Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Wirral Waters Not Called In-Good News For The Wirral.

Peel Holdings have had the good news that Wirral Waters will not be called in. This is excellent news for the Wirral and is long overdue. I was working at Franklin Stafford Architects at the Albert Dock in 1995 and they were to be the preferred architects for the then 12 Quays development. This never came to fruition, but it now looks like finally something, if we are to believe Peel Holdings, will happen.
Liverpool will now have the other side of the river to look at and the added investment, if it comes, should bring jobs to the local economy.
I really hope Peel will deliver their plans.

There are no World Heritage issues Wirral side, so good luck Wirral.
Lets hope that Uncle Joe Anderson understands what could happen if he helps Peel too much with Liverpool's World Heritage Site.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Government Office North West- How Can We Trust Them.

How can you trust the Government Office North West when it has been run by the North Vested Interest Development Agency.
Their senior person Robert Hough was a business partner of John Whittaker the tax exiled owner of Peel Holdings. Considering Liverpool's local office was in Cunard Buildings overlooking the world heritage disaster that is Liverpool Pier Head, it is obvious they don't care for Liverpool's historic fabric. We wrote to the Secretary of State, who in turn gives it to GONW. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/11/liverpool-waters-public-inquiry-is.html

I consider them corrupted by the power they possess.



So Peel have put all their tentacles out laying down their chosen men.
How much will Liverpool Waters be worth when planning permission is passed.

Instead of branding Liverpool Docks, the new Shanghai, the model should be Amsterdam, where people live harmoniously in tightly built quarters, all built on a human level with green space and canals as location.
It would be good to make Liverpool Waters the New Amsterdam.

Peel are to build a new port in Salford, costing 400 million pounds and turn Liverpool's into a plastic palace of glass shoe-boxes stacked on top of each other.

We need a public inquiry nothing else will do.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Why Does Merseytravel Own Ringo's House in Madryn Street?

Paul McCartney at a gig at the reproduction of The Cavern in 2007 said "We are glad to be here at the Cavern.......I cant believe they knocked the original one down".
Yes this is the city that knocked down the Cavern Club just before it called itself Beatles city, and then built a repro, not even in its place.
 It is the 11th hour and 55 minutes for Ringo's birthplace. He may not be the most liked person in the city after saying he did not regret leaving Liverpool in a smurky manner on the Jonothan Woss show.
Ringo was bad at the opening ceremony of European Capital of Culture organised by Jane Casey of Big in Japan or was that, Big in A Can.
How original to hoist a metal container over St Georges Hall, the same container that seen off all the Liverpool dockers, and have Dave Stewart from Newcastle join Ringo. How Rongo was that? It was tacky. It was the poor little children carrying lanterns inside plastic stacking crates still with the £2.99 Rapid Hardware stickers on that I felt sorry for.
And Baron Redmondstien, we created a monster, shouting "Errr love me do, will yeh" and then buggering off home to Tarporly.  http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/08/phil-redmonds-house-is-featured-in.html
Yes it was that grim. And you couldn't say anything there was a hush that meant you had to go along with it all.
2008, The disguise that hid the World Heritage decimation and the gift to Grosvenor of a third of the city centre. Its head honcho Rod Holmes who works for the Mersey Partnership..........one day a week, who does not live here, has now proclaimed
"Even without the Ringo house we still have enough Original Beatles sites".
 This is the bloke who has just erected the godawful 'Give Peas a Chance' piece of junk in Grosvenor-pool on Chavasse Lawn.
Holmes said to me he rushed Chavasse Park. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/06/rod-holmes-came-in-my-shop-today.html
A monument to greed and now bad taste in sculpture as well as architecture. http://condensedthoughts.blogspot.com/2010/11/grosvenor-pool-garment-led-renaissance.html
"We are hardly ignoring the value of Beatles Tourism" he says in the LDP business week magazine. There is obviously someone still at the paper with a heritage conscience to write this contoversial stuff, even if it is supressed by "Physco" Bill Gleeson the business editor.
Rod Holmes will probably complain and that will be that covered up by the cowards at the editorial level.
It has now come to light that Merseytravel owns the house in Madryn Street.
What is Neil Scales doing meddling in local politics? This is a man who knows nothing of our heritage.
Is he going to break it into five so you can walk through it like he did with U-534, The Vandal. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/06/u-534-cut-up-into-five-pieces-by-neil.html read this it came out.
Or will he commission the dreaded Tom Murphy to put a Ken Dodd up in the new estate, if anything ever gets built, as a legacy of 2008?

So as New Heartlands the council rip the heart out of an area and then say we are going to rebuild it...Clever, really clever.
Neil Scales is out of control and should not have interfered here.

There is still time to save Ringo's house. Joe Anderson should intevene instead of making excuses.
He said he will scrap home demolitions http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/05/liverpools-joe-anderson-we-will-scrap.html So why cant he scrap this one.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

LDP Business Week-Are They PR Plants For The Palm Oil Industry.

Today Neil Hodgson reports about how wonderful it is to increase the profitability of a Merseyside Palm Oil Plant.
 It is he who is the plant on this occasion.
 I label him an ill educated man who has been taught how not to think outside the box. To be told what to print by his fellow compatriots at Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group. To look no further than his nose, to be a poodle. Today he tells us how wonderful it is to have Palm Oil Shipments processed in Liverpool.
He writes:
 NEW Britain Palm Oil today said its new Liverpool processing plant is achieving week-on-week increases in sales and production since its opening in May.

The manufacturer of edible oils developed the £18m waterfront plant on Regent Road to process regular shipments from its plantations in Papua New Guinea.
He continues. Mr Thompson said the Liverpool plant is performing well, adding: “We are very pleased with the level of demand we have going forward, and the quality of oil produced at the refinery is of the highest standard.

“The demand for fully traceable and certified sustainable palm oil is growing steadily and more and more food manufacturers continue to contact us as part of their intention to bring forward their commitments to using traceable and certified sustainable palm oil.”

It may be this is a traceable commodity. But i t is the duty of a reporter to check it is, not roll over and have his tummy tickled just because he is told so.
Not a thought about the environmental impact from he of little opinion.
A quick google search, yes its that easy Mr Hodgson, you lazy little poor excuse for a journalist you, reveals the environmental damage to the world.
Try this http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/the-guilty-secrets-of-palm-oil-are-you-unwittingly-contributing-to-the-devastation-of-the-rain-forests-1676218.html
Where a proper reporter who uses his brain take full account of the Palm Oil crop and its world impact.

The guilty secrets of palm oil: Are you unwittingly contributing to the devastation of the rain forests?

Does your shopping basket contain KitKat, Hovis, Persil or Flora? If so, you may be contributing to the devastation of the wildlife-rich forests of Indonesia and Malaysia, where orangutans and other species face extinction as their habitat disappears.

Report by Martin Hickman

Saturday, 2 May 2009
A fisherman surveys the scene as he steers his boat alongside a recently cleared area of forest

Palm Oil Mini Mills
Palm oil processing mills, SSPE0,7 - 4,5 tonnes FFB/hr
It's an invisible ingredient, really, palm oil. You won't find it listed on your margarine, your bread, your biscuits or your KitKat. It's there though, under "vegetable oil". And its impact, 7,000 miles away, is very visible indeed.
The wildlife-rich forests of Indonesia and Malaysia are being chain-sawed to make way for palm-oil plantations. Thirty square miles are felled daily in a burst of habitat destruction that is taking place on a scale and speed almost unimaginable in the West.

You have to blame Bill Gleeson the LDP Business editor, again, it really is the blind leading the blind sending his staff out like little scullery maids searching for things they can make look good.

I think the public may be wising up to the poor standard of local scribblers at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors in Oldham Hall Street. No wonder they cant give the paper away.
They dont tell you the truth and in my opinion a liar hides the truth.
You dont have to tell a lie, to be a liar, in my opinion, you just hide one. 

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

"All Saints Church does not need this"-Florence Gersten, Save Our City Campaign

All Saints Church does not need this

Letters to the Editor
Nov 24 2010

Liverpool Daily Post
 THE Save Our City Campaign wishes to express its total agreement with the people who have recently written to the local press expressing their strong objections to the proposals for Childwall Parish Church of All Saints.
This lovely church includes a medieval section which is older than any other in the Merseyside boroughs. In a sense, it is considerably older. There was a church on the site before the Norman Conquest.

All Saints has, as other correspondents have mentioned, been altered many times, the last major extension being in 1906. However, the whole complex is remarkable for its unity.
Every component, no matter its date, is built of the local red sandstone and designed in harmony with the oldest part of the church. No doubt this is one of the reasons why it is listed Grade I: the highest category of listed buildings. It is the key component in a unique corner of Liverpool.
The proposed circular building is completely out of keeping with the church and its surroundings. It will also destroy part of the graveyard: one of the very few intact churchyards in Liverpool, and, of course, the oldest.
The desire for toilet facilities inside the church is perfectly understandable, but this could certainly be achieved without any significant damage to that building. It does not need a major extension. A major purpose of the proposed extension is as accommodation for meetings. As a recent letter-writer pointed out, these can easily be held in the church hall.

We hope that the application for this extension will be withdrawn, without the necessity of a public inquiry.

Florence E Gersten, The Save Our City Campaign


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Joe Anderson-Sitting Far Too Close To Frank McKenna.

  Last weeks "Cool Business Award" Ceremony, (excuse me for laughing but I couldn't think of a single grey suited flannelet who was there who may have been remotely cool), was attended by Joe Anderson who is proud to proclaim Mr McKenna as a fellow Labour party member and supporter. Mr McKenna has a chequered history of Labour Party membership.
Frankly, I don't like the relationship between our elected council leader and a Spiv. In my opinion, everyone knows him as a spiv that is what he gets paid for, to ease his fellow businessmen into little tight holes that may be hard to get to otherwise. 
The Council leader should be above this sort of relationship with local business men, especially those with a dubious history. They should not be holding hands under the table. 
 It could be that, in my opinion, ill thought out relationships makes him ignore bodies such as English Heritage, and he may try to jib the planning procedure in a rush to help property developers, as it appears is happening with Peel Holdings.
Mr Anderson should be aware that a public inquiry should be called for over Liverpool Waters.

http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/06/dlib-in-skip.html We will make you an offer you cant refuse his advertising says showing himself as the Godfather, Billy Quiff more like it, anyone can pay a few girls to link you to kid people you are liked, Frank.

 McKenna himself says

Frank McKenna was a young Skelmersdale politician with the world at his feet. Chairman of the North West Regional Assembly, leader-elect of Lancashire County Council, he was destined for a safe Labour seat in the House of Commons where a ministerial career surely beckoned. Then rumours of election fraud surfaced in satirical magazine, Private Eye, forcing him to resign from public office. After a £3 million police investigation, the judge threw out the case but his political career was over. Now he is back in Lancashire as the head of Downtown Preston in Business – a high profile lobbying group which is sure to create waves. Editor Andrew Calvert went to meet a man who is remarkably sanguine about his experiences. When you are awaiting trial on fraud charges, your chances of finding a job are somewhat limited. “There’s not a lot you can do other than work for yourself,” recalled McKenna, reflecting on the events back in 2001.The sharp-suited, fast-talking Scouser had never been short of contacts in both the public and private sectors. A public affairs consultancy business was the obvious choice of a new career and McKenna was soon winning work throughout the North West.

He had built a reputation in Liverpool for his work with property developers on planning issues and came up with the idea for Downtown Liverpool in Business. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/06/frank-mckenna-suckles-at-breast-of-joe.html

Here is how he promotes himself, Is it James Bond, Basildon Bond, Brooke Bond, or Jenny.

Just who does this fella think he is? The editor of the local paper. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/03/frank-mckenna-unofficial-editor-of.html

Joe Anderson said "Frank started Downtown Liverpool in Business then he took it to Preston.......now all we need is for him to do Downtown Manchester and then we will see the back of him".
 Ho, Ho Joe, very funny but don't you remember the Derek Hatton days.
When it was thought uncool, or just plain not right to give favours to local spivs. Far too much council land and favours have been given away to local businessmen. Wilberforce House to Beetham for £120,000 by the Fib-Dems.
Derek Hatton was in court for it was reported, the city council, allegedly slicing a piece of land, that is now one of the main routes into Grosvenor-pool not far from the Beehive public house.
http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/liverpool-news/regional-news/2010/11/23/david-cameron-vows-merseyside-won-t-return-to-1980s-misery-92534-27696885/ Today's Daily Ghost has a interview with David Cameron, though it doesn't say who interviewed him, strange.
Incidentally it was David Bartletts predecessor Larry Neild a card carrying member of the Labour party who was reporting most of Liverpool's Militant era, wrongly. It was not the local press who found out about the then unofficial council leaders business interests but the Sunday Times, right under the noses of the lazy bastards at the Echo, or where they lazy, was the deceit of the public rife and they accepted they didn't have to report but, make it up, to suit themselves,
    And Lodge Lane still lies in ruins 30 years after the Toxteth Riots.
Joe and Frank are both very close with the Dame of Dereliction Louise Ellman, who now Lords over Toxteth.
In fact, was it not Frank McKenna who was very close with her during those dimly lit Skelmersdale days, that we still dont know exactly what happened and wont as all the local reporters are about 12 and dont have a clue how to do research, or may not be permitted to.
So is Joe Anderson a chubby version of Mike Storey and Warren Bradly, seen here with Mike Hanlon of Maghull Developments, who knocked the facade off Josephine Butler House, in between cocktails. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/06/well-its-hahnerman-house-again.html

 Stinky Ink Bartlett, "The Prisoner" writes, well sort of, today on his blog http://blogs.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/dalestreetblues/2010/11/lessons-for-the-republicans-an.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LiverpoolDailyPost-DaleStreetBlues+%28Liverpool+Daily+Post+-+Dale+Street+Blues%29

The local press, The Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group, need to get their house in order and instead of allowing all the same mistakes to be made again, get their own house in order before they pass judgement on the local political scene.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Mike Storey Becomes A Peer-Oh My Lord!

The appointment comes five years after Mr Storey was forced to step down as city council leader, a position which he used to drive the regeneration of the city centre and help create Liverpool One. It is said

The man who served as lord mayor in 2008 will use his long experience in education to closely scrutinise the Government’s controversial schools' shake-up – which includes privately-sponsored “free schools”.

What a load of World Heritage S*ite.
http://liverpoolsubculture.blogspot.com/  Best read this blogspot just to remember how he had to resign.

http://profchucklebutty.blogspot.com/ OR TRY THIS TAKE ON.

This disgraced ex council leader has spivved his way into this position.
Mr Storey will help form a powerful Liverpool Lib-Dem line-up in the Lords, alongside former party chief executive Chris Rennard and ex-Mossley Hill MP David Alton.

Mr Storey served as council leader for 7½ years, having spent an astonishing 37 years as a councillor, representing Wavertree ward.

Awarded the OBE in 1992 and the CBE in 2002, he was praised for helping to win the 2008 European Capital of Culture year and for bringing World Heritage City status to the city.

Then he set about destroying it.

It is not clear to the public why he and Bernie Turner fell out.
I once asked a well known councillor in a planning meeting.
"Can we really trust Mike Storey"
"How can you trust someone who lies to his wife about his own sexuality" he replied

It was him and Henshaw who signed the documents for the Cruise Liner Cock up. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/06/cruising-from-liverpools-langton-dock.html
Further reading; or just hit the Mike Storey tab at the bottom of the post.



Monday, 15 November 2010

Liverpool Waters-Public Inquiry Is Called For.

In the light of Joe Andersons recent outburst supporting Peel Holdings, Liverpool Waters. We feel it is time to call for a Call-in and a public inquiry.
Joe Anderson cannot, in my opinion be trusted with Liverpools Historic fabric. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/11/joe-anderson-spiving-for-peel-holdings.html
He was also part of the Cabal that has done some damage being part of Liverpool Vision, The Culture Company etc, etc.  http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/liverpool-news/regional-news/2010/11/03/liverpool-council-leader-joe-anderson-hits-out-at-english-heritage-for-blocking-city-development-92534-27590506/

 We invite anyone who has a concern to join us in asking for a public inquiry, write to the address below.
I am informed that Florence Gersten of Save Our City will do so today. 
Caity Marsh and Peter Marsden of the DCMS can also be contacted as they are to report to UNESCO.
The World Heritage Steering group have decided at a secret meeting that they need the help of the Merseyside Civic Society to collaborate on this scheme, to make it easier for them to pass it. I understand despite refusing before when requested Peel may now give a presentation to the MCS where they will discuss the matter. (The whole theree of them). The World Heritage Steering group led by John "World Heritage waste of space" Hinchliffe has now decided they need them for the same Mann Island trick. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/04/merseyside-civic-society-heritage.html



“Called-in” Applications

The discretionary power to call in an application before it is formally determined by the Local Planning Authority is given by Section 77 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

The criteria used at present were set out in a 1999 Commons answer in which it was stated that the Government would only intervene in council’s jurisdiction if the planning issues were of more than local importance.

The criteria given at the time were that one of the following would have to be in evidence.
· Conflict with national policies over important matters.
· Significant affects beyond the locality.
· Substantial regional or national controversy.
· Major architectural and urban design issues.
· Involvement with the interests of national security or of foreign governments.
The normal procedure is put the case in writing to the Planning Director at the Government Office for the region. Speed is of the essence since the “call-in” must be before the local planning authority determines the application.

Liverpool Preservation Trust

The Rt Hon Eric Pickles
The Secretary of State for the Department for Communities and Local Government.
Department for Communities and Local Government
Eland House
Bressenden Place

Peel Holdings have submitted plans to Liverpool City Council for a huge development called Liverpool Waters.
Liverpool as some other parts of the country such as the Tower of London, Edinburgh and Bath, has been under huge pressure of recent dates and I am afraid to say a binge build mentality has taken over here in my home city.
I have kept the Caity Marsh and Peter Marsden of the DCMS informed.
UNESCO is fully aware of this proposed development, which is in the Liverpool Mercantile and Maritime City World Heritage Group.
In my opinion the current council leader Mr Joe Anderson does not want any further involvement from English Heritage who are advising that the scale and massing of the development that can harm the World Heritage Site.
He has stated this publicly.
In opposition he was a member of Liverpool Vision and several agencies, who in my opinion have made catastrophic mistakes that we called for public inquiries on.
Let me please explain the way it has worked in the past.
We write to the Secretary of State or in fact the Prime Minister, they then put it in the hands of the Regional Development Agency whose Chairman and members are very likely to be on the board of the developers, be they, public or private bodies and the request for public consultation is then suppressed by the GONW.
This approach has put Liverpool under a microscope with UNESCO.
This development meets all the criteria for A Public Inquiry perhaps you may be so kind as to take this into consideration and call in this development.

Wayne Colquhoun


Thursday, 11 November 2010

All Saints-Childwall-A Disaster Waiting To Happen.

This is a letter in todays Daily Ghost from Mr George Fowler.

I TOO was dismayed to read of the proposed cultural vandalism threatening Childwall Church. (Letters, November 4).

All Saints Church is beautiful, ancient and the most prominent feature of Childwall's history, its origins being mentioned in the Domesday Book.
It is the classic village church, standing in its own graveyard and garlanded in arboreal splendour. Its charm is owed to centuries of use and respectful care; its greatest value is as a symbol of religious constancy.
To tack on to this traditional church a modern, circular, extension – a so-called “church-rotunda” – would be tasteless to say the least.
Within the aged and straight(ish) churchyard walls would sit the ancient and straight-sided church, protruding from which would be a modern, circular church-carbuncle. It doesn't take Prince Charles to point out the obvious here!
The justification claimed for this desecration is vaguely given as it being part of an “Open to All” policy, and that the benefits of the “added uses” would outweigh the impact on the church setting and its historic fabric.
Well, on the other side of the (narrow) road a new church hall also is to be built, on the site of the current one. That is the proper place for secular activities and it should be designed accordingly.
All Saints Church, and its graveyard, are inspirational and visually splendid yet, sadly, the fabric and conventions within Childwall Church have already seen change in recent years with the loss of choir pews.
The church and grounds are not simply commercial assets waiting to be optimised; they are the very cherished image of Childwall itself. Those ambitious to embark upon superficial improvements should perhaps be reminded that they are only the stewards of Childwall's finest heritage, the essence of which has been sensitively preserved and passed down from generation to generation for 600 years or so. That is a very rich legacy, not one to be squandered, and I hope that we and future generations will continue to respect and enjoy it.

George Fowler, Childwall


It seems the Bishop James Chairman of the ECHO Stop the Rot campaign is getting his disciples to cover this with comments. You have to stop the rot at the church first.



SAVE CHILDWALL CHURCH http://www.savechildwallchurch.info/

What are English Heretics doing about it or the pathetic Conservation(sic) department of Liverpool City Council. They will probably put a shed on it. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/10/st-andrews-church-rodney-st-liverpools.html

So here we have another attempt to dig up bodies by the Liverpool Arch Deacon and his crew.
We may have made them think about digging up 7,000 at St James Church in Toxteth.

Stop digging bodies up Bishop James.

I think its a pathological disorder in the Liverpool clergy, that they cant stop digging up graves.............Or do they not respect the dead and leave them alone.

Monday, 8 November 2010

RIBA To Send Its Drawings Collection to Liverpool.

More pathetic LIVERPOOL Daily Post reporting. This time from the council lap-dog Mark Wadding"Padding"ton.
The spoon feeding of the public is culpable. This time its more uneducated garbage from a local paper trying, but failing miserably to understand the scope of the disaster they have lauded on behalf of the council and the North "Vested Interest" Development Agency. Burying their heads in the sand.
Unable to see or comprehend World Heritage Disaster that is partly their fault for spinning everything.

The article may be well meaning, but is so full of "ifs and maybes" it should never have been allowed to go to print.
We have heard all this garbage before, they even roll out the Merseyside Civic Society calling it the historic Merseyside Civic Society. God 'elp us.
I call them heritage collaborators, responsible for turning a blind eye on purpose.
It is said the RIBA collection "could" be placed in a new premises located on the waterfront, close to the Albert Dock. The Daily Ghost shows a 15 year old picture of the Albert Dock before it was turned into World Heritage S*ite.


Read the previous RIBA have a rep who is no more than a vandal disfiguring the WHS, and being allowed to.
 Jonothan  Brown comments, he will try hard, but it may be that he likes the sound of his own name in the papers and is the only one who is running around as part of an aimless, and bleedin' hopeless, bunch of heritage no-marks who have stood by and watched while the waterfront has been decimated by bad design. Now they want to bring a load of architects here to see the damage. http://www.sevenstreets.com/city-living/feature-city-living/total-eclipse-of-the-heart-mann-island/
Now forgive me for being cynical, but could it be "proposed" for one of the Black Coffins on Mann Island as the Open Eye Gallery look as if they wont be joining the world heritage disaster party.
Has Matt Brooks been trying to pull a few strings.

It was said Mr Brook, who opened Broadway Malyan’s Liverpool office in 2007, will serve as a North West representative on the Royal Institute of British Architects’ National Council.

It even takes the Daily Ghost opinion. The very same opinion that said Alsops Glass Pie in the sky was to be brilliant for Liverpool.
The well meaning idiot who wrote the Comment and Analysis in the Daily Ghost says Every effort must be made to convince RIBA that Liverpool is not only a spiritual home for architectural excellence, but a practical, vibrant and cost effective base. After all Liverpool's historic waterfront can offer what every desirable building requires-location, location, location.
And a bunch of brainless numb skulls who report on any bit of council rubbish, with a positive spin, who are oblivious to architecture, and have allowed the waterfront to be carbuncled while Blind Bill Gleeson tells us all how good it all is.
With Mark Thomas, the Daily Ghost editors favourite building the 2009 Carbuncle cup winning Terminal Ferry Building, it really is the blind leading the dumb and blind. 

The reality is we are yet to be a laughing stock for the mess created on Liverpool's Waterfront and The local press just put a blind face on it all.
If we all turn a blind eye maybe the architectural profession wont notice Mark.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Tom Murphy-Dumping Bad Sculpture On The Streets Of Liverpool.

 More street clutter from David Charters, of the Daily Ghost's, best mate. An advertorial in fact.
To have people commenting on art who don't understand it is a shame.
To have people on committees who don't own a piece of art or have never grasped the whole motion or concept of public sculpture is a disgrace.
You know who you are Fred Obrien & Co and those of you who commissioned, without a place to dump it, the heroic Captain Chavasse now ruined in bronze and suffering from a botox because Tom Murphy has no life modelling experience. Or appears not to have.
Murphy has let down so many of our heroes and characters in soul-less depictions, ripping off the public in the process. Here, Billy Fury, halfway to misery.
In spitting distance to the Johnnie Walker sculpture at the Pier Head who looks like he has had a bottle or two too many.  Alright hes not a looker but to do that to him is extreme. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederic_John_Walker Billy Fury's official fan club, The Sound of Fury donated the statue. Thanks for that. The only fury I can hear the sound of is people saying "why did someone make his arms go down to his knees, did he sing the Funky Gibbon".
The new plaque looks more like the lead singer from A Flock of Seagulls, are they sure they have got the right statue. Now, I understand people mean well but we had the John Lennon turkey in John Lennon Airport, (above us CO2 emmisions). Interesting its Alastair Machrays favourite sculpture...well there you go.
Give peas a chance. 
How many more crap statues can the city take.
So Tom brought us the Ken Dodd with a kebab alongside the Bessie Braddock that looks like a sack with a head on it. Even Kenn Dodd said "Well at least its somewhere for the pidgeons to sit."
http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/07/liverpool-european-capital-ofbad.html Read this.

Stop dumping shit on us at artificially high prices. I challenge Murphy whatever subject he wants I will sculpt  a better depiction than he can dream of making. Although he does have one talent, that of making Bronze look like cast iron, its supposed to be the other way around of course.
 David Charters should never have been allowed to market this man, masquerading as an artist, pulling the wool over already blind eyes. There was a time when we commissioned some good stuff in Liverpool. Those days are long gone.

One sculpture that I used to like was the Boy with the Horse at the bottom of Bold Street opposite the Lyceum. It was said to have cost £150,000 and I used to love the way the public interacted with it. Though one day I saw a mother drag her child away in horror who was polishing a part of it that it should have been. It has now been turned into a....wheelie bin. Who robbed it? why was it moved? why didn't anyone at the Daily Ghost, er David Charters even notice?
So Liverpool European Capital of Bad Sculpture where we dump our good art to replace it with, Tom Murphy Turkey's....clever, the people who run our city, so cultured for sure.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Maritime Disaster at the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Our friends at Seven Streets highlighted last week, the lack of diners at the Maritime Museum Dining Rooms at the Albert Dock. Another one of the wacky director, Dr David Flemings schemes, overseen by the trustees and their Chairman Big Society Tory Phil Redmond.                They call it a Fright at the Museum and its delicous stuff. http://www.sevenstreets.com/food-and-drink/a-fright-at-the-museum/  Served up on a platter of irony with just a touch of relish on the side. Here is what the racist comment maker "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming had to say about it in the museum insider in 2009 when it opened. click on the pics Hey he's so clever.

Maybe considering its next to the slavery museum his wishes to make "all young black men feel shit" it has worked. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/08/i-want-all-young-black-men-to-feel-shit.html
Maybe that's why there is nobody there. Seven Streets show a picture, they were just a bit late with the shutter speed to catch the tumbleweed drifting through. 
They say, "How to take a winning formula and kill it stone dead. Why Merseyside Maritime Museum's Restaurant has sunk without trace"...  worth a read.

I commented at the time. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/10/maritime-dining-rooms-maritime-disaster.html

 When the tin pot dictator, I mean director took out all the Herculaneum pottery, because in my opinion he is not educated enough to understand how important it is to Liverpool history and how volunteers painstakingly researched and built up the collection over decades. Only to see a racist comment maker, who thinks he's clever destroy their hard work for another cafe.
He should have been a director of Starbucks not our museums.

Or maybe its because of the way the Pier head looks.
Now to enter the Maritime Museum you have to go past the awful Mann Island and past the obnoxious scrawling architectural disaster that is the new museum. That some people at Seven Sheets seem to like, well there is no accounting for taste, but there are other views there too. http://www.sevenstreets.com/city-living/feature-city-living/total-eclipse-of-the-heart-mann-island/
Remember though that the Mann Island Coffins designed by Matt Brooks, http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-news/local-news/2006/03/09/this-is-architect-matt-brook-s-vision-for-the-pier-head-is-it-right-for-the-waterfront-100252-16793395/ oh, and the museum, along with the Canal Cut are of the same funding package and were always treated as one.  http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/07/mann-island-funds-new-museum-its-fact.html

I am reliably informed that Morrissey worshiper, Dicky Felt-tip, Flemings personal PR is under instructions to distance all publicity linking the museum, the White Coffin, to the Black Coffins.    
http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/07/dr-david-fleming-now-he-is-winging.html  Whinging about budget cuts.
Don't let them get to you, if so much money had not have been wasted paying out for covenants or settling legal disputes, or wasted on overcharging http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/09/museum-of-liverpool-contractors.html     the once proud institution would not be in such a financial mess.

Well what do you expect from a regime whose directors favourite museum is The Museum of Genocide Victims in Vilnius and who wants "all young black men to feel shit"

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Joe Anderson-Spiving for Peel Holdings.

Joe Anderson is working for Peel Holdings, he may not be taking a wage, but he is working for them alright.  Today's paper is a joint effort from the Daily Peel and Council to propagate the myths that English Heritage will not be listened to by this current council. We have laws to protect us from Joe and the cosy little relationship with Peel Holdings, and the World Heritage Steering Group and all that the council is.  They are proving to be no better than the last lot of uneducated clowns that destroyed the Pier Head.  Take no nonsense from this man he is far too close to Peel Holdings and Lindsay Ashworth their chief arrogant bastard.   http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/09/peel-holdings-arrogant-bastards.html  So you expect a developer
 who lives on the Isle of Man, who is building a new port in .......Salford to care about Liverpools heritage? 
But Joe come on you are proving no better than Mike Storey and Trevor Jones, this time spiving for Peel.
 Just read what the council leader says about English Heritage. He apears to think he is above planning law. He is so clever, its painful.

See what Bill Gleeson of the Daily Ghost business section pre-ambled.  http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/09/is-bill-gleeson-peel-holdings-spiv.html.             

So just to let you know where we are up to Mr Anderson. We have been in correspondence with Unesco and the DCMS for months, well over a year in fact. The DCMS who are charged with reporting, usually badly to Unesco. The OUV is at great risk here from these naff developments that will compete against Wirral Waters. Read some of the letters by clicking on them.
 Todays Daily Ghost gives an insight into Joes mind, well.
Remember all the promises when they were after power. This is what they said.  Cllr Paul Brant, the deputy leader of Liverpool’s Labour group and who represents the city ward covering Mann Island, lamented the loss of the views at mann Island.

Cllr Brant, who said he had no idea the planning brief existed, lobbied against the buildings when they were being considered by planners.

He told the Daily Post: “I think they’re in the wrong place or on the wrong scale or massing.


Funny, That I didn’t see him or hear him objecting he then continues.
It seemed to me to be madness to be downgrading views of some of our architectural heritage in a way that might make it less attractive to visit, especially as these areas were deemed to be so exemplar that they were given World Heritage status.

“It’s a major piece of investment and what was there before – the Mann Island car place – was hardly exemplar.”
He added that the building’s impact on the views has not taken him by surprise because he had looked at models of the area before they were built.
But he said: “I’m deeply disappointed that those views are now being lost. It’s bizarre that Liverpool residents now have to go to Birkenhead to see that best view of the Three Graces.”
A Liverpool city council spokesman added: “The development brief set the framework for schemes on this site. It was intended as guidance and was not prescriptive.
“Planning applications are considered in the light of this guidance and when this scheme was determined it was considered that it followed the principles of the brief in that developments should provide ‘glimpse’ views of the Three Graces.
“This view was endorsed by ICOMOS, who visited the site on behalf of the World Heritage Committee.”

So now the new Labour administration all get a free trip to Shanghai and change their minds. Joe Anderson no better than the last lot really, and not as clever.



Dont forget he is very close to Frank McKenna of Downtown Liverpool, maybe he has spent too much time listening to him.

Monday, 1 November 2010

A Letter from Florence Gersten.

Was published in the Daily Ghost at the end of last week. As ever Florence seems to get it right.

Letters to the editor: October 27

Oct 27 2010
Liverpool Daily Post

"Wedge’ buildings disfigure waterfront

I RECENTLY read a letter to the local press, expressing horror at the appearance of two huge, dark, wedge-shaped buildings nearing completion on the south side of Mann Island.
The writer asked how such a development could have been permitted.
Well, I can answer that.
At the Planning Committee meeting which considered this development, four individual objectors spoke very strongly against it.
We all said much the same things: that these structures were totally unsuitable to their surroundings in every way: size, style and materials, and that they would utterly destroy some of the finest views in Liverpool.
Some of the committee members were concerned enough for a vote to be taken. Unfortunately, the result was 50/50.
The Chair of the Planning Committee then used her casting vote. She said: “This is a young architect and I think young architects should be given a chance”, before approving the development. This was one of her last decisions before retiring from local government, so the black wedges may be called her legacy to Liverpool. I understand at the time she held the position of English Heritage Environment Champion.
Until recently, if one stood in Derby Square and looked down James Street, there was a view right across the river to Birkenhead and beyond.
Now the view down James Street is cut off by a high black wall. The formerly spectacular view of the Mann Island buildings, seen through the stone arch at Wapping Dock, was reproduced on postcards and in books of Liverpool scenes.
Now the view through this arch is filled and surrounded by solid black, above which only the upper part of the buildings are visible.
These are undoubtedly the worst of the many large structures which now disfigure our beautiful waterfront.
However, they may yet be outdone by views of the north docks area if the Peel proposals go ahead.

Florence E Gersten, Wavertree


I am not so kind to the self serving abomination that was the planning committee Chairwoman at the time Doreen Jones. I watched as she played politics with our historic skyline. She should be remembered for what she did.
Her Legacy, The Dame of Disaster Lady Doreen Jones. While she was a heritage supremo. A joke. See what Mike Storey's mate little Larry Neild had to say.

Council appoints Rot Czar

Jun 7 2001

by Larry Neild, Liverpool Echo

VETERAN councillor Lady Doreen Jones was today named as Liverpool's Stop the Rot supremo.
The appointment is civic recognition of the ECHO's campaign to renovate the city's eyesore historic buildings.
Cllr Lady Jones said she was looking forward to working with the ECHO on tackling the problems of unsightly buildings.
Council leader Mike Storey said: "Lady Doreen has stepped down from the council's executive board and now she has time to become involved in this very major issue.
"I am sure that with a politician of her calibre in charge, we will see real results."
Lady Doreen's brief will also include improving the heritage potential of the city.
The council is on the verge of appointing a full-time officer to concentrate on eyesores and caring for the heritage of the city.
Lady Doreen has already won success for one of her ideas -- floodlighting of public buildings. As chairwoman of the now disbanded civic halls committee she helped pave the way for major projects at the town hall and St George's Hall.
She said: "I am delighted to have this new role for the council. I want to ensure that we have a city that is welcoming, clean and pleasant for people.
"We have some of the finest architecture in the country, but things can be spoiled by fly-posting and derelict buildings.
"I will be working closely with Mike Storey and the ECHO on this strategy.

"The problem we have is that the state of the city comes under the umbrella of different directorates. With this role I can involve every directorate as appropriate.

"I am looking forward to early action on the things that need to be done."

And then she turned the World Heritage Site into an eyesore right in front of Little Larry, who was there making notes at the fateful planning committee that sealed the fate of the Pier Head.

Incidentally Larry then went to work for October Communications who were the PR company selling the WHS disaster to the public. Jon Egan &Co, now Aurora are still feeding the local press, plumping them up like fat little chickens with free lunches, only now its little Larry doing it with them.