Monday, 27 September 2010

Giz' A Film. Jonathan is not Foyled.

Thursday last, Dr Jonathan and his Foyle Lucy Creamer scale the Liver Buildings and tell of its history, and guess what, not a ounce of the lies spread by Liverpool Vision to justify them destroying the Pier Head in the name of Regeneration. The controversy at the time was because it was a cement building and that was so new at the time even though concrete had been around for centuries, Aubrey Thomas the architect was going against the grain, even though Ruskin was advocating steel framed architecture in his beautiful writing, within, The seminal Seven Lamps of Architecture.
"You get an amazing view from up here he says of the Parish Church, hemmed in now by modern buildings. Hey what do you think of 60s and 70s architecture, he says to Lucy, as they turn to the Post and Echo Building, (The UglySandcastle) owned by Downing who also owns the Port of Liverpool Building. That great zigarat and the one with the big box on top, I don't think many people in Liverpool would call it Liverpool's loveliest building. That is a version of this building, (Liver Building) You can see the way its made steel frame made with reinforced concrete and then they hung flat concrete bits of cladding, the grandaddy of that is this it shows its DNA, look at it, they have grown up....... and look at its offspring".
They have produced a monster" Lucy says
"You said it" Foyle says. "You said it"
That was as controversial as he got, not mentioning the Terminal Ferry Carbuncle or the three black coffins or the new sun lounger museum.

Then last night was the amazing Morning In The Streets
The Liverpool I remember from my Childhood, cold and gloomy, bombed out by the Luftwaffe..........not many scouse accents here though.
If you were looking for rough arsed scousers, Boys from the Blackstuff was up next. The year I came out of my apprentiship there were no jobs to give out. The Spiv-Dems were just being formed Derek Hatton was still in short pants, not yet tailored by John E Monk and Liverpools T Dan Smith was gathering a head of steam in the new Liverpool Spiv-Dem hierarchy. The same bombsights remained, still they continued the damage knocking down the Sailors Home.

You must watch Of Time And The City Terence Davies much acclaimed meandor through his childhood, and my, memories. The way he laments the changes in the city he left are fine, and mirror so much the losses we have made in the name of the Spiv-Dem regeneration con.

You know what, we had so much we had a rich architectural tapistry, a little worn around the edges, with which we could weave some new modern buildings that reflect our past, our history is our future. This film shows how miserably they with a lack of vision failed. The Luftwaffe started it and Spiv-DemsTrevor Jones, Mike Storey and Warren "War Zones" Bradley finished it off,

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