Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Knock me down with a Feather its Clever Trevor....in Chester!

Where does Clever Trevor Jones now live and how long has he lived there for?
After knocking down the last ships chandlers next to the Grade II listed Baltic Fleet pub on behalf of Windsor Developments, who it was alleged had a director, who was struck off the accountants register for fraud, he buggered off and went a bit quiet
leaving us with a great gaping hole in the ground.
I was curious as to where he lived
it took me a while to place where he has been residing. Today's letters page of the Daily Post refreshed my memory with a letter from someone from, of all places Tushingham hall saying he saw him on the bus going to Chester. I would have thought the tight-arse would have been able to afford a chauffeur never mind use his bus pass to save £1.50 but some old habits die hard. My understanding from a good source is that it is alleged he is a neighbour to his Highness the Duke Of Grosvenor-pool and may in fact live on the Grosvenor (biggest landowner in Liverpool) estate. I just did a quick google earth search for CH4 9DG. His daughter in law Mia was a Chester Councillor but has been binned. http://www.chesterchronicle.co.uk/search.cfm?cof=FORID%3A11&q=mia+jones&cref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.chesterchronicle.co.uk%2Fgoogle_coop.xml&client=pub-6059318011805114&sa=Search#969 He and Doreen went to the Duke of Westminster's daughters wedding. When I argued at the planning meeting against the Chavasse Park monstrosity she vacated the chair because she knew the applicant. Hmmmmmmmm.
The Letter.
Fine day out by bus
ON SATURDAY, I made use of my new bus pass to travel into Chester to collect my new car, bought with the help of the Government's Scrappage Scheme. I caught one of the smart new Helm's A41 Route buses in Tushingham, near the ancient Blue Bell Inn.
There were already quite a few passengers on the bus coming from Whitchurch. Its route is on through Malpas, Tilston, Tattenhall, Waverton and Christleton finishing its journey at Chester Railway Station. The timetables can be found on the CWAC website.
It is a pretty route with good views of the Welsh Hills, the Cheshire villages through which it passes and the South Cheshire countryside.
For the latter part of the journey, the bus was full and we had the company of two distinguished fellow passengers, Sir Trevor and Lady Jones, formerly of Liverpool Council. Fifty years ago there was a train which made the same journey between Whitchurch and Chester Stations, although in a straighter line. I am sure many people would enjoy the day out exploring this part of Cheshire and even North Shropshire which this bus service makes possible.
Peter Moore Dutton, Tushingham Hall.
Thanks to the Daily Post to keeping us informed as to his movements and here is a little bit of history in case you have forgot.
There would be benefit in reading the older LPT posts below as he caused a great deal of anger when he did his act of vandalism on behalf of Windsor developments who incidentally were clients of October Communications......remember "The Little Apple" slogan, it was to be the new New York.
His wife Doreen really was as chair of planning committee the Doyenne of Disaster for Liverpool in my opinion. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/search/label/Lady%20Doreen%20Jones
So what happened to all those 18 properties it was alleged, Clever Trevor had an interest in, that the New Statesman informed us of all those years ago.............just on the edge of Grosvenor-pool.
Why is it the local papers never raise any questions relating to undeclared interests of councillors?

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