Thursday, 12 March 2009


Knock me down with a feather.........Clever Trevor.

All the recent fuss regarding the designs of the Superlambanana (sic) hundreds of the little blighters, the new Liverpool icon were placed all over the city.
While we forgot about our Liver birds.
It just keeps rattling on but does anyone remember the very first design applied to the beast.
Piloti wrote in Private eye April 05 Nooks and Corners
On Friday the 4th February the DCMS contacted the Liverpool City Council about the (listing of) building which was speedily pulled down the following weekend.
Not a remarkable building but the interesting point about this (application for listing) case was that the firm of Joseph. P. Lamb & Sons established in 1784, is owned by Sir Trevor Jones who used to be the leader of the council at the time of the Toxteth riots.
His wife is a councillor and just happens to be the chair of the planning committee.
But obviously there is no possible conflict of interest here. Sir Trevor sold the building on to a developer.

This 17ft sculpture of yes a cross between a lamb and a banana and I am sorry to learn it was recently graffiti-ed with "Trevor destroys what the Lutwaffe didn't" and "Trevor and Doreen partners in slime" This seems very unfair. After all it is the Derek Hatton era everyone is fearful of returning to, not the Trevor Jones.

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