Thursday, 19 March 2009


Well Its all going belly up for Grosvenor-pools new luxury apartments ONE PARK GONE WEST on Chavasse Lawn at the World Heritage Site.
Liverpool's new eyesore.
Grosvenor’s agents said that 146 had been sold. By sold they meant they had taken a couple of hundred pounds deposit.
Our agents tell us otherwise.
Five Completions…yes Five. Well would you having agreed to a price of say £150,000 pay up, can you get a mortgage, when its worth 30% less.
So they have now put a housing association up to letting the space.
We did tell them at the planning committee meeting that the master-plan said 12 storeys and they greedily went for 17.
David "am I bovvered" Irving sitting in for Doreen Jones as Chairman because she knew the applicant..What. Where does she live? Is it that she and Trevor live on the Grosvenor estate in Pulford?
They promised us world class architecture..a Cesar Pelli and we got a Cesar Salad…and a empty one at that.

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  1. It is indeed bkuuddy horrible, a blot on the land.