Monday, 20 September 2010

Trevor Jones And A Hole In The Ground.

The Tory, errr, I mean Fib-Dem conference at the Oldham Echo Arena has brought a spotlight to the city. Warren "War Zones" Bradley has warned they will get wiped out in Liverpool, and they already have. Just over the road from the conference centre is a vivid reminder to what the Liberal Democrats were about. Clever Trevor Jones legacy who mentored Mike and Warren.
A massive hole in the ground in the Baltic Triangle.
It does not seem right that so much is talked about regeneration when Liverpools very own ex-council leading spiv left us with this legacy and buggered off to Chester. I had a London delegate for the conference in the shop Friday last, who recalled The Undeclared Interests of Jones the Vote article in the New Statesman in the 80s.
When I engaged him he said to me "Do you want to return to the Hatton era". This was the Hatton era and all the focus was taken away from Clever Trevor at the time by Hatton and his national attention. Trevor was a big property developer in Liverpool. It is said he had 20 property intrerests in the Baltic Triangle...........and never declared any of them except the ships Chandlers that he knocked down on Wapping, now a hole in the ground. While Lady Doreen was Chair of planning.

"So was Trevor Jones Liverpools T.Dan Smith I was asked.

I wrote to Colin "Cover Up" Hilton the ex CE of Liverpool City Council about his undeclared interests and suddenly against all the run of play he declared 62 Caryl Street in his council register of interests. Below is a google map you will see that a zebra crossing as been stopped the council at that address., just outside the Baltic Triangle.
He also had an interest in Eaton Hall Preservation Trust. Eaton Hall is the Duke of Westminsters pile.

Todays Daily Post carries a headline that a film has been put out to investors in the Baltic Triangle.
Liverpool Vision chief executive Max Steinberg says the area could become a cutting-edge creative district to match those in London or New York.

He said: “We feel the films will be an effective way to help the Baltic Triangle showcase its potential to a much wider audience.
“The land proposition is similar to the early days of New York’s Meat Packing District or London’s Hoxton – it has that same atmosphere – and, in the same way, I’m sure investors and businesses recognise these opportunities.
I was in New Yorks Meat District exactly 10 years ago and Mr Stienberg is talking bullshit.
Is the same PR company October, now Aurora behind this rubbish. Larry Neild now works for them and why would he not make inquiries into Trevor Jones when he was working for Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors, like his predecessor Stinky Ink Bartlett.
 Is there a protector who has shares in Trinity Mirror hiding facts from the public?
The best way to get investment is to clean up the politics unless you were Windsor Developments.

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  1. Just goes to show the reality of LibDem policies when it comes to favouring developers. Look how Sefton LibDems voted in favour of Sainsburys grotesque proposals in Crosby village. Fortunately in that case they were over-ruled and local democracy won the day.

    Keep the spotlight on Trevor Jones and his cronies, the public need to know the full extent of his involvement at the Baltic Triangle.