Thursday, 21 October 2010

Tony McDonough And Yet Another Grosvenor Advertorial

What is the purpose of Liverpool’s local press? Is it to create profiles for grey suited lemons?
There was a time when interesting people were interviewed by journalists with an understanding of what the public want to read about.
Not anymore its boring bland greys who just pump it, and get pumped up, by business correspondents who never attempt to add up their own figures, check their stories, just believe what any tacky property developer or council Spiv tell them.

That may seem a bit hard, no, it’s not hard enough.
Grabbing any news item they are now reporting (sic) it has come to writing about a new deli that opens, its that bad. This combined with the lack of scrutiny to any new scheme, unaware of the cultural effects or the economic, just jobbing off their responsibility to the public, claiming they are understaffed. It is like the blind leading the blind, literally.

The Daily Post business team has had too many free lunches from too many Spivs in my opinion.

You would think that the sun shines in Liverpool, Mark Thomas lives on the Wirral so does Alistair MacRray. If it effects them maybe there is a story.
 Have any of them been to Toxteth to look at the dejection? Have they bothered to look around when on a Liverpool or Everton F.C freebie at Anfield?
No, they couldn’t have done they are too busy acting as “PLUMPERS” for Grosvenor and the likes.

The Daily Post with a declining readership decides to put all its eggs in one basket and become a business plumper, just as we hit a recession. Do they know it’s a recession in the Oldham Hall Street offices? No. Because it is the blind leading the blind, led by property dealers and council spivs. They have become Peel Poodles, unable to see the regions takeover by a private company.
Having to balance news items, they say, my arse, it is ignorance, an ignorance and an ability to shirk the responsibilities that the public expect.
How were things in Shanghai Mr Thomas, who paid for that trip, An Expo costing several million, an expo were we, the public subsidised Peel Holdings who paid in the region of £200,000 to be there, promoting Manchester and its ship canal while building Port Salford and heavily lobbying for the new Mersey crossing so industry doesn’t have to be in Liverpool. We paid the other £2,000,000 Port Salford barging jobs out of the city to Salford, I advised the Daily Post and Echo of this fact, they claimed they didn’t even know.

It’s a sham. It only serves to create ignorance in the minds of the public while the true business reality is hard.  Remember all the plumping for Beetham.

So we see another Grosvenortorial about how wonderful all the carbuncle flats on Chavasse lawn are, and how £25,000,000 of sales have been done there, when the reality is, you should have checked your figures Mr McDonut, call yourself a business editor, your wages are paid by the people who buy the chips that are in the paper, not Grosvenor.

Lets work it out for you shall we. At £94,000 a flat on average, with four grand of free furniture thrown in, they would have to sell over 200 apartments out of 250 odd. This combined with the fact that most of them are rented out to the people who were in Cornhill when the Crane collapsed on the block and they had to be rehoused. It is at best bad maths.

Well the devil make fool’s of idle men.

Try another take by Correspondent.

While other more worthy news is buried by a system that stifles public perception.

This article has been sabotaged at the highest levels in the paper after David Bartlett, The Prisoner, wrote it up. I apologise to David for assuming he never wrote it up but he has to ask himself questions about the credibility of his employers Trinity “Smoking” Mirrors on Oldham Hall Street who “muff” the truth.

Though he did get it so wrong with picking a fight with Southampton.

As did the shabby reporters who didn’t question the fact we were getting a Naval jetty and “PLUMPED” it up for the Spiv-Dem council, telling us how a momentous occasion had unfolded. It just goes on and on and on.
 It needs to stop.

Come back Jane Wolthamstone all is forgiven, yes its that bad.

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