Tuesday, 24 March 2009


THAT'S THE WAY TO DO IT. This is a property on Sefton Street which apparently had a covenant on it and was refused planning permission

So what would one do turn it into a shop or a bar again.
No what they did was wreck it slowly and methodically right in front of everyone driving down this busy thoroughfare right next to a busy service station.
Click on the picture on the top left and see how the "halfies" have been thrown from the ground to smash the slates to let in the water through the roof.
This is not children doing this. Grown Men.

So they can now claim it is an eyesore and while the council turn a blind eye...or did they they. GUESS WHOSE CONSTITUENCY.YES LOUISE ELLMAN MP. In fact I understand from her at an earlier meeting she lives about 200 yards away.
There really should be laws against this as now they are working on the properties on the other side of the road which were only restored about 10 years ago and were in perfect condition. The roof on the middle building has now been pulled down.

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