Friday, 8 October 2010

Dear John-Mr Hinchliffe You Are Trying It On.

Here is the official and confidential 'Dear John' letter refusing Heritage lottery funding addressed to our very own World Heritage "Waste of Space" John Hinchliffe who goes by the inappropriate name,for him, world heritage officer (sic). The letter appears to accuse Johny Boy of trying to pull the wool over their eyes of using the potential funding to finance existing jobs (all who should be sacked anyhow for allowing the world heritage s*ite to be ruined including Louise Obrien, daughter of Fred, sloping in the background with English Heritage approval). 
The letter says there was a lack of rational behind the application. It had a lack of base line data.
 It was too expensive.
Basically Johny Boy is getting away with what he has been doing for a long time....nothing. click in the pic to large it up.
He is a waste of space a compliant in world heritage disaster, the backbone of a jellyfish, I would have been lying down in front of the bulldozers that snatched Manchester Dock gates off in an act of civic vandalism. etc, etc, etc, etc. 
Well I say that but he made sure he got Neptune Developments atrocious development blind-eyed and now he is working alongside others to facilitate Peel holdings, and I have documentation, confidential, to support this which I will make available shortly.
David "Stinky Ink" Bartlett at Trinity "Smoking" Mirror groups Oldham Hall Street headquarter was made aware of this and do you know what he did with it......................nothing.
 No wonder they get away with it. Just who is the Prisoner down in Oldham Hall Street.

Johny told me at a world heritage debate with 12 people present because it was not publicised, that his favourite building was the Terminal Ferry Carbuncle.....just before it won the BD National Carbuncle Cup award 2009.

It seems he was trying it on and the lottery fund caught him at it.

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