Thursday, 23 September 2010

The City Has Been Run By Spivs and Gamblers.

Yes that’s what we have been saying for a long time.

Looking into a short term gain over the long term future said Vince Cable at the Fib-Dem conference at the Oldham Echo Arena. And of course that is exactly what they have done with Liverpool's World Heritage Site, let a Spiv Council a Fib-Dem council whore its best assets, our assets to, well not even the highest bidder. To the backdrop of The Oldham Echo Wheel the TV would dare not take a shot of what Liverpools Spivs have done to the WHS.

But Mr Cable’s pre-briefed attack on unrestrained capitalism – he announced an inquiry into “the murky world of corporate behaviour” All this while Bill Gleeson the Daily Ghost Business editor has turned a …….eye to it all and the editorial stance of the local paper who should have been educated enough to see it all did nothing, playing "push you pull me" with peoples lives and their future prosperity. Watching while Grosvenor sold the Hilton Hotel site, that they got for nothing, where Vince was probably staying for £20 million while the council had a budget deficit of £30 million.

The Business Secretary – often thought to be the unhappiest Lib-Dem minister in the coalition – will promise an investigation into "the murky world of corporate behaviour".
Lets hope he starts with the spivs of Liverpool that have hawked the city assets to,the lowest bidder in the case of Mann Island.
We warned of this a long time ago when convicted polititions were left to hold power…..mates of Warren “War Zones” Bradley and Ex Chief Fibber Storey and all controlled by Clever Trevor and his wife. 
Incidently in a empty hall Shirley Williams gave a speech. It was in the 80s that a report by Rob Rohrer of the Liverpool free press that exposed Trevor Jones as a spiv which his solicitor at the time…………Rex Makin defended. He was in Crosby following the newly formed Liberal Democrat campaign.
click on the New Statesman article to read in this above link.
Vince said he did not want to see a return to the darkened Militant era. Well let me say in my opinion, this last bunch of Spivs make Derek Hatton look like the angel Gabriel.

Now all we hear about is cuts to services.

So Spivs are us and its all gone unchallenged, well except on these pages.

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