Friday, 27 March 2009

Beetham not credit crunched after all

Liverpool-based Beetham’s future secured with go-ahead for London tower
Mar 27 2009 by Barry Turnbull, Liverpool Daily Post

At a recent Architects Journal sponsored conference at Liver pools Crowne Plaza hotel chaired by the obnoxious Paul Finch who is the editor of the Architectural Review and has far too much say for such a bad mouth attitude.
Nigel Lee Liverpool's modern day answer to the Luftwaffe speaking during a power-point presentation showing the mess his troops have deployed said and I quote
"Beetham have the biggest tower in Liverpool at 37 storeys high they also have a massive tower in Manchester and are planning one in London...the guys got a problem with erections, and all this because he has a little willy"
Not sure how he knows but this was in front of a packed room full of £435 fee paying delegates from all over the country.
I looked round as the room cringed. Can he really get away with this.


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