride in the city and had vested interests in slagging off the Liver Buildings.

So lets ask who it is doing it, Joe Anderson recently defended Peel Holdings proposals several times by slagging off the Liver Buildings believing that if he says it enough times the public would believe it.......what is the point in that, why bring down your city. Why Denegrate.
He says "This week, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the iconic Liver Building. At the time of its construction, it too was hugely controversial and divided opinion. A century on, a Liverpool waterfront without the Liver Building is completely unthinkable". 
This was in BD magazine. See Terminal Ferry Carbuncle above for controversy.

Every opportunity they send a councillor out to top up the you may believe them eventually.
Paul Brandt did the same denigrating speech, yards away from me while I was waiting to do a BBC Northwest interview, he did almost say “When they built the Liver Buildings, err hundreds, err, and then covered himself, err, tens of years ago”, reminiscent of the famous Warren Bradley “When they built the Liver Buildings 800 years ago” speech on BBC. The Labour Party even have a swipe at him on their website.
Paul Brandt was very active before the last election.
Talking about The Three Black Coffins at Mann Island, he said.
 “I like the buildings. I think they’re great buildings, but I think they’re in the wrong place or on the wrong scale or massing. (Clever man).
Funny That I didn’t see him or hear him objecting he then continues.
It seemed to me to be madness to be downgrading views of some of our architectural heritage in a way that might make it less attractive to visit, especially as these areas were deemed to be so exemplar that they were given World Heritage status.
“It’s a major piece of investment and what was there before – the Mann Island car place – was hardly exemplar.”
He added that the building’s impact on the views has not taken him by surprise because he had looked at models of the area before they were built.
But he said: “I’m deeply disappointed that those views are now being lost. It’s bizarre that Liverpool residents now have to go to Birkenhead to see that best view of the Three Graces.”


So is it a Liverpool City Council directive, right from the top that states, if you get any opportunity slag off the Liver Buildings, while you are there make up a load of bull about controversy a hundred years ago and then this may justify the current carbunculation crop?

Is it because they want Joe Andersons friends at Peel Holdings and their lobby group DLIB, led by Frank McSpiv, to be given a free hand, something that Unesco will now stop, by giving the DCMS directives, that will in turn be passed on with planning orders, to the inept and pathetic Liverpool planners, who cant even read their own planning documents.
That were prepared to stop, under Unesco directive, them cocking up the rest of the WHS, away from the Liver Buildings.
pic Joe Anderson with Lindsay Ashworth of Peel Holdings
So lets see if you, if you the public, believe the Liver Building lies, could you then be stupid enough to think that the complete architectural carbunculation of Liverpool's Pier Head, a World Heritage Site will be alright, because in some distant time in the past it was all thought to be controversy and you will all love it one day.

If I tell you enough times Joe Anderson is clever and understands our architectural history, will you believe me..............not a chance.

They have cocked it up the symbol of the city Joe Anderson as part of Liverpool Vision did it, and they at the Council, think if they lie to you often enough it will pull the wool over the public eyes.

I think the good people of Liverpool are clever enough to see through the LIVER BUILDING LIES and see the only thing that is controversial about the Liver buildings is why our own city council are spreading them.

Remember what we had.



    Today 8.8.11
    The Royal Liver Insurance, who built it, is to move out of he thee conrovesy for you.


    Today 8.8.11
    The Royal Liver Insurance, who built it, is to move out of he thee controvesy for you.