Friday, 26 August 2011

The Lyceum Bold Street-A Whopper Job Well Done!

 I was astounded when I walked past the Lyceum at the bottom of Bold Street some weeks ago.
A giant Whopper a ten foot burger in a bun had been placed on the window of Burger King right next door.
Incensed I wrote the the conservation officer, Steve Corbett, who is a waste of time in all matters of heritage, and then decided to bypass him by going direct to Joe Anderson the council leader.
I told him that we cannot allow this sort of tacky advertising to go on and advised him that this flagrant breach of planning law was setting a rather bad example, well it was a bloody outrage really.

Anything that affects the setting of a listed building or is in a conservation area(unless its the Pier Head conservation area, then they do what they like) requires a planning consent. here is my original post from the 21st June

Fair enough Uncle Joe has delivered and the city councils enforcement officers have told Burger King the 19 externally applied vinyls have to be removed.

I think this constitutes a success. 
A historical Neo Classical building by Thomas Harrison of Chester.
Our grand old lady can now rest without the harrowing juxtaposition of a Giant Whopper slapping her in the face.

Burger King have also been told that any applications for any similar advertisements on the same elevation would not be welcomed or indeed tolerated.

The City Council has also warned Burger King, that, if the advert was not removed formal prosecution would follow.

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