Monday, 11 October 2010

Peace Monument Unveiled For John Lennons 70th Birthday-Give Bad Sculpture A Chance.

Any Old Iron- Liverpool European Capital of Bad Beatles Statues. It has to be said.
The tradition was upheld with the unveiling of another naff piece of junk this Saturday.
The unveiling was done by Julien and Cynthia, who understandably had a difficult day holding back the emotions. John Lennon is and was an amazing person and an inspiration, who was able to think out of the box, not to be drawn in by what was being told to him, not believing people selling you rubbish, never accepting the status quo.  Educated in the university of life he must be turning in his grave with the naff tributes to him that now litter the streets of Liverpool. The Four Lads who made me cry on the Hard Days Night Hotel, George Harrison looks like Gandolf from Lord of the Rings. Rod Holmes the head man of Grosvenor was there, I saw him on Sky, it went all round the world. Uncle Joe Anderson was there saying how great it was, what does he know of style over spin, what does he know of good public art. The builder of Chavasse Lawn, Grosvenor, the pseudo park 40 feet in the air, that has now been dug up and relaid where water is streaming down the steps because of its inferior design and its jerry-built lack of quality love this sculpture and how it gets them attention. Grosvenor would not put a tribute to Captain Chavasse V.C and Bar, instead they have gone for the obvious, give them what they want, naffness.
Captain Chavasse would maybe approve in one way, with te sentiment, Give Peace a Chance as he was killed in action in a First World War that killed millions, but there is no substitute for inferior workmanship and bad design. When it comes to public monuments and Tom Murphy did a botoxed version of the great man Captain Chavasse, that now doesn't have a home, on the off chance he could knock it in to Grosvenor, with the help of his personal PR man, David Charters of the Daily Ghost, his bessie mate, who wouldnt know a decent statue if one fell on him. There is something the people who make the decisions on Liverpool's public art have no or little understanding of......quality.   

It is a scandal that we have the worst Beatles monuments in the world while Madryn Street Ringos birthplace, is being bulldozed. This is a city that knocked down the Cavern Club, just before calling itself Beatles City and turns its World Heritage Site into Milton Keynes-On-Sea. One thing is good they didn't let Tom Murphy the pudding maker of the John Lennon Turkey at the John Lennon Airport do this one. Why not just call us Lennonpool and be done with it? Thanks to Correspondent in regularly pointing out the fact that we don't just have the Beatles. pic Chavasse Park being repaired after 1 year Stop Press at Oldham Hall Street..............At the Shanghai Expo, The Scaffold are reforming (Mike McCartney should be on one)  on October the 16th to impress those big investors that we are still all Lilly the Pink in Lennonpool.
Catherine Jones the Daily Dimwits intrepid, err, journalist covering the monumental Lennon Give Bad Sculpture A Chance event covered the Ken Dodd one also.
The last big unveiling was of a Tom Murphy was Ken Dodd with a kebab in his hand at Lime Street Station and Bessie Braddocks, a sack with a head on it. Tom Murphy, Liverpools finest, yes that is how bad things have become. Neil Scales of Merseytravel who cut up the U-534 commissioned it.
David Backyard the architect of Cavern Walks said to me his one regret was commissioning the Beatles Statue inside it. Just who put the one of Elvis in Mathew Street. I like Arthur Dooleys the Four Lads Who Shook The World and instead of saving his studio and honouring him the city leaders follow the crowd and give them what they want......Bad Beatles Sculpture......Any Old Iron.



    Just noticed this on the blog-roll. It does not seem to be getting aclaimed on the Sevenstreets website

  2. One could argue when looking at this "object" that it's just a piece of lighthearted fun, because that's what the colours shapes and funny musical bits suggest, unfortunately they blew it by unveiling it with solemnity and talking of world peace and as a tribute to John Lennon. Now I think he and Yoko came up with some daft stuff over the years but I think even he would have burts out laughing with a few expletives if he'd been there to see the unveilling, which is one of the reasons why we liked him. Well at first viewing I thought Christmas Tree decoration by Lawrence Llewellyn Bonehead but now I realise what has happened. There has been a terrible mix up at the sorting office. This is in fact the sculture that was to go on display at Ascot. A tribute to the wonderful hats of Mrs Gertrude Shilling.

  3. Haven't laughed so much in ages ! This thing...must be one of the most fantastic jokes ever. John Lennon would be most amused.
    But why wasn't it installed on the waterfront to complete our cultural freak show ?