Thursday, 4 August 2011

Merseytravel-Mark Dowd and his Expense Claims Are To Be Investigated By The District Auditor.

This time it is Councillor Mark Dowd under the spotlight.
THE district auditor has been asked to investigate Merseytravel chairman Mark Dowd’s spending on the transport authority’s credit card.

Cllr Dowd has come under fire for using the transport authority’s credit card to pay for his attendance at Labour party conferences, theatre tickets, and a trip to Alcatraz in the USA.
Merseytravel can state unequivocally that all items of Cllr Dowd's personal expenditure were reimbursed in full in an appropriately timely manner.  It was reported.
 Granada Reports, or was it BBC Northwest ran an expose recently about this matter. They seemed pretty confident about their claims.

The Merseytravel credit card spending was revealed in a Freedom of Information request.

Cllr Blakeley ecently said it was not appropriate that Cllr Dowd used the Merseytravel credit card for personal expenditure, even though it was reimbursed.

Cllr Dowd was not available for comment, to the local press, but a Merseytravel spokesman said he was considering taking legal action against Cllr Makinson, alleging he had made “malicious and libellous claims”.

He would wouldnt he.
Miserytravel seem to have a habit of wanting to sue anyone who question them.
They tried to gag us in what Correspondent called Mersetravel's Clumsy Attempt at Censorship.

Meanwhile the City does not even have a landing stage.
For the Mersey Ferries.
Despite Millions being spent by Herr Director Neil Scales.

Watch Neil Scales talking about his folly the U-534 that he instructed to be sectioned and got annoyed because it was suggested he was a Moron for cuttig up a piece of history that was rscued and arged to Liverpool.

The Miserytravel Gravy Train and its Senior Management Are, in my opinion, Out Of Control.


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